Friday, October 14, 2011

Shot at for Criticizing Islam

In Berlin yesterday a former Muslim who has written a book critical of Islam was shot at by unidentified attackers.

Below is the report from B.Z.. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:


Three Shots? Islam Critic Attacked

October 13, 2011

A man allegedly shot at an Islam critic, who was in his car and not injured.

J. Gehirn says he is the author of the Koran-critical book “Was that Allah’s Word or the Word of a Man?” which came out in 2010. Now the 39-year old says he was shot at in a rented Renault in Tempelhof at the corner Ringstrasse and Kurfürstenstrasse at about 5:30 A.M.

Two men in another car signaled the author that he should stop. When he did, one of the men got out and went towards the Renault. According to the police, it was said that three shots rang out. Afterwards the windshield showed signs of damage similar to that caused by a stone. During work at the scene in which scene-of-the-crime officials and murder squad members participated, no projectile could be found. So it is still not clear whether shots were actually fired.

The 39-year old was not injured in the attack. Afterward, the second car drove away. Until shortly after 10:00, the Ringstrasse was closed off in both directions between Atilla and Gersdorf streets. The criminal investigation division of state security police has taken over the investigation.

The author, who writes under the pseudonym J. Gehirn, showed in his book that Koran-based traditions cannot be transferred to the present time. Thus the born Muslim denounced, among other things, the situation of disenfranchised women and the sexual morals in Muslim countries.

According to an internet profile, Gehirn is alleged to have grown up in a Muslim country and come to the West at age 15. Here, he married and became a father.

According to several statements he developed over time into a macho type. The pressure his faith placed on him and the dissatisfaction with himself he took out ruthlessly on wife and children. He landed in prison for several years. There he began to consider the Koran critically and laid the groundwork for his criticism of Islam.


goethechosemercy said...

God protect this brave man!
I hope he lives a long time and writes an autobiography.

Bumpus McGee said...

Hmmmmmm that is interesting that are no sure sure if something happened or not... Seems like there would at least be witness who heard the noise of the shots fired. But am glad the man is safe and injury-free