Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fjordman: Thank You, Everyone


I don’t usually ask for donations online since I generally make my essays available on the Internet for free, and there are so many good bloggers and others out there who could use a few bucks at least as much as I do. But I am amazed and frankly quite touched by how many people are willing to donate some of their hard-earned money when I do ask for a donation. The response has been nothing short of astonishing.

There is a serious disconnect between how I am portrayed in the press and how many ordinary people apparently like my writings. I can only conclude that many people no longer trust the mainstream media to tell them the truth about anything.

I have received offers to stay for free in Brazil or to travel virtually anywhere I want to within Europe. I cannot accept these offers right now, but I am very moved by them and they are deeply appreciated.

Some, like the Baron and Dymphna at the Gates of Vienna, are very good at thanking every contributor individually by email. I would like to follow their example and I will do so eventually. I am literally overwhelmed by the response; I hadn’t realized how big it would be.

First I must settle the preparation for my upcoming book, as well as practical issues related to moving to a new location. I cannot guarantee that I can answer every person as soon as I would like, but once I have the time my disposal to do this, I will do my best to reach all of you.

— Fjordman

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Fjordman said...

It may take me weeks or months to reply to all donors, but I intend to do so if I have an email address to contact them with. I cannot promise that I have time for long debates with each and every one of you, though ;-)