Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Egyptian Soldiers Shoot at Coptic Protesters in Cairo

This brief clip is from an Arabic-language report about the violent riots in Cairo on Sunday night, when Coptic protesters were attacked by the military, the police, and a Muslim mob. It shows a military vehicle careening through the crowd as pedestrians scramble to get out of the way.

Vlad Tepes has enhanced the video so that you can clearly see an Egyptian soldier firing his weapon into the crowd:

This is the reality of the “Arab Spring”.


Anonymous said...

This is 'sectarian violence'. Under no circumstances will anyone in the MSM call it what it is: persecution of Coptic Christians. Could never admit that.

syntec said...

Coptic Christian persecution indeed!

So much for the so-called Arab Spring.

I heavily suspected when the present spate of Islamic uprisings first commenced in Egypt and unsuprisingly infected other Muslim lands that is was all along, a deliberate agenda orchestrated to facilitate the resurrection and imposition of full-blown 7th century Islam once again

Obviously, I've been proven highly correct.

Who stands to gain from trying to turn the clock back 1.5 milennia???