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On Fanciful Attributions and Wishful Imputations

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Takuan Seiyo’s latest essay concerns the aftermath of the Oslo atrocities, and the way in which the international Left immediately employed them in an attempt to demonize and destroy the opponents of Multiculturalism.

Anders Behring Breivik

Leftist witch hunts in light of the A.B. Breivik case

by Takuan Seiyo

Part 1: The Fog of Dementia

History’s wheel and its Linear subjects

Like in every public event that feeds a media frenzy, in the case of the July 2011 Massacre of the Socialists carried out by Anders Behring Breivik in Oslo one has to start from the Donald Rumsfeld premise that there are known knowns, there are known unknowns, and there are also unknown unknowns. Much damage to society results when its commonly held distinctions between the known, unknown and speculative have been muddled by its political and cultural leaders to serve their lust for power, lucre and ideological conquest, or to feed their unacknowledged psychoses.

Other than the spectacular competence with which ABB managed to kill so many in the country of the perfected Eloi, there is little about him shouted in MSM headlines that was worth the bother. The man was, after all, a sexually deprived loner living in the violent virtual reality of World of Warcraft, he was mainlining anabolic steroids boosted with ephedrine and caffeine, and he is a son of a cold and absent serial-fornicating father and a doting mother debilitated by a sexually-transmitted disease. No, it’s the patterns evinced in the Western MSM’s, politicians’ and pundits’ relative pronouncements that are of greater interest and more momentous implications.

Oslo aftermath

Breivik’s mass murder had little to do with the civilization he purported to defend, save for a few of its aberrations. One of those was the First Crusade, 1096—1099. It started with exhortations by a wacko named Peter the Hermit that ended in the slaughter and enslavement in Asia Minor of tens of thousands of his pauper followers; progressed to the idea of “beginning the Crusades at home" by way of mass murder and pillage of the Jews of France and Germany[1]; and ended with the massacre of the civilian population of Jerusalem, Muslim and Jew alike, followed by pillage and then, “with fitting humility,” pious Christian chants[2].

White people, particularly in Europe, have been fed such stories — and true stories they usually are — for generations. Hitler was not the first nail in the coffin of their pride in their civilization, just the last and biggest. What they are never told — at least not in their institutions of formal learning or popular culture — is that any such act of White Western barbarity was par for the course in the times in which it occurred (even Hitler relative to Stalin or Mao), and usually paled in comparison with the cruelty and barbarity of the foe or of the unrelated “other.”

Those who are sickened by the slaughter of the innocents in Jerusalem ought to read descriptions of the fate of contemporaneous Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land at the hand of the Muslims, or of the Fall of Constantinople in 1453[3], or of the genocidal Muslim invasions of India, such as by Mahmoud al Ghazni, Muhammad Ghori, or Timur’s conquest of Delhi (1398) preceded by an execution of 100,000 Hindu captives[4], or the destruction of the Americas’ then-greatest city, Tollan (about 1170), by the Huaxtecs who murdered, sacrificed, or sold its population into slavery[5].

But they never do read the countervailing evidence; it’s not in the plan of the S&M socialist intelligentsia that dispenses education and culture in the Western world. The results show in nations like Norway, where overt or tacit guilt about White racism, intolerance, violence, injustice etc. — guilt unaccompanied by any knowledge or even interest in the universal parallels of frequently greater magnitude in other races and cultures — leads to a massive “turning’: a voluntary hairshirt, mea-culpism, and majority-supported policies of self-debasement leading to extinction.

Most Western European nations, including Norway, also carry a psychic wound from having been an active cog in Hitler’s machine. America still reels from its past slavery and racism, and therefore self-mutilates with fictitious “racism” and cowardly passivity toward the outsized criminality, racist hatred and looting by its black minority. Hitler’s Revenge has been that for sixty years now the countries of the West have been running away from Hitler (or slavery, colonialism, racism etc.) so far and fast that they have become Hitler. They are now totalitarian societies with mind control, censorship, overbearing societal pressure to conform, and violence and economic destruction visited upon dissenters. They are as fanatical about putting down, diluting and eventually destroying the white race as Hitler was about its elevation to coercive supremacy.


Eastern concepts of man, history and cosmos are more useful for understanding this phenomenon, for they are based on the circular energy concept, tomoe, known otherwise as the yin/yang symbol. As opposed to Western Platonian concepts that are linear, if you move on the circumference of a circle farther and farther away from a spot, eventually you reach the very place from which you were trying to distance yourself. Except, as such motion in the Progressive Western weltanschauung is propelled by a web of plain lies bordering on clinical madness yet affirmed as great, foundational truths, that spot is no longer on the same circle but on its parallel universe doppelganger in Loonistan.

Thus, with the Holocaust and the destruction of Europe’s Jewry still weighing down the conscience of Europeans three generations later, replenishing the count of “others” in Europe and “tolerance” — even self abasement before such “others” — is the Holy Grail in the Progressive parallel universe. To complete the circle, but in a dimension of Sadean madness, Europe and Western intelligentsia at large have atoned for past hatred and annihilation of Jews by aiding, abetting and prostrating before the Jews’ Semitic — and Jew-hating — Muslim cousins. Massoud to atone for Mendelssohn, Nabil for Nemirovsky and Muhammad Peace-Be-Upon-Him to replace the Zykloned Moses. As insane a tradeoff as sank any civilization in history.

It’s relevant that lacking the circular model and the conclusions that can be drawn from it, practically the only groups that protest and countervail the West’s suicide are Nazis or various neo, quasi or crypto strains thereof. They deal with the issues of historical guilt by a different kind of linear lying: Holocaust denial or Holocaust approval. Zyklon-B, the killing gas that Hitler’s Germany used in several of its extermination camps, happens to be one of the rallying points in this madness-on-the-opposite-pole, for even middling Nazi-sympa groups like Stormfront devote considerable attention to “Zyklon-B denial.”

On the other pole of dementia, in Norway, a noise-making weirdo band that calls itself “Zyklon-B” must state, or else it would be shut down, that it is “not related to any kind of political or racial preference”, yet its “songs” are all about apocalypse, death, warfare, genocide and misanthropy.” That’s the raging self-hate of the brainwashed multiculti white man: because some of us killed with Zyklon-B, we should all die, or at least be supplanted by a better race.

Pope Benedict XVI — aka Joseph Alois Ratzinger and from an anti-Nazi family, it must be stressed — recently gave an Islam-brownnosing speech in Germany in which one of the opening statements was “From the 1970s onwards, the presence of numerous Muslim families has increasingly become a distinguishing mark of this country.” The entire affair was essentially a defeated coward’s acknowledgement, smoothing over large jagged edges that will remain sharp nonetheless, and finding similarities between Roman Catholicism and Islam where none exist.

The speech really should have been to Jews, in which the above statement would have been, “From the 470s onwards, the presence of numerous Jewish families has increasingly become a distinguishing mark of this country.” But that’s a speech that can no longer be given, so Clio, the muse of history, in a morbid jest, has confounded the Germans to believe that having stabbed themselves in the right ventricle in 1933-1945, stabbing themselves in the left ventricle now is the proper antidote, accompanied by vehement assertions that a healing salve is being applied.

The unacknowledged workings of the great wheel can also be discerned when one compares this postmodern pope’s Islam-appeasing speech to the speeches of popes past exhorting the faithful to war against and slaughter of Muslims. Notable among them was Pope Urban II, who sanctioned the First Crusade with statements like “Destroy that vile race” and “God wants it” [Deus vult].

Oslo riots

So that’s where the West is. Having found upon scrutiny that its former dwelling place was a rock, it has transported itself to a very hard place instead, asserting in its demented blindness that it’s all fine goose feathers. Voluntarily imported, hook-nosed, swarthy Semites wearing skullcaps and unkempt beards now loudly threaten Europe with mayhem and destruction, and Europe looks the other way and persecutes those who beg to take notice. Just because once upon a time Europe depicted its Jews as hook-nosed, swarthy Semites wearing skullcaps and unkempt beards threatening Europe with destruction, when for 100 years most no longer were so in appearance and demeanor, and none had ever been in attitude and intent. Except for the Socialist-Bolshevik precursors of Germany’s and Scandinavia’s alternative reality politicians.

Breivik’s guns poked a stick into a Progressive termite hill in a Femino-Dhimmi-Socialist Valhalla. It’s therefore to the Progressive psychosis that the rest of this essay will be devoted.

Denial, Transference and Inversion

The salient manifestation of the Progressive psychosis in the Breivik affair was in the universal ascription of his spectacularly violent act to the anti-jihad and multiculti-critical publications and blogs that he had been reading, and in imputing to their authors guilt by association. For apart from the fact that none of those “sources” advocates violence, the opposite is true: it’s the Progressive haters of European-origin people and of traditional Euro-Christian values, and of the individuals who defend them, that engage in and advocate violence.

The violent thuggery of the leftoid antifas has been described, inter alia, at what are now hounded counterculture media outlets such as, with respect to Europe, Gates of Vienna (e.g. here and here) and The Brussels Journal, and with respect to North America, American Renaissance , the blogger Nicholas Stix and others. But a picture of hate is worth a thousand words: this picture, naturally of Scandinavian origin.

It’s the symbolic burning of the Copenhagen Cathedral. It was staged by the Danish artists Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz in September 2007 as a part of their “City on Fire: Burning the Roots of Western Culture.” It was a multi-year, much lauded and almost certainly publicly funded project that began in 2005 with the “burning” of the Roman Coliseum, Trevi Fountain and the Library for Classical Studies; proceeded to the Aros Museum in Århus — the largest in Scandinavia; the St. Catherine Church in Frankfurt; and to other places symbolizing Europe’s civilization and its achievements. The poisonous drivel that accompanied this self-hate fest was, “With fire as the metaphor, the artists would like to make visible the latent, destructive, imperialist force that has emanated from Western culture over the ages — from its very earliest times.” Not even Europe’s energy supply was spared; in 2007, in Kiev, there was a “Burning the gas distribution for Europe — A symbolic burn of western Energy supply.”

The Progressive-utopian hate pathology that burst all conceivable dams particularly in the dhimmilands of Sweden and Norway is a daily feature of life in every single Western country. In the United States, a mildly dissident, multiracial party that rather timidly objects to The Road to Oblivion garners daily headlines like, “Tex. teacher calls local Tea Party leader ‘Nazi’”, or “Tea Partiers Have ‘A Plan to Dismantle the American Government’.” Members of the moonbat clique running the United States habitually make statements like, “We’re Trying to Save Life on this Planet as We Know it Today”.

A new video game bears the title “Tea Party Zombies Must Die.” It allows players to slaughter by various means “Tea Party zombies” identified by name, such as Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. American schools punish children for opposing homosexuality, and the British state arrests English children for “racism” when they object to the imported Muslim sword of doom forced upon them by the same state.

What do you do when you live among such people, in places where nearly everyone is a changeling? Some, such as the bloggers Fjordman in Norway, Lawrence Auster in New York, Michael Savage in San Francisco or the eponymously situated Sarah Maid of Albion stay put and devote their lives to the dangerous and unprofitable moral duty of becoming the Jeremiahs, Jonahs and Cassandras of their peoples, illuminating not only the sickness they see and its likely consequences but also the worthiness of their culture and mother civilization. It’s similar with little-known and underappreciated financial savants such as Karl Denninger, Michael Hodges or Eric Englund who see the wide swath of destruction years before the Alan Greenspans and Dick Fulds do and devote their lives to warning about it. They suffer brickbats for their pains too, and when the whole edifice starts crumbling, few remember that a Denninger or Farber warned about it twelve years in advance.

Some who see what’s looming on the horizon, whether for Eurabia and Minority-Ruled America or the dollar, euro, and the New World Order, lose their minds[6]. The disaster they perceive on the horizon, that Herr Professor in his ivory tower will not and Joe Sixpack in front of his telly cannot, overwhelms them and scrambles their brains. Breivik was one of those. He felt keenly that Europe had been betrayed and misgoverned by its ruling elite, as had the entire West. He quoted more advanced thinkers on this subject: Bat Ye’or, Spencer, Fjordman, Bawer, et al., but he quoted dozens of others too, from John Stewart Mill to The New York Times.

Many others have voiced the treason idea, starting with Julien Benda’s “La Trahison des Clercs” (1927). With respect to the population replacement, Islamization and the corollary PC-MC cloak foisted on the Western peoples, that treason allegation has been made by practically every “paleo-conservative,” traditionalist, or Occident-loyal humanist writer (e.g. Jacque Ellul, Betrayal of the West).

Concerning Europe, Bat Ye’or dug up and published in Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis details of secret machinations that established Eurabia over the heads of Europe’s autochthon population, starting with the November-December 1973 meetings of European heads of state and the July 1974 meeting of the interlocking Europe-Arab Dialogue (EAD) committees.

As to the United States, Fredo Arias King described in “Immigration and Usurpation; Elites, Power, and the People’s Will” his meetings, as a highest level representative of Mexico, with dozens of American Congressmen who openly pleaded for the streaming of more Mexicans to the United States — for reasons quite unrelated to the national interest of the United States.

Relative to Great Britain, disclosures of British Labour Party’s conspiracy to alter the political balance of the UK via increased immigration shined light on treason too. “It is almost impossible to exaggerate what a revolution Britain has undergone in the past dozen years,” wrote Ed West in The Telegraph , “a demographic change not just unprecedented in our history, but in almost any country’s.”

Now if conspiring via demographic manipulation to bring about a revolution unprecedented in history is not treason, what is? After all, earlier population replacement campaigns have always been executed by mortal enemies of subjugated populations, e.g. the Assyrians versus the Israelites, or Nazi Germany and its Soviet ally in conquered Poland.

The political parties, interest groups and useful-idiot cheerleader sections exposed in their treason, corruption or stupidity do not take to it kindly. With the sole exception of the United States, where the calamities have been inflicted almost equally by the Left and by what passes for the Right (i.e. Republicrats), the work of destruction is the exclusive province of the Left — and the Left has been coached in stealth warfare by master practitioners such as Lenin, Andropov (KGB), Saul Alinsky and others.

It’s not accidental therefore that mainstream mass media — a virtual megaphone of the Left — have turned the Breivik tragedy into a golden opportunity to stomp on the people the multiculti Socialist-Islamic-Third Word coalition loves to hate. After all, as comrade Vladimir Ilyich used to say, “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.”

Uncle Joe Stalin

Speaking of Lenin, he grew up reading Tolstoy, Turgenev, Pushkin and Goethe — all great exponents of Enlightenment ideas. He referred to all of them in his writings. Lenin is directly responsible for at least 9 million Russians murdered during his tenure of power, and indirectly for well over 100 million people murdered by communists all over the world since. One would nonetheless look in vain for a New York Times headline announcing, "Killings in [you name it, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba etc.] Spotlight Anti-authoritarian Thought of Authors Who Inspired Lenin" — yet of such ilk is the headline under which the New York sheet of Progressive decay linked the Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs blogs, and Fjordman, Spencer et al. to Breivik’s rampage. That’s the same newspaper that was publishing Walter Duranty’s glowing reports from the Soviet Union while at least seven million were dying of starvation in the Ukraine alone.

Ann Coulter parodied the demented New York rag with a title, “New York Times Reader Kills Dozens in Norway”. She compared the NYT’s characterization of Breivik as “gun-loving,” “right-wing,” “fundamentalist Christian,” “opposed to multiculturalism” versus the same paper’s failure to mention in six of its seven relevant articles that the jihadi mass murderer Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was a Muslim, and omitting altogether that he was shouting “Allahu Akbar” while executing unarmed people. Another famous killer that the useful idiot New York megaphone dubbed “conservative Christian” was Timothy McVeigh; a pot-smoking atheist who said, "Science is my religion.”

The Guardian, a propaganda organ of the extreme British Left, lost no time in drumming up the connection between the English Defence League and Breivik, having already asserted that the bigot-racist-fascist-extreme-rightwing blight on the wished-for muticulti socialist postmodern global nirvana extends across the Atlantic to America’s Tea Party. “Norway attacks: How far right views created Anders Behring Breivik,” read the title. In the looking-glass world of The Guardian, Gates of Vienna is “virulently anti-Muslim,” Breivik was “responding to” Fjordman, Norway’s Progress Party is “rightwing,” other mild ethno-nationalist parties in Europe are “extreme,” and Geert Wilders is a “far-right politician.” All of which may seem so when looking in from the fanatically extreme-left parallel universe coordinates of The Guardian.

An “expert in European rightwing extremism” was quoted, opining sagely that “the content of Breivik’s hate was not new.” Of course not, it’s just the continuation of the old hate by all the Europeans who don’t fancy waking up in the morning to the muezzin’s call — and having to obey it, in the future, or else. Another “rightwing extremism expert” added that “Breivik was radicalized by the same online process as many of the jihadists he so loathed.” That Breivik could have been radicalized by what he apprehended daily on the streets of Oslo — as described vividly in his manifesto — never crossed the minds of the multiculti leftodingbats.

The Guardian further established a non-existent pattern in noting that in the same month Breivik “responded to” Fjordman — presumably in a Gates of Vienna comments section — he also posted at “another hardline blog, Stormfront.” To link via the attribute “another hardline blog” between a Neo-Nazi, Jew-baiting forum like Stormfront, and Gates of Vienna, is akin to describing The Guardian as another hardline socialist newspaper like Nhân Dân, the press organ of Vietnam’s Communist Party.

Any gross lie if repeated often enough becomes the established truth — which both the Soviet apparatchiks and the Nazi propaganda machine understood. Still in the same article, The Guardian treats us to a simile of the anti-Islamization Swiss People’s Party as the Third Reich because its posters were printed in red, white and black. To nail the reader’s perception where The Guardian would have it, we are also treated to a vignette of one Tayyib Mian, a recent Pakistani and now Norwegian Muslim cleric whose congregation in Oslo is growing rapidly “including 1,500 indigenous Norwegians who have converted to Islam,” and who hails Norway as a peaceful, open country that Muslims “just want to be a part of.”

To comment on this would be redundant. Those who get it will get it; the others can always join the nearest socialist party and subscribe to The Guardian.

Not to be left alone, CNN published a large screenshot of Stormfront’s website under the title “Europe’s resurgent far right focuses on Immigration, multiculturalism”. Beginning with a description of the seriously Neo-Nazi wackos, CNN segued seamlessly to the “far right”, i.e. the mild, Western values and middle class-oriented opponents of the far-Left socialist parties that CNN identifies with. The “far-Right” hatcheries of Breivikism include, in CNN’s opinion, the Danish People’s Party, Sweden Democrats, the Norwegian Progress Party, the Netherlands’ Party for Freedom, the National Front in France and the British National Party. “Beyond” the latter — but still on the same page as far as CNN is concerned — “lurks an underground of white supremacism and neo-Fascism.”

Breivik’s reprehensible act was as per the maxim of Chicagoland Progressive Rahm Emmanuel a serious crisis that should not be let go to waste, so the Left piled on everything it loathes that it could think of.

Heteronormatives? Why not: “Séparatiste et homophobe” was the projectile fired by La Libre Belgique at Paul Belien, a Flemish conservative journalist whose webzine, The Brussels Journal, Breivik had mentioned among the great mélange of ingredients in his intellectual diet. That La Libre Belgique is the Walloon Socialist-Catholic equivalent of the New York Times is of the essence here. The French-speaking Walloons don’t want the Dutch-speaking Flemings to separate, as that would take away the transfer payments that perennially-Socialist Wallonia enjoys at the expense of the more enterprising and capitalism-leaning Flanders. So let’s harness the psychopath Knight Templar from Norway for warfare against a Belgian political opponent.

As far as Belien being a homophobe, it’s one of those artificially-created stains, like Islamophobia, that the Left shoots at its opponents like paintballs, trying anything that might stick. Even if Belien, a conservative Catholic, is a homophobe, so what? Has anyone registered the utterances of the militant leftist homosexual Dan Savage?

Here he is, fantasizing about anally raping (conservative ex-U.S. Senator) Rick Santorum, and wishing on another occasions that Republicans were “all f****** dead.”. In his Seattle column, “Savage Love,” Mr. Savage dispenses far less charitable verdicts and hexes on people with whom he disagrees politically, and often gets into biological details of savage homosexual love to bring up a metaphor.

Here is another case of the Loving Left, dyke division, as channeled by the MSM. In a review of the Jewish-leftist “comedienne” Sara Bernhard’s performance, the Washington Post wrote:

“After Bernhard declares in the D.C. Jewish Community Center that if [Sarah] Palin were to step onto her Manhattan turf, ‘I’ll tear her apart like a Wise natural kosher chicken,’ the explosive laugh derives as much from the sneering vehemence of her delivery as the idea of the evangelical Christian candidate as kosher poultry. [snip] The kosher crack might be the only one Bernhard makes at the expense of the vice presidential hopeful that is suitable for publication.”

Not a censorious word. “Bernhard is a very funny woman by nature, a rocker by sheer determination and an actress you’ve seen in eclectic offerings.” No mention that she is a hateful, demented individual who has made a lifetime career of the most vicious attacks on conservatives, Christians, or anyone to the right of New York’s West Side.

Scoring points against Christians was evidently one of the most important strategic objectives. International MSM defined Breivik as “right-wing Christian extremist” (BBC), “Christian fundamentalist” (Spiegel Online) and so on, as though an active Freemason and social liberal could possibly be one. That bold-faced lie was asserted with a straight face by hundreds of journalists who are supposed to report facts, and it was not retracted after it transpired that Breivik specifically disavowed Christian fundamentalism in his manifesto (pp. 1361-1362) and advocated that science take precedence over biblical teachings (pp.1403-1404).

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, to use Denmark as a metaphor. But by fate’s irony, things are rottenest in Norway and Sweden. In a leftodingbat parallel universe of Denial, Transference and Inversion, the man who had been pointing that out with singular dedication and truthfulness had to be punished the most. So Breivik, who murdered 76 people, will do 21 years (maximum sentence under Norwegian law) most likely in the luxury Halden prison with personal trainers and an expensive art collection, but Fjordman, who had nothing to do with Breivik, has already been condemned at best to exile and at worst to perpetual harassment, ostracism, and even extradition and prosecution by his countrymen, leaving him an open target to a jihadi fatwa.

One of the oldest maxims passed down in the lore of Western civilization is, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Few works of art illustrate this better than Euripides’s Medea, about a mother whose descent into madness culminates in her murder of her children. We are only in the second act of the play as enacted in the 21st century, but it’s crystal clear who the dramatis personae are in the postmodern version.


[1] E.g. Albert of Aix, Historia Hierosolymita (trans.),. It must be stressed that, remarkably, the Pope and church bishops condemned such anti-Jewish excesses, also during the Second Crusade.
[2] E.g. Fulk of Chartres, A History of the Expedition to Jerusalem (trans.), The Capture of Jerusalem, 1099.
[3] E.g. Nicolo Barbaro, The Siege of Constantinople (trans.)
[4] E.g. Autobiography of Timur (trans)
[5] Among others, “Fall of Tolan
[6] The all-around rush to self-destruction is of such magnitude that even if perfectly sane and lucid it helps to pose as a madman — something Hamlet discovered before us. The financial consultant Richard Daughty has been so upset by the plain economic hara-kiri of the United States that since 2005 he has been writing a column in the voice of a madman, the Mogambo Guru.

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The guilt by association has had no staying power in the U.K. Andrew Berwick - Anders Behring Breivik is a political lightweight in comparison to the criminalisation and hatred targeted at indigenous subsistence welfare recipients over the same time scale by the red/blue progressives.

filthykafir said...

Ah, yes; I always like to have intelligence and superior verbal articulation allied with my side of a fight, whichever side I may be on. Thank you, Mr. Seiyo, for being on the same team I am. I'd not wish to face you as an enemy.

Dymphna said...

the overt & fully articulated sexual sadism in the verbal attacks of homosexual writers against conservative political women would be fascinating were it not so potentially lethal.

As the culture continues to balkanize and brutalize and fissure, I expect to see this violence acted out, but the Savages not held accountable.

Jornolism has fallen into the sewer, and the political oligarchy has a powerful, custom-made boot on its neck. This was as clear as glass when the Norwegian media began its attack on Fjordman, and then followed up by pulling in experts from govt-paid academia to explain Fjordman's "intellectual responsibility" for Breivik's behavior. This softening-up process was followed by the police "inquiries" about Fjordman.

We described ahead of time what they'd do, but it wasn't rocket science. These are simply the steps a totalitarian democracy takes when the facade cracks and a lunatic acts out his regressive revenge. When that happens, there must be someone appointed to play the scapegoat.

What will they do for the next one who gets away from them? Norway is such a nice, nice country run by consensus. It's going to be difficult to find the next scapegoat if Fjordman's been assigned this one and Bruce Bawer has prudently left the country.

I know: it will be Israel's fault.

Dymphna said...

Another telling symptom in our full demise: the slow death of curiosity in our culture. The willingness to leave it to those who "know better". I like the old country saying about so-called wise men: "they may be smart as all get out, but them boys don't got a lick of common sense".

Yes, there really are places where people still talk like that. And those people are likely to survive the purges.

Prospero said...

@ Dymphna I believe it was Hank, Jr. who endorsed your view best:
"And we can skin a buck; we can run a trot-line
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive"

Anonymous said...

Ratzinger's obeisance started when he backed down after his 2006 address and apologised for causing Muslims to be offended - instead of pointing out that it was their own attitudes which caused them to feel offended, not what he had quoted. He is starting to make one feel that there might be something to the Malachy prophecy.

Whiskey said...

I've blogged on this extensively. It is not natural for men to hate the works and inheritance of their fathers, and themselves. Widespread and so dominant that it becomes a cultural standard.

No large group of men says, hey lets import foreigners who hate us and will make us dominated semi-slaves!

But women, unhappy with the Beta Male plague, too many men who are equal to them and thus socially and sexually repellent, certainly have whole-heartedly embraced that idea. Plus of course being part of the anti-White guy political alliance means more spoils short-term.

Really, there were bad things to be ashamed of throughout Western (and Eastern) history, no one cared a whit until women in the West became equal and powerful, and thus found their men at fault. For not being sexy. Anyone familiar with the dynamic and complaints of Western women with their men (which are legion and considerable and boil down to "equal is not sexy") will have no trouble recognizing the parallels.

Takuan Seiyo said...

I am not sure what the psychological mechanism is, but you are right in that the ascendance of women definitely has to do with it. And that applies even to who our alpha males are, because it’s women who determine what dominant male traits evolve. One set evolved in Eleonor of Aquitaine’s times, and another set in Hillary Clinton’s times.

I’ve commented here on how feminine influence in Western geopolitics and warcraft warps the respective processes. But in a larger sense, and tied to the above article, we suffer from a huge excess of Yin over Yang – what I call Yin Toxicity – and that is manifested in every area of our existence, starting with what we eat for breakfast and ending with who we elect for leaders.

Professor L said...

That La Libre Belgique is the Walloon Socialist-Catholic equivalent of the New York Times is of the essence here.

I'm sorry, but every Pope since socialism reared its ugly head has roundly condemned it and kicked it. It is literally impossible to be both a faithful Catholic and a socialist, so please, don't call them Catholic (though I suspect here you merely refer to the culture).

Regarding the Pope, he's good on Christianity, but after reading his speech to the Muslims at WYD in Cologne, I'm beginning to think that he's believed the hype on Islam.

Then again, he's pissed off Al-Azhar scholars and isn't backing off there. Perhaps he prefers to pick fights on his own terms, and found Regensberg to move off his preferred ground.

Only time will tell, I suppose.

Takuan Seiyo said...

@LAW Wells
The ”Catholic” attribute of La Libre Belgique implies the culture, as it’s paired with the like/unlike NYT whose culture is Jewish. It’s likely that in a literal sense too, comparable percentages of Catholics work at and read LLB as Jews do the NYT.

There is, however, a narrower sense in which one may dig up Catholic motivations of some Socialists. I don’t know European examples, but in the U.S. it would be people like Dorothy Day, and in our time, Fr. Michael Pfleger. And in the ethnic front of Socialism, i.e. what some call “Cultural Marxism,” it’s no longer individuals but entire dioceses that are deeply, even chiefly complicit. One reads about the activities at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the utterances of its Cardinal Mahoney at a serious risk of rupturing an aorta.

Catholics are by no means the sole or even the main occupants in this Christian Ship of Fools. If you read about and of the Sojourners, you’ll find a large group of Protestants for whom BHO is The One We Have Been Waiting For (since about 30 AD). To read the speeches and columns of influential Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson (Westminster Christian College, Wheaton [Christian] College) is to weep either from frustration or from derisive laughter.

piodiaz said...

I am sorry to say but the Oslo atrocities where so loud that you need no leftism to destroy the opponents of Multiculturalism. In other hand i am kind of frightened to be mentioned in your article as enemy of yours. First because I belong to no left ore right, I am a "Cynic", so I distrust & dislike both wings of the chicken. Personally I think the 2 wings you do great harm to humanity and we are all trap in your mess. I wish the day you let us free of your fears. In the mean time, I hope you forgive and excuse me of your black list, as I am a "Cynic" not a leftism thats like to destroy the opponents of Multiculturalism.

Pio Diaz

Professor L said...

Pio Diaz, spare us your haughty self-righteousness. You're the one doing harm to humanity by denying the contest of ideas. You condemn both sides without actually telling us your reason (I ask WHY?), and pretend to be better just because you're not of us.

You stand for nothing by your own admission. You call yourself a cynic, and then state that your ideas are "better" for humanity (what ideas, might I ask, since you neglected to post them). Perhaps you should spare some of your cynicism for your own claims of righteousness.