Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Victory for Sverigedemokraterna

Sweden Democrats logoThe official count for the Swedish general election won’t be issued until tomorrow, but preliminary results — based, if I understand it correctly, on government-sponsored exit polls — show that Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) garnered an amazing 5.8% of the vote, and will send about twenty representatives to Parliament. One of the new MPs will be Kent Ekeroth, who is well-known to Gates of Vienna readers as a leading activist of the Counterjihad.

SD received more votes today than either the Christian Democrats or the Left Party, and are now within shouting distance of the Liberals and the Center Party. This makes them the fifth-largest party in Parliament.

Their staunch opposition to mass immigration and their determination to resist the Islamization of their country have earned Sweden Democrats the ire of the self-anointed transnationalists who run Sweden. The situation is thus similar to that of the PVV in the Netherlands — albeit on a smaller scale — in that SD have been shunned and demonized by all the other parties. Instead of negotiating a role in a broad right-wing coalition — which would be the expected outcome in a sane, normal parliamentary system — they have been declared apostates and made untouchable by the entire Swedish political class.

To illustrate the point: the leader of the Left Party refused to have makeup applied for TV in the same room as the Sverigedemokraterna party leader.

Things are going to be a bit dicey in the days ahead, however, since neither the Left nor the Right has enough votes to form a majority government. According to The National Post:

STOCKHOLM — Sweden’s election on Sunday looks to have produced a hung parliament, with the centre-right government winning but falling short of a majority due to an anti-immigrant party winning its first seats, TV polls showed.

A hung parliament would unsettle investors, and analysts have predicted a sharp fall in the crown currency against the euro and rising bond yields should the far right deprive the government of its outright majority.

One poll, by Swedish state broadcaster SVT, showed Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s four-party “Alliance” coalition winning 49.1% of the vote compared with 45.1% for the centre-left opposition bloc.

And the most telling news concerns the lengths to which the “conservative” block is willing to go to avoid soiling its hands with Sverigedemokraterna. According to The Local:

Moderate Party leader and prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said he plans to reach out to the Green Party “to start talks” and he “hopes they are responsive” to his overtures to ensure that the Sweden Democrats don’t have any influence in the Riksdag.

In other words, Sweden’s traditional political parties stand for absolutely nothing. The smaller parties are complete whores, willing to sell themselves to whichever larger block will take them in, and the larger parties have abandoned any pretense of principled behavior.

No wonder Sverigedemokraterna did so well.

There’s more at Tundra Tabloids

Complete Results as of 22.30 CET:

With 5303 of 5668 polling stations accounted for:

M Moderata Samlingspartiet 1571361 29.9% +279355 +3.9 1292006 26.0%
C Centerpartiet 348792 6.6% -46184 -1.3 394976 8.0%
FP Folkpartiet liberalerna 369463 7.0% -1120 -0.4 370583 7.5%
KD Kristdemokraterna 296034 5.6% -33728 -1.0 329762 6.6%
S Arbetarepartiet-Socialdemokraterna 1618838 30.8% -130458 -4.4 1749296 35.2%
V Vänsterpartiet 291885 5.6% +3316 -0.3 288569 5.8%
MP Miljöpartiet de gröna 378171 7.2% +122642 +2.1 255529 5.1%
SD Sverigedemokraterna 303812 5.8% +155762 +2.8 148050 3.0%

Moderaterna 29.9 %
Centerpartiet 6.6 %
Folkpartiet 7 %
Kristdemokraterna 5.6 %
Socialdemokraterna 30.8 %
Vänsterpartiet 5.6 %
Miljöpartiet 7.2 %
Sverigedemokraterna 5.8 %

Hat tips: Fjordman, KGS, and Reinhard.


Foxmuldar Blog said...

How bad can it get when Swedes are hell bent on giving their country over to Islam, which when in control, would surely take away any rights left the Swedes might end up with. Certainly Sharia law will be enforced if the Politically Correct parties get their way and continue to allow the mass influx of Muslims into the country.

Unfortunately much of europe is falling under the influence of Islam. Americans can expect the same if we continue to give in to all of the demands Muslims keep making. Its time to uphold the constitution. If Muslims don't want to live under our laws, then they can take their sharia laws back to the desert.

I'm in favor of what Newt Gingrich said over the weekend. We need a law here in America that outlaws any form of Sharia law.

Zenster said...

One can only imagine the witch hunts that will begin in short order. Look for flimsy, trumped up charges at every turn against the Sweden Democrats.

You can smell the desperation from clear across the pond.

foxmuldar: We need a law here in America that outlaws any form of Sharia law.

For many years now I have advocated passage of a Constitutional amendment that would prohibit shari'a law even by a majority popular vote. It would have to rely upon the fact that shari'a represents a fundamental and gross violation of the UDHC (Universal Declaration of Human Rights), thereby voiding its ability to be enacted at any time now or later.

EscapeVelocity said...

Notice how the exit polls undercounted the Sweden Dems.

I bet that, that is accurate, and the reason behind it, is that people are afraid of reprocussions for announcing their support for the Sweden Dems.

Thank God, for the Secret Ballot.

Hopefully next election, the Sweden Dems can achieve 3rd largest party status. Then you cant ignore them.

Dymphna said...

Escape Velocity, you get it!

I think it may be hard to ignore them even now...

Kristdemokraterna 5.6 %
Vänsterpartiet 5.6 %
Sverigedemokraterna 5.8 %

Americans don't generally understand fractional politics. SD can't be ignored now, though the PCs will up the persecution.

Ol Krazy Chazzer is back to his perfervid "Nazis! Nazis under the bed. Flee!"

Meanwhile, we need to look at that total:

5.8% of Congress has not comeout against the jihad -- maybe 1%, 2%at best.

At her ACT for America Conference, Brigitte Gabriel only managed to scare up eight or so congressbeings who would talk about it, and one or two of those were really "stop the mexicans" people.

IOW, compared to Sweden, we are pretty pathetic. Every SD voter had to run the gauntlet of disapproval to get his SD party ticket.

Remember when the New Black Panther Party thugs were able to scare people away from voting?

Maybe that's be why most SD are men. They don't fare so well in a nanny state like Sweden, esp. with the open contempt for males. They have everything to gain as SD grows.

FabrorJoakim said...
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goethechosemercy said...
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Baron Bodissey said...

Sorry, goethe -- Prince Charming's comment had to go, but yours is just collateral damage.

Vlad Z. said...

Our situation in the USA is not anywhere near Sweden's vis-a-vis Islam. The Muslim immigrants we get tend to be better educated, and as a percent they are far, far fewer than in many European countries.

The minority that is successfully colonizing the USA is not Muslims, it is Mexicans and other Central Americas.

We are slated for replacement just as surely as the Swedes are in Sweden, but it is not Sharia that will be implemented here, but Mexifornication.

The problems that Swedes have with Africans and Muslims we have with Mexicans, only ours are already much worse. 30% of our our Federal inmates are illegals. We have more Mexican felons in our prisons that Sweden has Muslims, yet GoV, Atlas Shrugged, continue to over-focus on Europe at the expense of exposing the tragedy here in the USA.

Maybe it is a result of location? I'm suspecting GoV is in the East. Certainly Geller and Spencer are both in New York, and both Jewish, so their obsession with Islam makes some sense (for them).

If you live in LA it's just silly, though. We have entire barrios and little cities that are effectively part of Mexico. We have ultra-corrupt Mexican-style government in some cities in LA County (google Bell, CA). We have dueling Mexican & South American gangs. Suerenos, Nortenos, MS-13, Latin Disciples, etc.

Oh, we also have the largest ex-pat Iranian community in the USA. All are nominally Moslem, and most are highly productive. I've never heard of Iranian street gangs terrorizing the cities of the West. Have you?

I'm glad Sweden is dealing with their problems and hope we deal with ours, which are more severe and furhter along, soon.

Anne-Kit said...

If Reinfeldt is wooing the Greens to form government it looks like the Swedes will end up with a similar situation to ours here in Oz where we have a Labor/Greens "coalition" running the country and are heading towards a carbon tax and other productivity-destroying Green initiatives.

The Greens also want "open borders". God help us all.

Elan-tima said...

At least the Swedes are lucky enough to have a political system that would allow a party like the SD to get into the government building. In Canadaistan its impossible because of the "first past the post" rule which means that in each area the party with the most votes wins that area, thus only three parties with the money and highest support will get into parliment. Its no surprise they refuse to change to the European proportional rep style for fear of a Dutch PVV, Flemish VB, or Swedish SD party gaining a voice and legitimacy. Short of a "march on Rome/Ottawa" scenario the upper half of North America is doomed. While Europe at least is starting to put up a fight.

1389 said...

Whenever the political scene looks contentious, the media often bring up the issue that investors will shy away if conservatives get their way:

A hung parliament would unsettle investors, and analysts have predicted a sharp fall in the crown currency against the euro and rising bond yields should the far right deprive the government of its outright majority.

(from the article, quoting The National Post)

That's a lot of hooey. Fact is, conservatism means prosperity. The more voice that conservatives have in the government, the better off the economy will be.

National security against enemy (in this case, jihadi) invasion and infiltration also means prosperity.

Those analysts are just plain wrong.

1389 said...
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Paul Weston said...

Many congratulations to Sverigedemokraterna, particularly to Kent Ekeroth, a brave and principled man.

Are you liberal/leftists feeling the first stirrings of the chill wind of Counter-Revolution yet?

Traditional Conservatism is slowly awakening to the deliberate damage you have wreaked on your fellow man. It is rising all over Europe and the States. Did you really think we would take your abuse for ever?

You need to start thinking of what you have done, and what you stand for.

Within 10 years the Right will be in power all over the Western world, and at the present moment in time we consider you to be collaborators and traitors.

And you WILL be held to account.

syntec said...

The Marxist ruling elite will not be averse to committing electoral fraud in situations where the Right is fast gaining strength and renewed credibility throughout the country.

I sincerely hope there's a suitable patriot organisation already in existence to closely monitor such highly likely voting-rigging attempts.

Anonymous said...

Paul Weston, I don't see a traditional conservatism counter revolution. At least not yet. Most of the people I see going to the tea parties keep asking for forgiveness from the patron saint of America, MLK and worshipping the multiculturalist religion. Another large share of them simply want to preserve their current benefits, not do away with the welfare state.

And in Europe... At least we have more of an identity than the nonsense that being an American is. As long as we don't do away with the foolish belief that anybody can be part of a nation instead of being born into one, we are still in the same leftist mess.

I also barely see Europeans or Americans bashing feminism and promoting gender roles. It's still the same ol' universal egalitarian foolishness.

When I will be able to go to the UK and ask someone if they think that Africans are British and get a firm no answer, we are still in the present malaise. So yes, so far we are taking the abuse fairly well. We don't even have parties that if in power would destroy the status quo besides in the Netherlands, Sweden and maybe Germany.

I would put the BNP in that list too, but they are so poorly organized and Nick Griffin is so bad at debating that nothing short of a race war will get them in power.

andy bell said...

I'm an american and I am not familiar with the Sweden Democrats. Everthing I keep hearing about them is that they are Neo-nazis and extremists. I somehow don't believe this is true. Could Fjordman or someone explain just who exactly these Swedish democrats are?

Anonymous said...

Andy, the SD was the Swedish Nazi party until the 1990s when it was taken over by other people that booted the Nazis out since it's impossible to create a new party in Sweden(this is more or less of what I recall from what I read about their history).

Now, in truth, they are are Nazis. They support the welfare state so they are socialists. And they are pro-Swede and hence nationalists. Nazism is nationalist socialism. :P

Obviously, they don't support gas chambers for all non-Swedes and all that non-sense though that the word Nazi implies nowadays. I find it amusing that a socialist party is considered far right though.

Oh, if I was Swedish, the SD is the only party I would have voted for.

Teresa said...

I cant belive how some americans can talk without knowing.. The reasons why the people from arabia and africa come here is really different to the one in USA. They have suffer so much that they apply for help to United nations then the UN give the choice to sweden or canada with other countries to choose their refugies... i dont think is fare for this people (the refugies) that has suffer so much and that maybe didnt even wanned to come to sweden at the beggining ... now to try to take them away from the contry or bring this kind of politics.. besides.. sweden is also getting money from the united nations when doing this cause its helping this countrie' seconomy.

Right now there is a big revolution with people here in sweden where we dont like this kind of thoughts or parties... So its gonna be hard for this political party to make changes.. thanks God!

SD Dina bokstäver
är latinska. Dina siffror arabiska. Din demokrati är grekisk. Din pizza
italiensk. Din kebab är turkisk. Din alkohol uppfanns av en iranier,
och du älskar att åka till Thailand. Din favoritrappare har afrikanskt
påbrå, och han den där roliga på TV är kurd. Din... landslagskapten är
......bosnisk. Visst vore ...... tråkig...t utan "invandrare"... Sverigedemokraterna?

Teresa said...

And this goes even further... to the point where this party wants to prohibit jazz music in sweden? What is this?

Baron Bodissey said...

Teresa --

This is an English-language blog. Please confine your comments to English, or provide a translation.

A Google translation of the last part of your first comment is below. Swedish readers may correct any mistakes in it.


SD Your letters
is Latin. Your Arabic numerals. Your democracy is a Greek. Your pizza
Italian. Your kebabs are Turkish. Your alcohol was invented by an Iranian,
and you love to go to Thailand. Your favorite rappers are African
descent, and he that is funny on TV is Kurdish. Your ... national team captain is
...... Bosnian. Would not life ...... ...... et t boring ... but "immigrants" ... Sweden Democrats?

Anonymous said...

Teresa, Sweden exists for the sake of Swedes, not for the sake of Africans. Nothing stops them from building their own countries, it's just that Africa is a hellhole because Africans live in it and as you would witness if you walked around in your ghettos, you'd notice how Sweden will become a hellhole too, exactly because you will be inhabited by Africans.

And I would like to point out that you have the suffering of all the victimized Swedes on your hands that got raped by immigrants. If I recall correctly, 70% of the rapes in Sweden are committed by immigrants and first generation immigrants while 80% of the victims are Swedish women. Maybe this was the case for Norway, but the stats are probably the same.

Since nobody forced them to come to Sweden, they came there by choice, so spare me the they didn't come there by their own volition.

I would like to know if Sweden is getting more money from the UN than it pays to the UN. That would be nice to know. Also, the US is the biggest payer to the UN, I wonder in what kind of insane world the US paying Sweden to take Africans in makes sense.

And the SD won't make changes, but they will cause the revolution, which is what Sweden needs to get rid of the people with farcical beliefs like yours from having any position of power.


@ rebelliousvanilla

- - - - -

@ Teresa

for Mona Muslim and Frederique the Barbar

Flygblad 1+2+3, 2010-09-21 @ 16:05:42

syntec said...

Response to SD

The digits 1 to 9 in the Hindu-Arabic numeral system evolved from the Brahmi numerals.

The ancient Brahmi were Europeans who once ruled India.



"As early as the 10th and 9th century BC Aryan tribes (ancestors of Modern Iranians) speaking Indo-Iranian languages arrived on the Iranian plateau from Eastern Ukraine and Southern Russia."

The ancient Greeks and Italians were European peoples.

Alcohol was not invented. It's a naturally-occurring process as a result of fermentation. The actual era of its discovery is not certain, nor is its country of origin.

Anonymous said...

Rebellious Vanilla,

"Now, in truth, they are are Nazis. They support the welfare state so they are socialists. And they are pro-Swede and hence nationalists. Nazism is nationalist socialism. :P"

RV, watch your words. You meant this as a joke, but I think Andy was looking for a sincere answer. What if he thinks that is what you have given him? You can't assume he shares your view point: It is not at all obvious to most people that ethnic nationalism is very different from Nazism.

syntec said...

Regarding the Latin letters referred to by SD, the language is also European, ie, the language of the Romans during the era of the Roman Empire.

Anonymous said...

bartholomewscross, Nazism is nationalism and socialism put together though. Just because people attached negative emotional weight to words shows how leftist we all are. Ideologically, that's what Nazism is.

And there's no other kind of nationalism besides ethnic, if you know what a nation really means. I'm not the one with the problem, everybody thinking about Hitler each time they hear of an ideology are those with the problem.

And I'm not trying to do value judgments. And btw, just like Hitler's Nazism is a bastardized form of nationalism and an idiot's ideology, the US has a bastardized form of capitalism. This is merely word play for the fools. Sowell wrote a good editorial about how words control thought.