Monday, September 20, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/20/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/20/2010The six Algerian men who were arrested on suspicion of plotting to kill the Pope during his visit to the UK have been released, due to lack of evidence that they were really planning to kill him. Evidently their conversation about how they might try to do it was really just idle chatter or a lark. Not surprisingly, the six men are now planning to sue HM government for grievously mistreating them.

In other news (also British), the “Conservative” government is considering replacing the current income tax withholding system with an new scheme in which all paychecks would be paid by employers to the government, rather than the employees themselves. Her Majesty’s tax officials would scrutinize the pay amount, calculate how much should be retained for tax, and then issue an electronic transfer for the balance to the employee’s bank account. Critics say the system would be open to abuse and that errors would be difficult to correct.

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What better discription of a slave than one whos wages are intercepted by his rulers before he can have access to them.Your contract is between yourself and your employer there is no justification for the involvement of a third party,especially one that adds no value to the end result,but the herd will suck this up as it always does with nothing more than a whimper,first they came for your free speech,then they came for your country,now they come for your wages,and when you have yielded to all and have nothing left to yield,they will come for your life.

Anonymous said...

Re: Why we need a green revolution, UN experts are having a summit on 3d world hunger. The article uses as an example, a woman in Africa who is trying to support her 8 children with subsistence farming despite a water shortage. Experts and journalists are completely mystified as to why these people are hungry. Such disingenuousness would be funny, except the joke is on the people who are starving because no one will suggest birth control, because it's, you know, racist.

The PC solution to world hunger is to keep having world summits and to export some of the lucky starving people to the first world. The supposedly color-blind do-gooders of the UN are a thousand times more evil than the craziest neo-Nazi. The Nazis only say bad words, while the nice UN people deliberately withhold the obvious solution to world hunger.