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Peace Through Rape, Part 2

AG is a Gates of Vienna reader who lives in southern Norway. In response to yesterday’s post about the systematic assault and rape of Western women activists, he sends an account of his own experiences, plus some news articles on the topic:

I’m a Norwegian Army veteran who has served in the Middle East, the Balkans, etc. I would like to tell you of a documented rape case in connection with your recent post “Peace Through Rape”.

This story was published by the largest Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten, on 20 July. The information is obviously taken from an article on the website Below I have provided the Ynet article plus a direct translation of the Aftenposten article. The grammar and structure of the Aftenposten piece is poor, even in Norwegian, but very symptomatic of the current standards of the MSM.

Notice how the Aftenposten article omits the fact that the victim was stalked and staked out before the crime. Instead the story is given a spin to emphasize how random this act was. Nothing to see here, just a horrible and random human tragedy. The communication advisor also obviously feels the need to emphasize that this was purely a random act.

FlyktninghjelpenIt is further worth noticing that the woman was “on loan” from Flyktninghjelpen (The Refugee Aid), a Norwegian quasi-NGO with 2600 employees in 20 countries, funded more or less completely by the Norwegian government. While the work for UNICEF was pro bono, my guess is that she was still receiving a salary from Flyktninghjelpen. If so, the pro bono work was not so much on her own behalf, but rather indirectly for the Norwegian government. This is only my speculation, however.

This emerging story on how the Left is sacrificing their own women for “the cause” is maybe the case that will crush the moral image of both the Palestinian Movement and the Left in the western world for good - given that many more of these cases emerge into the public spotlight.

I have no doubt that the scale of this is considerable. When I served with UNIFIL in Lebanon twelve years ago, a friend I had gained among the locals -- a Sunni Muslim -- told me the story of how he had lost his virginity. Together with one of his buddies, he tricked a girl from a different village to drink a soda spiked with drugs. When the drugs took effect, the two of them had their way with her in the back of a van. While I was appalled by this story, he himself was quite proud over how clever and cunning he had been. He considered the whole story amusing.

If they behave like this against their own, then there will hardly be any mercy shown to outsiders. At the time I heard this story, I also heard stories for the first time of how playboys of the Saudi royal family used their diplomatic immunity to bring Western women – party girls, models and callgirls - into Saudi Arabia on their private jets. Once arrived, they became what they where intended to be -- slaves -- and disappeared from the world. I believe Soldier of Fortune magazine has written articles on this subject.

The scale of this enslavement of Western women in the Muslim world is probably much, much larger than just a few isolated cases -- and if so, a very potent weapon for exposing the moral void of both Islam and Marxism at once.

I was quite surprised when Aftenposten printed this story, because the journalist responsible for Middle East coverage -- Lars Akerhaug -- is a hardline revolutionary Marxist. He is not only a member of the the Norwegian Communist Party, he has been their international secretary. He has also been a board member of The Commitee for a Free Iraq, which was founded after the US invasion. His editor is the former party chairman of the same party, and many of their collegues have similar backgrounds. When Aftenposten lets a story like this pass through the filter of silence and censorship, it is probably an indication of a growing problem.

First, the article from

Palestinian gets 14 years for raping UNICEF volunteer

Norwegian tourist, 60, falls victim to brutal rape by 20-year old man, two of his friends in east Jerusalem

by Aviad Glickman

A 20-year-old Palestinian was sentenced to 14 years in prison on Monday after being convicted of rape, sodomy, indecent attack and robbery against a 60-year-old Norwegian woman who arrived in Israel to volunteer at the Jerusalem office of the United Nations Children’s Fund. According to the sentence delivered by the Jerusalem District Court, Ismail al-Shuamera and three of his friends visited the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina in December 2008 without an entry permit, and began following the Norwegian woman.

After learning that she lived on her own, they decided to rob her. Three of the friends broke into her apartment through the window, tied her hands and legs, raped her and committed sexual offenses on her, one after the other. Then they stole her money and jewelry, as the fourth friend waited outside.

In October 2009, the court sentenced two of the defendants to 12 and 15 years in prison, after the defense failed to take part in the trial’s testimony stage.

Attorney Zohar Giat of the State Prosecutor’s Office asked the judges to sentence al-Shuamera, who was described as the group’s leader, to a long prison term. According to the State, a probation officer had ruled that the defendant had no empathy towards the victim and did not assume responsibility for his actions.

Judges Jacob Zaban, Hana Ben-Ami and Rafi Carmel deemed the offenses committed by the defendants as extremely severe, saying that “the circumstances of the incident and the fact that this was carried out by a group give the incident a cruel and brutal apocalyptic nature.”

The three judges addressed the fact that the group committed sexual offenses and raped the tourist, while their friends were busy drinking, eating and laughing in a nearby room. “What we saw here was obtuseness, cruelty and lack of human sensitivity,” they wrote in the verdict.

All three judges ruled that al-Shuamera was the dominant and cruelest defendant in the case, “insensitive and yet manipulative.”

Mahmoud Qaanaba, another defendant who did not take part in the rape, was sentenced to eight years in prison.

And the translated article from

Palestinian teenagers raped 60-year old Norwegian aidworker

“Unbelievable cruelty and lack of human sensitivity”

The Norwegian woman (60) had arrived in East Jerusalem to work with Palestinian children pro bono for the UN aid organisation UNICEF. But instead sometime during Christmas 2008 she was exposed to a very brutal home robbery, in which she was tied up and raped. A 20-year old Palestinian has now been convicted of the group rape, which happened in the woman’s home in Beit Hanina, and sentenced to 14 years in prison. The boys had found out that the woman lived alone and decided to rob her. When they entered the apartment , they found the woman at home. All four of them have now been given strict sentences by the district court in Jerusalem. Two of the offenders were convicted last fall, while the last round in court was held recently.

Tied up

She was tied up and raped by three of the four men. The last one kept watch outside, according to Ynet. At the same time friends of the rapists are reported to have been eating and drinking in the room next door. Thereafter the offenders left the place with money and valuables. The verdict describes the act as a case of “indescribable cruelty and lack of human sensitivity” . The 20-year old Palestinian is pointed out as the mastermind of the rape. “He was insensitive and manipulative”, according to the judge.

Received norwegian help

“We became aware of the case and followed up in the normal manner through consular assistance on behalf of the woman,” says assistant manager Ragnhild Imerslund of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

“She has also asked for assistance through her employer,” says Imerslund.

Random victim

UNICEF Norway informs us that the woman was dispatched to the Jerusalem office of UNICEF for six months from Flyktningehjelpen [Norwegian quasi-NGO].

The woman who was raped was a random victim, states communication advisor Nina Schøyen in an e-mail to


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mriggs said...

Although there's no denying that the followers of Mo are in the forefront of sexual predators of the world, the hypothesis that western aid workers are disappearing in large numbers is implausible to say the least. Take the average female pro-palestinian: she's from a well to do family, has had everything handed to her, and has very loving parents, who are mortified by her wanting to go down there to be bulldozer bait and have no love for the group that enticed the darling daughter to go to this hellhole. So when she goes missing..... they just shut up and act like nothing happened?

Zenster said...

mriggs: …bulldozer bait…

Hookay, where do I send the check?

So when she goes missing ... they just shut up and act like nothing happened?

Well, if as you yourself have postulated that such women are from a "well to do family", then where are the ACLU lawyers and other attack dogs of the Liberal establishment?

For that matter, where were Rachel Corrie's parents when there might have been some sort of justifiable grounds to press charges against the "Palestinians" regarding that woman being placed in imminent danger?

Oops, it was all the Israeli's fault and I should have know better. Naughty me …

nimbus said...

The ONLY reason these beasts were prosecuted, is bcs the crime occurred in Israel. If it had been in any muslim-dominated country, charges would not have even been brought.

sheik yer'mami said...

Hot stuff here, Baron:

Swedish Democrate
harrassed by gang of 40

Stones crushed the Syrian Issa Issa’s windows in his and his family’s apartment in Gothenburg in Sweden, on Thursday. The family had to lay down on the floor to hide from the attack.

- F…ing christian! F…ing Swedish Democrate! Come down here!
Shoutings to the christian Syrian, Swedish politician, who later in hospital decided to quit politics.

So the mob got what they wanted. They frightened and terrorized him from going ahead with Swede-friendly politics.

Issa and his brother went downstairs, got trapped outside, shots were fired, he got kicked lying down on the ground, he was cut with knives, by this gang of about forty 15 – 20 year olds.

This is Swedish politics 2010. Would you believe it?

This incident follows the harrassment and nondemocratic ways during the elections i Sweden 19 September 2010.

See the daily Aftonbladet
Ironically, on the same page, there’s the campaign “We don’t like hostility against strangers” with the SOS Racism symbolic hand from earlier years, “Don’t touch my friend”

According to the victim, the attackers were from the Middle East, chasing a Syrian – in Sweden.

Need a translator for that!

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The "noble savage" is seldom noble and often savage.

christian soldier said...

reminds me of the movie-TAKEN-