Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/11/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/11/2010Today seems to be the day of the imams.

While controversy raged in New York over Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his proposed Ground Zero mosque, Imam Hassen Bounamcha of France has invented a portable mosque. The ingenious device is made out of cardboard, and is big enough for the devoted believer to pray in, and yet can be folded up into a compact package which is light enough to be carried around.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Imam Muhammad Musri of Orlando, who met yesterday with the Rev. Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Center to discuss Koran-burning, used Jesus as an example to persuade Rev. Jones not to burn any Korans. In other words, the imam invoked the “What Would Jesus Do?” argument. Clever fellow, that imam.

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Zenster said...

Military Bases Ban Game That ‘Kills’ Troops

New installment of ‘Medal of Honor’ is 1st to let gamers play as Taliban fighters

This is a tough one. Games have no connection with reality. That said, Islam is such an existential threat to the West that portrayals of it succeeding in any form merit careful consideration.

The issue brings to mind a quote that continues to gather a lot of momentum of late:

“The right to do something does not mean that doing it is right”

– William Safire –

Sean O'Brian said...

I don't see any problem with 'Medal of Honour' letting you play as Taliban fighters in theory. Computer games often let you role-play as the enemy and it's all in good fun. The article says that military bases have banned the game because of its tastlessness, which is fair enough.

However I suspect there is another, unacknowledged reason for the ban and it is the fact that we have allowed people to immigrate to the West - and subsequently join Western armies - who positively identify with the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Think of the on-base attacks against the US Army by Muslim soldiers. There was the grenade attack by Sgt. Asan Akbar on US soldiers in Kuwait in 2003 and more recently the mass shooting attack by Mjr. Nidal Malik Hassan at Fort Hood in 2009.

Since US military chiefs intend to preserve diversity in the US army at all costs it is incumbent upon them to remove any source of stimulation that they beleive might "trigger" more attacks of this kind. As General Petraeus might well put it: "'Medal of Honour' endangers our troops."

Zenster said...

Good analysis, Sean O'Brian.