Monday, September 27, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/27/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/27/2010Iran and Iraq — normally not on the most cordial of terms with each other — joined forces over the weekend to battle Kurdish rebels inside Iraq. The Kurds in question are Iranian, but are based in Iraq. At least thirty were reported to have been killed.

In other news, the United States government is attempting to ramp up its “wiretapping” powers to include internet communications that are not covered by current federal wiretapping rules. New targeted media would include BlackBerry, Facebook, and Skype, among others.

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Siegetower said...

In regards to the Australian story, the law discussed is only a State Act, specifically New South Wales (NSW). NSW has the largest overall population and largest city of the nation, Sydney.

Sydney is also where most of the most extreme muslims live, including Sheik Hilaly, Keyser Trad and the local branch of Hizb ut Tahrir.

It is also the State where the outlaw motorcycle clubs are progressively being taken over by Lebanese gangs. A gang fight between Leb Commancheros and Hells Angels involved one man beaten to death in the Domestic Terminal of Sydney International Airport. Of all the brazen places to conduct murder....

NSW is also the target of terrorism, 5 or 6 Somalis and Lebanese are currently on trial in the State of Victoria for planning to attack a military base in NSW. Even on trial the terrorists have had a win. I heard from a friend down in Melbourne that the Victorian government budget for Legal Aid (legal assistance to defendants who can't afford to represent themselves) was exhausted just on this one case. Too bad for anyone else in Victoria who needs to go to court this year?

Juniper in the Desert said...

@siegetower, I will share your comment!