Monday, September 13, 2010

Turkish Agents of Influence in Germany

Last week we posted a translation from Politically Incorrect about Turkey’s new muscular self-assertion as a would-be great power.

Germany lies very much within Turkey’s sphere of interest. The Erdogan regime is attempting to exert maximum influence on Germany’s politics by co-opting elected officials of Turkish extraction.

The following news story from German television examines blatant Turkish interference with German internal affairs. Many thanks to maggieTh for the transcription, to JLH for the translation and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling it:

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Dymphna said...

The ever-notorious BBC is certainly cooperating with Turkey in this pressure.

They have a map of Europe which now includes Turkey, here.

When did Turkey become part of Europe? Perhaps one of our European readers could enlighten me?

At the link, along with the map is a breakdown of Muslims in each country, including their ethnicities.

Turkey is listed as 99% Muslim. Who'd have thought it was that low?

Of Austria, the BBC claims:

Vienna has historically been regarded as the point where the Islamic world reached its most western point [sic], a critical battle in Austria in the 16th century marking the beginning of the decline of the Turkish Ottoman Empire...

Ye gads, the Beebish language isn't going to get many points for clarity...or accuracy, come to think of it.

Wasn't it the "point" that Islam did not reach into Western Europe at that "point"? Perhaps it was just sloppy syntax on their part.

Wait...the 16th century??

Those rascals at the Beeb. Their fact-checkers and editors must be...oh, never mind. I can't decide which ethnic group to insult here.

There is some comfort to be taken from knowing it wasn't a dumb American writing that thing.

sulber nick said...

Isn't it racist of the Turks to call for the unity of ethnic Turks? Not according to the Turkish PM who sees racism as that which hinders Turkish racism.

Westerners might interpret this as double standards, but for Turks (and as far as I can see for every other non-white people) there is only one standard, that which benefits Turks.

Until we learn this readily observable lesson the West will continue to struggle.

Cyrus said...

Yep, Turkey is at the top of the list of nations that needs to be knocked back a few notches.