Tuesday, September 14, 2010

France Bans the Burqa

And the niqab, too, for that matter. The French Senate voted 246 to 1 to ban all face-covering clothing in public:

Those Islamophobes!

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this report.

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EscapeVelocity said...

Now the question is, will they enforce it?

Will the police be seen harassing Muslim women on the streets? What will the reaction to that by Muslim men be? You can bet that if they do enforce it, it will cost a huge amount of money to defend against the ensuing lawfare. Then of course, officers caught up in those precedings will be doing their careers a disservice...which leads to individual officers selectively not enforcing the law.

My guess is that this will be a law without much teeth. And will further show the weakness of the West to Muslims.

gsw said...

As I pointed out elsewhere, whether the police can enforce this or not is totally irrelevant!

It is a very important precedent has been made, enabling people who refuse to employ anyone wearing a veil, or won't let a masked person into the bank, or refusing to allow a masked person to pick up children from school, etc. is backed by the law.

It is no longer 'racist' or criminal to insist on seeing the face of the person you are dealing with.

The dangerous habit of driving while looking through a tiny, lattice can now be stopped, if necessary by rescinding the driving license.

When the temp. falls bellow -20C, we all cover our faces with scarves outside. But now we don't have to 'tolerate' people masking their identity.

It will also make welfare fraud and polygamy more difficult!

EscapeVelocity said...

I dont think the word you were looking for was "irrelevant."

. said...

I expect similar copycat legislative demands from Tea Party-types in our great nation, since, as we all know, the First Amendment's guarantee of free exercise of religion doesn't apply to Muslims.

WAKE UP said...

GORDON: and nor should it, when they are the ONLY religion whose core beliefs demand that they disbobey the laws of the state. At its extreme, that amounts to potential treason.

I'll tell you where they can exercise that "right" freely - in their own Muslim countries, where their religion IS the law, so there is no conflict (which, if it occurs, usually ends up with someone's head leaving their shoulders, and worse).

There is absolutely no way that Muslims will ever understand the hypocrisy of using Western freedoms to abuse Western freedom.

You should wake up and value the democracy you live in, instead of worrying about people who want to destroy it.