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Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/17/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/17/2010Five (or six, depending on the news source) Algerian street-cleaners have been arrested in the UK for allegedly plotting to kill Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Britain. The Pope warned his British audience not to let atheism destroy their society. There was no report that he mentioned the impact of Islam on the UK.

In other news, a ship carrying a prefab mosque is on its way to the town of Inuvik in the far north of Canada. It will be the first mosque in Inuvik, and will serve a congregation of about a hundred Muslims in a town of 4,000 people. When it arrives, it will be the closest mosque to the North Pole. It was funded by — who else? — Saudi Arabia.

What do the Muslims of Inuvik do when Ramadan falls in, say, July? That’s a long fast…

As a matter of interest, the news story says that the new mosque will lie within 200 kilometers of the North Pole. I located Inuvik on a map, and it is in Yukon Territory near the border with Alaska, just off the coast of the Beaufort Sea. Thus the article must be referring to the magnetic North Pole, since the geographic North Pole (the northern point of intersection between the Earth’s axis of rotation and the surface of the Earth) would be considerably further away across the sea and the ice cap.

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Jedilson Bonfim said...

What do the Muslims of Inuvik do when Ramadan (in Inuvik) falls in, say, July? That’s a long fast…

They'll use Mecca sunrise and sunset times for that, rather than take advantage of the opportunity to get, once and for all, that allah is an imaginary fantasy. They always resort to such self-delusional strategies to keep believing in the w-shaped imaginary alter-ego of their genocidal pedophile.

Just as they'll never question why "dirty infidel" cities such as Portland, OR, Tokyo, San Francisco, Zurich, Munich and Frankfurt are the way they are; while cities inhabited mostly by "zee besd ov beobles" like them (according to their Mein Qurampf, that is), such as Tripoli, Cairo, Khartoum, Sanaa, Riyadh, Damascus, Ankara, Ayrab-occupied Constantinople, Karachi and Islamabad are the open sewers that they are... After all, if they believe everything that happens on this planet is insh'allah, how come allah has allowed their cities to become what they are?



"Victory is within reach!"- both blocks are claiming.

Tomorrow Sunday 19th September 2010 there is an election of fate [ödesval] to the Swedish Parliament. The struggel for power that has attained ridiculous manifestationsas and also proportions stands between two 'human loving' and xenophilic blocks: the Green-Commie-Socialists (43%, called the Red-Green Mishmash, led by Mona Muslim) and the liberal-Christ-Center-Conservatives (49%, calling themself the Alliance, led by Fredrique the Barbar Reinfeldt) and with the so called xenofobic, that is the "asylumseeker-aversative", "populistic", "pariah party of discontent": the Swedendemocrats (5-9%) predicted to be holding the balance of power between the two blocks. Both seriously and jestingly it has been suggested that the two blocks should cut the Gordian knot - outmaneuvering the Swedendemocrats - by forming a coalition government as it was done during the perilous years of the last world war.

However, what the two blocks most certainly dread even more than any tipping of the scale hither or thither is that with the Swedendemocrats in the parliament the risc is evident that the truth about the mass immigration to Sweden and the costs thereof will be widely spread to the information deprived and unknowing masses. It is still not obvious to the main population that they since the nineteeneighties through the globe's per capita highest taxes are paying for the colonization and future taking over of their native country by alien ethnic groups mainly from MENA and Subsahara.

The Swedish immigration policy is extreme. Indeed, Sweden is a country undergoing colonization. Swedish governments - regardless of party affiliation - have appointed Sweden to be the world champion in goodness and have turned the country into a global social welfare office. Since the early nineteeneighties this small country of now 9 million inhabitants, have received 1.3 million immigrants of which only just under 5 percent have been de facto refugees. The majority of the rest have travelled to Sweden to take advantage of a generous but hard earned welfare system. They haven't come here because they love Sweden, its nature, climate, people and habits (must this be emphasized?) -- they have come here mainly as parasites. 96 percent of them also have made themself unidentifiable by not producing any passports or other identification documents, nevertheless they are granted permanent residence permission (PUT). Swedish authorities know nothing at all about the identities of a vast majority of the New Swedes residing in the country. The irony is, that this happens in THE country in the world that have the most far-reaching national registration of people of Swedish background.

The irresponsible policy results in large and profound implications for the country and its indigenous people: health care, sickness benefits, unemployment benefits, child care, schooling and education, old age care are stumbling along on crutches. Not one day without schools and cars burnin. Violent crime is increasing and becoming more brutal. Suburbs evolves quickly into segregated ethnic enclaves inhabited by an imported welfare proletariat. Sweden is number two in Europe with reference to reported rapes.

Tuesday 14th of September the Swedish Prime minister and the Secretary of the Treasure were standing on the Main Square of Littel Kosovo (Lanskrona), a small town in the south of Sweden with a lot of swedendemocrat voters announcing to a sparse audience that it almost will verge to treason to vote for the Swedendemocrats. This kind of performance was repeated on Wednesday 15th of September at the Central Station of Stockholm by a group of high ranking socialists consisting of two former prime ministers, two trade union high bosses and Mona Muslim, the new Prime Minister contemplated by the socialists.
(will be continued)


Thirsday 16th of Septemer Carl Herzlow, chairman of the Skånepartiet in Malmö, a small locale parallel-party to the Swedendemocrates, had to face a charge by the Attorney General at the City Court of Malmö for having spread an insulting picture of a prominent religion founder and his wife. Herzlow's argument was: "marriages like this we do not want in Malmö". The fact that the depiction represents the literal truth as the confessors understand it is no defense and Herzlow will probabely be judged guilty of hets mot folkgrupp, incitement against an ethnic group, even if the group in question comprises of some 1.500 miljon individuals whose ethnicity is more than highly heterogeneous. Just now Sweden is well earnedly called a Banana republic by the neighbouring Danes. Maybe Banana monarchy would be a more suitable invective, if you chose not to use the well established Kretinostan".

The Islamification of Sweden - and synchronously that of Europe's, to all appearances is proceeding as expected -- of course even in spite of some central counterjihad efforts recently by Anders Garves + Pamella Geller, Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders, the right honourable chicken-pastor Terry Jones, Thilo Sarrazins in Germany, Alan Lake GB and Ted Ekeroth of the Swedendemocrats and, I suppose, also a certain Baron Bodissey. The brilliant Mark Steyn recently visited Copenhagen where he was presented with the Sappho-Prize. He was interwued by the Danish Television:

Some main and acute external reasons for the persistent growth of ISLAM in Europe are (1) acute epidemia of unimaginative xenophilia with the ruling power-elites in combination with (2) morbid love for malignant ethnic diversity and not the least (3) crude profit lust with ordinary, industrious people. Much, much money can be earned on the muselmans, 6 miljones of them in France and 0,5 miljon in Sweden.

Halal food is the most profitable product, a market that solely in France annually is growing at a rate of 15 prc. Halal Bacon, Halal Wine Gums, Halal Champagne and Bier and of course Halal Meat and Delicatessen and all the other thousends of goodies sell like hot cakes in France but have not all yet reached the remote Swedish market, but shortly will - as sure as fate. The Eid al-Fitr goodies are at a large extent allready here, also at the locale small food market. All 'four-legged' halal meat that is sold in Sweden is said to be imported because the Swedish legislation forbids hallal slaughter - but just wait, at the latest in 2015 halal slaugther will be lawfull in Sweden. Also the rights of animals can be bought or negotiated away. The yieldingness towards all things islamic - soft sharia to start with - is immense. Common and public stupidness and lack of consistensy flourish as never before in human history, so quite logical totale laxity is shown towards the miserable submittors to the silliest traditional religion on this planet.
(to be continued)


I am living in the northern outskirts of a minor town some 20 km north of Malmö. For around 11 years I have almost daily three or four times routinely "walked" my dog(s) in almost stanardized windings in the adjacent park and among the surouding rather sparse residential blocks: in the early morning (6-9) and at midday (11-14) at least 2 kms, afternoons (16-18) and sometimes (3-5 times a week) in the evening (21-24). Morning- and midday-tours most often with me on the bike and the well-mannered dog(s) running freely next to the bike.

By this I have had an excellent possibility to take in the demographic changes that have occurred among the people I meet and see on these trips. A noticable change happened after 2005. Hijab rigged-out women started to appeare sparsely. In the period 2007-2008 they appeared all the more often and during the last two years not one day passes without me meeting a few of them. In 2007 a minor so called lowprice supermarket (only food) opened in the vicinity. In my role of a representative swedish poor pensionist (poorly dressed and toothless) I visit this shop often (at least 3 times a week) hunting so called "red-marked" prices, that is articles that have gone out of date - mostly bread, meet, delikatessen, sometimes cheese etc, but unfortunately never vegetables and fruit - and consequently are sold to half the original prices. At these shopvisits I nowdays always meet hijab rigged-out women and girls and lately also male blacks. This shop-clientele have steadely increased from some stray customers in the two first years to constantly quite a few in the last two years.

The demographic development regarding the number of optically identifiable represents of Islam in these surroundings for the last 10-12 years period has followed the well-knovn "hockey stick graph" ( and the tendency now is steeply a-rising.

When walking after dark and hearing a conversation between people, or someone talking to the cell-phone, this is almost allways in a guttural tone or with an alien sentence intonation. In my suroundings there are a lot of dogs - but after dark me and my dog almost never meet another owner+dog. Why is that? Does no other dog sometime need to pee after dark?

Zenster said...

Pentagon to Funnel US Arms to Yemen to Fight Al-Qaeda

The only arms we should be "exporting" to Yemen are missile-equipped drones controlled from offshore Americal naval vessels.

Thinking that Muslims will police jihadis is like hoping a farmer will butcher his prize stud bull.

Zenster said...

Turkey: Strasbourg Court, Ankara Guilty of Dink’s Death

The European Court of human right today ruled against Turkey because it failed to protect the life of Hrant Dink, the Armenian journalist killed by nationalists on January 19, 2007. Turkey was also ruled against for having violated Dink’s freedom of speech, sentencing him for insulting Turkey’s identity. The Court then ruled that Ankara will have to pay 100,000 euros to Dink’s family for moral damages.

Boy howdy, I can already hear the Muslim wailing and gnashing of teeth over coughing up even one thin dime over the death of some infidel Armenian and a Christian no less!

This is a perfect stumbling block with respect to Turkey's EU accession. With each delay, Turkey is given unlimited opportunities to manufacture even more of these obstacles. Given that Islam never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity, it is more than a little easy to imagine Turkey's admittance into the EU being delayed for decades.

Only the most abject dhimmitude on the part of EU leadership can counteract this Muslim propensity to self-disqualify. And knowing EU leadership they will be groveling at Turkey's feet with the best of the them.