Monday, September 13, 2010

The Swedish Establishment is Wetting Their Beds Over This Woman

Pia Kjærsgaard, the leader of the Danish People’s Party, was invited by the Sweden Democrats to speak at a campaign event on Saturday (September 11th) in Sweden. The video below shows the first part of her speech, subtitled in English.

Many thanks to Marlen Jensen for the translation, and to Kitman for the subtitling:

The second part of Ms. Kjærsgaard’s speech is here.

A full transcript of the above text is below the jump.

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If the Swedes want Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo to turn into Scandinavian Beirut’s with clan wars, honor killings and gang rapes, let them do it.

We can always put a gate in the Øresund Bridge.

I wrote that in a weekly letter 2002. And here I am on the other side.

Of course I do not mean literally that we should cancel the connection to Sweden.

But I was just so tired of the criticism that the established Sweden rained on the new Danish government’s immigration policies.

That time the Swedish Prime Minister was Goran Persson and Integration Minister was Mona Sahlin.

She is the one standing in Rosengard warning Swedes about “Danish conditions”. “Danish conditions”. And in the Rosengard (notorious ghetto).

Hello? As if Denmark was some kind of banana republic or a dictatorship.

I very much want to say thanks for the invitation to come and speak to you today here in Höganäs.

I have not come to mingle in Swedish domestic politics because that is for the Swedish people to be concerened with.

No, I have come because in spite of certain differences the Swedish debate in many ways reminds me of the Danish debate 10-15 years ago

And I have come to Sweden because it’s also a concern to Denmark. We can not sit with our hands in our lap and be silent witnesses to the political development in Sweden.

When Sweden are giving residence permits to thousands of immigrants each year, it becomes a problem for Denmark aswell.

I can not remain silent as the establishment in Sweden try to stifle free speech by every means

What is “the Danish conditions” that Mona Sahlin is so afraid of? Is it the right to free political debate? Is it freedom of speech? Is it the freedom of the press?

Is it peoples right to be heard when they voice concerns about the consequences of mass immigration, violent crime

and the economic threat to the welfare state? That the people begin to feel like strangers in their own country, no longer able to recognize their local areas?

Or is it rather her fear that the Social democratic power monopoly, That iron fist in a velvet glove might be broken? Regardless if governed by the “blue” or “red” party, this monopoly of power always dominated sweden.

“I think what makes so many Swedes envious of immigrants is that they have a culture” “an identity, a history that binds them together. And what do we have?” “We have Midsummer’s Eve and such silly things”

Do you recognize the quote? Yes, it was Mona Sahlin (Social Democrat) again, the woman who wants to represent the Swedish people as Prime Minister.

The politician who is warning people about “Danish conditions”.

Excuse me, but what happened to Selma Lagerlöf, August Stindberg, Evert Taube, Ingmar Bergman, Wilhelm Moberg and Astrid Lindgren?

Where’s the beautiful landscapes, Walpurgis Night, the red-painted wooden houses, home-built estates. Everything that we Danes love about Sweden. is it all just “silly things”?

Tell me, Where does this abysmal self-hatred come from? As if the Swedes had anything to be ashamed of.

And what is coming from the conservative party here in sweden is not really any better.

Take, prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s claim that “only the barbarism is originally swedish”. Was that love for his country? Was it worthy of a prime minister?

There are those who say that people have the politicians they deserve, that a country has the press they deserve.

I do not agree anymore. And it is also one of the reasons why I stand here today.

There are many good, sensible, sweet Swedes. Swedes who take their country and their nationality seriously.

Swedes who are concerned about the development in their country And passionately wants to revolt against that cushion of political correctness currently choking Swedish politics and Swedish media.

I know because I receive daily e-mails and letters from Sweden.

In the beginning I thought that Sweden and the Swedish people themselves must take responsibility.

But the establishment in Sweden and their massive campaign against the Sweden Democrats is so cruel that I have to speak up.

The Swedish elite will tell me to stay out of it.

The Swedish elite will ask me to go back home to Denmark Where we are to “breed us back to the Stone Age”, as a Swedish newspaper so amiable wrote some time ago.

I’m not welcome here. Danish People’s Party is not welcome here. The Swedish establishment is wetting their beds because of us.

And excuse me, but who actually began to interfere? Wasn´t it Persson, Mona Sahlin and Leijonborg who started meddling in Danish immigration policy?

Wasn’t it the Swedish media who labelled us “Danish bastards” As an elected, democratic government implemented fairly reasonable tightening of immigration policies. Who started this? not us.

Sweden is paralysed by political correctness. Sweden cannot move. The silence reigns Sweden.

The Swedish power elite can organise the society as they please but I also have a right to tell them exactly what I think about it.

As I do when when politicians and cultural figures spread their ignorance about Denmark.

The author Jan Guillou, is more than welcome to call me “more dangerous than osama bin laden” He actually said that! In denmark We laughed long and hard over this statement. We have that article by Jan Guillou on the wall in the press secretary of the Danish People’s Party.

I mean, it’s not every day you get to be compared to the world’s most dangerous terrorist A terrorist who today nine years ago, orchestrated the terrorist attack on the United States.

An attack that cost thousands of people their lives.

And Leijonborg from the Liberal Party is welcome to sit in a debate with me on Danish television and tear apart one of the Danish People’s Party leaflets, simply because he had no real arguments.

The Danes were amused by that, for the most part. But it is a shame for the Swedish population. In Denmark, we can laugh at the Swedish politicians but Swedes have to live with them.

When Swedish TV a while ago chose not to show a election video from the Sweden Democrats, I had had it.

The video was with Danish eyes, completely harmless. Completely harmless.

Danish People’s Party election video is something that not all like, but it is still obviously shown on Danish television.

Danish People’s Party added the Sweden Democrats election video on our website so that people can see and evaluate it, including Swedes, who are welcome to our website.

In Denmark we call it free speech.

In Denmark we call it free speech In Sweden the established politicians and “know-better elite” call it hate-speech.

Well, is pointing out the connection between immigration and welfare hate-speech?.

Is it hate speech to draw attention to the fact that elderly do not receive the care they otherwise would, if not for the expenditure on immigration and lack of integration, which forcing the welfare state on its knees?

Is it not rather “inciting hatred towards the Swedes”?

I understand that the average Swede does not dare to speak out on the immigration policy.

recent history has shown that pointing to the consequences of the immigration can cost you your job, your livelihood here in Sweden,

But history also shows that supression of the peoples concerns generates pressure. Pressure feeds back-pressure.

I remember politicians from the established Swedish parties who infront of hidden cameras expressed purely racist attitudes before the parliamentary election in 2002.

Because they thought no one listened. When confronted with their statements they denied that they said so.

Do you remember that? It was pitiful. It was pure hypocrisy. Shame on them!

The oppression of the debate has a different and serious consequence. It means that concerned people in Sweden begin to ally themselves with undemocratic right-wing extremists.

When politicians refuse to talk openly about the problems and the media simply does not allow criticism of the policies, they in reality force the debate onto the streets supporting the rule of the mob.

The underground struggle is waged in secret, with unacceptable and undemocratic means.

It leads to violent attacks against immigrants and arson attacks against mosques.

But the Swedish politicians wishes nothing except to wash their dirty hands. “it´s not our fault”

And their answer is always the same Evermore suppression of free public debate.


Sol Ta Triane said...

Wow. Pia Kjærsgaard is insightful, refreshing.

christian soldier said...

WOW-another bold - truth telling woman--makes me fondly remember my 1/2 Danish heritage....
BTW-I just may 'swipe' this for a post this week- and- give you credit - of course--

sulber nick said...

More and more we see this as a Europe-wide issue. That is what we want. Those that wield the immigration/Islam weapon use it to undermine Europe, but its use is helping forge Europe-wide bonds. The feeling is growing that European nations are very much in the same boat - the coming civil war will unite Europe like never before.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Mona Sahlin, marxist law-breaker and hypocrite!