Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Month in the Dock…

…And six years on the death list.

The newspaper De Telegraaf, November 5, 2004:

Death List 2

The headline reads:

Hirsi Ali and Wilders in hiding
Death list
Targets in letter of Mohammed B(ouyeri)

Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled a report with the latest news on Geert Wilders’ upcoming trial on charges of “insulting minorities” and “incitement to hatred”.

First, a translation from Elsevier:

Wilders on trial the entire month of October

By Robin van der Kloor

The PVV leader Geert Wilders was formally notified on Thursday that the criminal case against him will continue next month. The Amsterdam court continues the process starting on October 4. The verdict is due on November 2.

Wilders must be in court on October 4, 6, 8, 12, 15 and 19. Two weeks later the verdict is planned.

“It’s terrible that I have be in court trial the entire month of October,” Wilders said Thursday after he had received the summoning. “I will stand trial one whole month for freedom of speech.”

Three session days and the day of the verdict are on a day when Parliament assembles.

The PVV leader is accused of insulting Muslims and ethnic minorities and inciting to discrimination and hatred. Initially the Public Prosecutor (OM) in Amsterdam did not want to prosecute the politician, because he had made the statements in newspapers and on the Internet as part of the public debate.

The court in Amsterdam, however, thought differently, and saw possible offenses in Wilders’ expressions concerning Islam. The case for those grounds was brought to court by (among others) the [Socialist] anti-racism club Nederland Bekent Kleur [“Netherlands Admits Color”], which is headed by René Danen.

Wilders requested eighteen witnesses, experts, and experience-experts to be heard to support his defense. The court in Amsterdam appointed only three of them. “I cannot help but conclude that the court does not grant me a fair trial,” he said in early February about this refusal.

Timeline, October-November 2010:
- - - - - - - - -
Monday October 4, Wednesday October 6 and Friday October 8
Substantive handling criminal proceedings against Mr. Wilders

Tuesday October 12
Indictment by the prosecutors.

Friday October 15
Plea of the defense by Mr. Wilders

Tuesday October 19
Rejoinder and reply

Tuesday November 2
Ruling in prosecution by the court (verdict).

[On Thursday November 4 it will be six years since Theo van Gogh was ritually murdered in Amsterdam by a Muslim, and Geert Wilders had to go into hiding, and has needed permanent protection ever since.]

“The club that filed charges” [video]

Rene Danen of Netherlands Admits Color on the Pauw & Witteman TV show:

[February 09, 2008] “Netherlands Admits Color will organize a demonstration against racism on Saturday, March 22, 2008 on the Dam Square in Amsterdam. The foundation will also file charges against PVV Geert Wilders because of discrimination. Interview with René Danen of Netherlands Admits Color in the TV show “Pauw and Witteman” on February 8, 2008


Zenster said...

Netherlands Admits Color will organize a demonstration against racism…

As always, the same Liberal screeching about "racism" when Islam is NOT a race.

The foundation will also file charges against PVV Geert Wilders because of discrimination.

How is it in any way evil to use discriminatory measures against those who are themselves the very worst perpetrators of discrimination?

It is as if we are supposed to be ashamed of using prison sentences to expropriate the time of habitual thieves who think nothing of stealing our hard-earned possessions.

This is the usual "fighting terrorism will turn us into terrorists" tommyrot and it's long past tea to deconstruct such utter drivel.

Profitsbeard said...

The Dutch are still trying to apologize to the world for their betrayal of the Jews... by inviting in a million Jew-hating Muslims who have contempt for the Hollanders' open-mindedness and who will eventually demographically overwhelm and destroy The Low Country.

The Dutch, until recently... say May 6, 2002, when Pim Fortuyn was assassinated by a pro-Muslim "animal rights activist"... thought this Plan was "civilized" amd showed their great "tolerance".

By continuing this prosecution of Wilders, the minority of suicidal eltists and their anarcho-syndicalist/Marxist loons cum journalistic/political/professorial "leaders" feel that Holland is being multiculturally "enlightened".

Theo Van Gogh underestimated the Islamic colonizing enemy, also.

He open-heartedness became literal.

And The Netherlands will become an Islamic Republic by the end of this century if they fail to support The Resistance fighters like Geert... as they mostly failed their WW II "Verzet" brothers and sisters.

I have well-to-do Dutch friends who still think Wilders is only appealing to the "lower class" mob, and that "tolerantie" must allow for the annihilation of the native population... in order to establish their "moral high ground" bona fides.

Suicide in Hollands is "zelfmoord".

Self murder.

A word that will enter the West's consciousness as the Dutch exit our reality.

Unless they stand up and stand by Geert, now.

The Observer said...

It seems to me that the European elites are trying to take Europe back to the dark ages. They want to ban criticism of religion (Islam), they want to severely restrict peoples right to express themselves freely (criticize Muslims and other ethnicities) and they want to create an environment of fear in which people who don’t toe the official line get’s prosecuted and thrown in gaol.

Would it be undemocratic if an elected right wing government sometime in the future decided to severely restricts left-wingers' civil rights by banning everything about their utopian multicultural ideology? Like for instance making it a national pride-crime to claim that people of other ethnicities are equal to us? And introduce a ban on using derogatory language to describe your own ethnicity, and if you do it would be considered a race-hate crime and it could land you some serious prison time? And what if they made it a crime to criticize Christianity?

Or would that be labelled Nazi tactics??

Anne-Kit said...

In line with Zenster's comment above about using discriminatory measures against those who are the worst perpetrators of discrimination, I was blessed recently to attend a (State) parliamentary meeting here in Western Australia with Emanuele Ottolenghi, author of "Under a Mushroom Cloud: Europe, Iran and the Bomb". After his very informative talk on the state of play in the Middle East he was asked his opinion on Geert Wilders.

His simple answer: "Wilders is simply being intolerant of the intolerant".

Says it all, really.

sulber nick said...

Who benefits? If 'European elites are trying to take Europe back to the dark ages..." why are they doing it?

goethechosemercy said...

As long as these fatwa threats remain in force, I would expel 100 Mulsims from the nations of Europe every week.
The only way to fight this is to expel Muslims from the West increment by increment.
Threaten our free people?
We must force them out when they do these things!