Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Jews of Sweden

The news report below appeared on Israeli television. It concerns the plight of Swedish Jews, who face increasing hostility and violence from the country’s Muslim immigrants:

There are several things worth noting about this report…
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About halfway through you’ll encounter Mehmet Kaplan, a Muslim MP for the Green Party. Bear in mind the traditional Islamic duties of taqiyya and kitman when you listen to him answer questions — or not answer them.

You’ll notice that he absolutely refuses to discuss anti-Semitism unless he can pair it with “Islamophobia” — the two are held to be co-equals. And you’ll also see that he completely dodges the question of whether he condemns Jew-hatred when he talks to his fellow Muslims — 50,000 of them — in Malmö.

He’s very smooth, maybe not in the same league as Imam Rauf, but still quite slippery.

A little later in the film you’ll encounter what I call a “suicide Jew”. An American Jew who moved to Israel first and then Sweden, who says that her mission is to help overcome anti-Semitism so that Sweden and the rest of Europe can become fully multicultural. She sees Jews as the vanguard working towards this goal, helping Swedes realize their full multicultural destiny.

This is a delusion, and a dangerous one. If she were to achieve her goal, Europe and Sweden would become Islamic by default, because Muslims — who are the obvious demographic winners — would have it no other way. And then who does she think would be first in line to experience the scimitars of Europe’s new rulers?

Dangerously, fatally delusional.

Another woman interviewed — this one the president of the Stockholm synagogue, if I recall correctly — maintains that “Jews are entitled to live wherever they want.”

This is also a mistake, and asserting it is dangerous. Nobody has a right to live wherever they want outside of the country they were born in. Jews can move to Israel, or they can be exactly like the other people in their native country except that they go to a building on Saturday in sing songs in a funny language.

This is a hard lesson to learn, but an important one. It may not be easy or safe to be a Jew in Sweden today, but it doesn’t get any easier or safer if you claim entitlements that no one else has.

That way lies madness.

Hat tip: Jihad Malmö via Steen.


EscapeVelocity said...

Thanks for posting the video.

Couple of comments...

The blond gal "Swede on the Street" who criticized the Security Fence and other policies to protect Israeli Jews from agression and violence, admitted that she wasnt clued in enough to form an opinion (and also that she is spoiled in an isolated from "the Other" homogenous country)...which means she is just aping what is the common viewpoint that she hears in Swedish media...the accepted and promoted view (by the Swedish Establishment). However Sweden already has its own Gazas springing up in Malmo and elsewhere. She will soon understand very well, what is happening. Even if its worse for Israeli Jews as they are surrounded by Hordes of Arab Muslims...for 1000s of miles.


The Jewish gal that is promoting Jews as at the forefront of promoting Multiculturalism and suppressing the Indigenous (or Majority) culture.

Honey, that is going to get Jews into deep doo doo.

Tangental to that, American Jews of the Leftwing persuastion which means the vast majority of them...are turning against Israel, preferring instead to guard their own interests as a minority in the US. Defending Israels right to be a Jewish State and promote a Jewish majority population and culture, is at such odds with their promotion of minority rights, and multiculturalism and disallowing Euro Christian majority countries from promoting the interests, peoples, and culture of those groups....is such a hypocrisy, that they are abandoning the defense of Israel.

We live in interesting times.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what percentage of Swedish Jews are destructive idiots like the two Jewish women who were interviewed, and what percentage have clarity like the guy who emigrated to Israel. And how it correlates with religiosity/secularism.

The woman who mentioned her grandparents died in the Holocaust used that as a motivation for staying and fighting. Not to blame victims, but didn't a lot of those people die because they stayed in Europe because they were as much in denial as this woman? If some Jews are taking the position that it's weak to leave an impossible situation, they need to think again. And both women hope things will get better. That's probably what the grandparents thought.

ole said...

It IS depressing that the nice woman from IUP couldn't find just one sweedish jew who lives in reality .
Still , you have to understand that the ones who DOES wake up have been selected out of the population for 60 years, jews have a choice which no one else has , they can always just pack up their toothbrush and leave for Israel where they wil be more than welcome.
And their sons and daughters will get to fight the Jihadists in the way in in which it has historicly been defeated : by throwing them out of a peace of land and exposing their lack of spirrit as warriors.
So please don't judge jews by the ones who choose to stay and live in dhimmitude ...there are 6 million who have chosen the OPPOSITE.
Also don't judge the government of Israel by what it have to SAY in order to survive the Obama period .
The last two mini-wars have been training exersizes , but next time it going to be for real , and the outcome is what we should be judged by. Nothing more and nothing less .

on-my-own-in-berkeley said...
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on-my-own-in-berkeley said...

I don't think the woman meant that any individual Jew should be able to live anywhere, but rather Jews who do live "anywhere" should be able to continue to live there rather than have to emigrate to Israel or somewhere else because it is unsafe to stay where they are.

The liberal mindset tries to view the world as it "should" be. But all the "shoulds" in the world will not stop what is happening. That will require a recognition of the true situation by enough of the majority population and the will to put things right.

Anonymous said...

1- they're are running away. Retreating from the proplem?
Yeah, keep doing that, people. and before too long, the'rell be nowhere to run.
2=they're depending on the gov. & police to help them, instead of training themselves, in gaurding their own. I don't mean firearms, but rather, martial arts and other skills.

And the women should do the same. Learn how to protect yourself, . And women still think that screaming will help.Don't expect the police to come running

We, the world, must be in figfhting mode against islam. Unfortunate, but true, because islam, are like marabuntas. islam is on the march!

It's not because the U.S. is in Iraq or Afghanistan, that islamics are aggressive, it has nothing to do with the U.S. You only have to look at what's happening in Chechnya, Kashmir, south Thailand, the Philippines, and Irian (Indonisan side of Papua)-where the Tribals are being. forceably converted, to see how islamics behave.

Yu cant runn away, you have to stand and face it. It's NOT going away.

magnus said...

Minor comment: I think that the words “Jews are entitled to live wherever they want” is correct if you interpret that as that they have the right to live wherever they live now (where they should have the same rights as other citizens).

You probably agree, and I can see that there's no right to move to any place.

Félicie said...

"Jews have a right to live wherever they want"

No, they don't. Living in other countries is a privilege, not a right.

Paideia, by the way, has an interesting program. It's a great oversimplification to characterize it as a liberal Jewish organization. It's an academic program, and as all academic programs, it leans to the left. But there is a lot of apolitical stuff they do, as well of cultural and philosophical value. This American-Jewish woman is an idiot, however.