Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Carrot and Stick

Cultural Enrichment News

The imposition of sharia in the West is being accomplished through a variety of methods in a mixture of “carrot” and “stick” approaches. As the concentration of Muslims within any given area grows larger, the carrot tends to disappear and the stick becomes predominant.

In the early stages of Islamization, the carrots are subtle messages delivered by friendly, seemingly innocuous spokesmen like Imam Rauf. They appeal to Westerners’ sense of basic decency and tolerance, and gain concessions from people who have been trained above all else to be nice.

This is how halal food gets into the school system and municipal swimming pools decide to segregate the sexes.

The stick emerges when there are enough Muslims in the neighborhood to make trouble. Then the Islamic talking heads appear on television and tell us that although they personally abhor violence, when Muslims feel that Islam has been insulted, they tend to become angry. At that point some unspecified subset of them may react violently, and there really isn’t anything that more reasonable Muslims can do about it, unfortunately.

This is when free speech begins to be suppressed — newspapers and magazines self-censor, print editions of books are recalled and destroyed, and “Islamophobic” artists and writers are prosecuted under hate speech laws.

The final stage, which might appropriately be called the “Big Stick”, arrives when the Muslim population passes a local tipping point — generally a proportion of about 20% to 30%. At that point there are so many potentially violent and lawless “youths” available to assault, burn, loot, and rape, that law enforcement is unable to control them, and the rule of law disappears in Muslim-dominated enclaves.

This is how full sharia arrives in the West.

The “Big Stick” is already in operation in a number of Muslim ghettos in Western Europe. One of the most notorious such areas is the city of Malmö in southern Sweden, where certain neighborhoods — notably the Rosengård district — are off-limits to the forces of Swedish law and order.

The latest example of sharia in Malmö may be found in this news story from The Local, which describes how Malmö’s culture enrichers have threatened a judge into withdrawing from a criminal case. The enrichers no doubt feel themselves justified in their intimidation, since their actions — the pimping and rape of a 14-year-old retarded girl — do not constitute a crime under sharia law, and sharia is ascendant in Rosengård:

Threats Force Judge Out of Teen Pimping Trial

The presiding judge in the Malmö district court trial of ten men suspected of having sold a mentally handicapped 14-year-old girl for sex, has been forced to withdraw due to threats against her and her family.

Monica Nebelius, who was appointed to lead the proceedings when the trial of the ten men was due to start last week, was replaced by Björn Hansson when the trial eventually opened on Monday.

It was reported that Nebelius had been taken ill and would not be able to proceed with the assignment. But the judge has now confirmed that in fact it was threats directed against her which caused her to accede to police advice and withdraw.

“It was directed against both myself and my family. I can’t live at home at the moment,” Nebelius told the TT news agency.

Nebelius was unwilling to go into further detail over the threats, except to say that she is in receipt of continual updates from the police and hopes that she will be able to return to work at the district court as a soon as possible.

“I presume that I will be back at work as soon as possible. It is a just a question of getting going, there is no more to it than that,” she said.

Nebelius is not alone among those involved in the case who have been on the receiving end of threats. The prosecutor Ulrika Rogland has been assigned bodyguards.

The high-profile trial opened to tumultuous scenes, and the head of the district court, Eva Wendel Rosberg, had to impose tight security around the court and the surrounding area on Stortorget in central Malmö.

The replacement judge, Björn Hansson, has been assigned a police escort to and from the court.

Eva Wendel Rosberg confirmed the information regarding Monica Nebelius on Tuesday morning.

“I can now confirm that there was a threatening situation after the first day of deliberations for Monica Nebelius. I did not want to publicise this initially due primarily to security reasons, but also for the sake of the parties concerned,” she told the local Sydsvenskan daily.

The trial concerns allegations that the 14-year-old girl was sexually abused and raped by several different men after she ran away from a foster home in a nearby municipality last March before ending up in the Rosengård district of Malmö.

Although she is 14-years-old she is reported to have the mental age of a girl several years younger.

Five of the men have been charged with trafficking or assisting in human trafficking, and eight for rape. All of the suspects are men aged 16- to 67-years-old. Several of the men have admitted to having sex with the girl, but claim that they thought that she was much older.

The case is also significant because it represents the first time that prosecutors in Sweden have attempted to classify pimping crimes as human trafficking.

This is the way sharia arrives — sometimes with a bang, sometimes with a whimper, but always relentlessly, without giving the infidel a moment’s respite. Resisting it is dangerous, time-consuming, and expensive. Eventually, out of sheer exhaustion, the native population gives in to the demands of its Muslim guests.

This is how the Big Stick ushers in the reign of sharia in Sweden.

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Hat tip: Fjordman.


Svartwulf said...

We must find a way to stop this before it goes to far. Because I don't want to arrive at the day when they bring out the stick, and I must raise my axe.

That said, these people like to talk about how their people will be angry if Islam is insulted. To them, I respond that my people possess the Berserker, the human embodiment of rage and power. Just keep pushing, and they will see horrors the likes of which has never been seen before.

n said...

NorseAlchemist wrote:
Just keep pushing, and they will see horrors the likes of which has never been seen before.

They will keep pushing, and indigent Europeans will eventually react viciously, by electing leaders who will make Geert Wilders look like a dhimmi (imagine that), and who will promise a Final Solution to the Muslim Problem, and implement that solution. It is so obvious for anyone to see, and it is only a matter of time. Current political correctness will make the eventual European backlash in the form of an explosion of repressed fury and frustration only worse for Muslims.

The most humane and merciful solution current Western leaders can do is the deportation of all Muslims (whether or not born in Europe) to Muslim countries of their choice. If this is not done in the near future, Enoch Powell's vision ("rivers of blood" --- Muslim blood) will be realized. Intelligent, secular, assimilated Muslims-by-birth are probably well aware of this, and dread that day.

Findalis said...

When you invite a poisonous snake into your home, expect to be bitten.

The only way to rid yourself of the pest is to get rid of them.

goethechosemercy said...

The only non-sanguinary solution to the problem of Muslims in free countries is deport, deport, and deport.

Juniper in the Desert said...

The same old story, the police say we can't guarantee your safety!

What is the point of the police nowadays, apart from being the official muslim protection service? (as in London we have the MPS)

Talk about the silence of the sheep!

spackle said...

I repeat. Besides mysticism there is not much of a difference between Islam and MS-13, Mexican Mafia, Bloods,Crips and any other violent organized street gang. Hell, they are even involved in the drug trade.

Unknown said...

Besides mysticism...

There is nothing mystical about modern Islam. Islam is a tyrannical political system masquerading as a religion.

PioneerPreppy said...

For one thing a judge who can be threatened out of a case does not deserve to be a judge. Maybe she should have thought and weighed such things before accepting the position.

Secondly well there is no secondly we need to appoint and support those who will fight back, not run like little girls.

Sol Ta Triane said...

Exactly, there is nothing mystical in Islam, and it follows that it should have no religious status in Western nations.

goethechosemercy said...

Because Islam encompasses so much more than religion and belief, it should not receive any protection that religions receive.
It is also an aggressive, virus-like addition to the society. To recognize that is not to be racist or bigoted.
It is to understand and cope with real danger in a rational fashion.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure we should be jumping to conclusions in re the bad guys' identification. Here (I Google-translated it) it says the bastards were Hungarian Gypsies. At The Local piece one of the commenters mentioned "9 Gypsies and an Arab". So...

Baron Bodissey said...

Good catch, lbertarian -- this is very intriguing. I'll be interested to hear more about the case.

This sewrves a reminder that Muslims aren't the only violent and destructive culture enrichers.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it makes Sweden look even more pathetic. A law enforcement that cannot protect a judge and a prosecutor against a bunch of Gypsies – this couldn’t have been made up by The Onion

sulber nick said...

Like other commenters I applaud the Muslim pushing and threatening - whatever it takes to rouse the wrath in western man....

oldschooltwentysix said...

I agree that Sharia must be dealt with because those pushing it are not our friends unless we submit to their beliefs.

However, let's not pretend. Christian ruled societies have been no more tolerant to minorities until quite recently in historical terms.

It is always the minorities that suffer in these dumb religious games of power and righteousness.

Don't know the answer, but can see trouble approaching from extremists. Maybe kids will change the dynamic.

spackle said...


I must disagree with you. Islam is mixture of mysticism and a political philosophy. Weather we like it or not there is a mystical component to Islam. After all, they are not prostrating towards Mecca several times a day with their arse's in the air for no reason? Believe me, I wish there was no mystical component to Islam and that it was strictly a political philosophy. It would probably be much easily dealt with in the liberal West would this be the case.