Sunday, May 20, 2007

Update From Islamberg

Muslims of AmericaI wrote a review and critique last week of Paul Williams’ article about Islamberg, the Muslims of America/Jamaat ul-Fuqra headquarters near Hancock, New York.

A reader from New York was prompted to write and add additional corrections the record. He says that he lives just outside Deposit, right on the doorstep of Islamberg:

First of all, it’s “Cuz’ ins” “not Cousins” [referring to a bar in Deposit mentioned by Dr. Williams]. It’s on Front Street in Deposit, about a block from where there was a data processing center and where the Muslimahs worked. That’s a day care center now. (Do we want Muslims processing our data?)

The interesting bit of information I picked up this week is that, yes, the JuF brats are now being homeschooled. We must remember they were kicked out of the Hancock school system and dumped on Deposit. Then they were bringing knives to school but apparently that wasn’t such a big deal. Recently, however, they began destroying lockers and such and that got them kicked out of Deposit as well.

This may account partially for why Muslimahs are no longer seen in town, but I do wonder why they are never seen in town anymore.

One was signed up at the Curves some years back. If people are talking about their absence, that suggests it’s a noticeable change. Don’t they need to shop anymore, or are they just staying in their trailers with the curtains drawn homeschooling the next generation of jihadis?
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This is a reminder that Jamaat ul-Fuqra is characterized by its separateness from the rest of American life. The same thing is true of all other Muslim communities wherever they may be found among non-Muslims: they remain separate and unintegrated, as required by the Koran.

Do you remember when the Black Muslims, a.k.a. the Nation of Islam, were criticized for their advocacy of separation from mainstream American society?

That was before Multiculturalism became the regnant orthodoxy in the West. Now separateness is to be encouraged and celebrated.

But it’s a good idea to remember that such separation provides the ideal environment in which Jihad against our culture can be incubated and encouraged.

“Homeschooling the next generation of jihadis.” Indeed.


rickl said...

Sorry to go OT right off the bat, but Rachel Lucas is back!

This just made my whole weekend. I don't know whether you were familiar with her or not, but I was a regular reader as far back as 2002. If there is ever a Bloggers Hall of Fame, she's a lock.

Thanks, Baron, for your reply to my e-mail last month. I was still unable to log on with my Blogger account, so I finally broke down and signed up for a Google account. Makes me a little nervous, though. I don't trust those Google people.

turn said...

They've 'gone to ground' to further separate their school-age kids from a society they expect to go to war with.

Does anyone know if they have broadband, satphones, etc?

This is one of those cases I wish NSA could listen to their calls within the borders of th US--after all, they don't consider themselves to be a part of it.

X said...

If they have broadband then they'll likely be using IP telephony. Talking through skype or some other service is essentially untraceable.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is off-topic, but I just wanted to make sure ya'll were paying due attention to the immigration amnesty bill being railroaded through Congress and its possible ramifications re. terrorism:

Arab Terrorist Illegals To Be Regularized Under The Same Terms As Mexican Gangster Illegals

And, a summary of the bill translated into plain English.

Captain USpace said...

Scary stuff, if there has to be another 'Waco' someday, this is where it should happen...

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