Friday, May 04, 2007

There Will Always Be An England… Not

The Ummah Jack

In a comment on my post from last night, the British blogger Alien Anthropologist had this to say about the situation in the UK:

Re the British ‘brain drain’: yes, Thatcher reversed that… but Blair has reversed it again, with emigration from Britain reaching record levels in recent years.

Almost every friend who has a high-paid job and useful skills is looking at emigrating from Britain, waiting for their visa, or has already gone, and I’ll be off across the Atlantic myself in a couple of months. I’d add that includes skilled and integrated Muslim friends who have no more desire to stay here than I do; many saw the writing on the wall with the London bombings and I’d hate to see them getting hurt in a backlash against Muslim extremists.

Someone mentioned that one reason people aren’t willing to fight for Britain is because it doesn’t exist anymore, and I’d agree with that; the Britain of 2007 bears little resemblance to the country where I grew up, and almost anything a Briton of 1907 might recognize here has been destroyed by a few decades of ‘progressive’ policies which deliberately set out to do exactly that. Britons fifty years ago were happy to fight for King and Country — as I would have been myself — but few people today are going to fight for Tony Blair and the EU.

It’s no wonder to me that so many would rather abandon the country to its fate in the hope of building something better elsewhere than stay and face generations of work to rebuild what we had not so long ago. I honestly think the wreckers are far too entrenched in every institution in the country for anyone to turn them around through democratic means in less than a couple of generations; even Thatcher’s attempts to do so were wiped out in a few years of Blair’s government.

So, as I see it, the future for Britain is either Islamic rule or civil war, with the latter more likely. Since I don’t fancy either of those options, I’d rather make a stand in a country that still has more options; as mentioned above, while an Islamic Europe would certainly bode poorly for America, don’t underestimate the benefits of having a wide ocean on each side. If America and Canada close their doors to Muslim extremists, they’re not going to be walking or paddling rafts across the Atlantic (on the other hand, they might fly to Mexico and walk across the border).

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Paul said...

Alien Anthro:

Many young international professionals work in my southern US city (Houston, Texas) in all branches of engineering, and in the medical professions. We have our share of Brits, Indians, Pakistanis, various middle easterners, Philipinos, Thai, Asians of all sorts, some
Africans and Indonesians. Plus, plenty of South American professionals, and a host of illegal latin american immigrants. What a smorgasbord. I'm sure we have room for you. Come on across.

I've enjoyed working with and getting to know a few Brits. You can talk about soccer (football) with them and that's sure to stir them up. On one recent project I was taught the difference between the cross of St. George and the cross of St. Andrew as English and Scots designers flew their respective flags and exchanged friendly jabs about who really speaks English.

Grieves me to see the Baron's illustration of Islamic crescents eating up the Union Jack. And it pisses me off a bit to read about what's happening in the UK. Where is Winston Churchill when you need him?

I don't know if I'd settle in Canada anymore, except for Alberta perhaps. Albertans are a little bit like Texans in some ways, and they seem to have a good bit of common sense and self respect still. But I'd avoid British Columbia, even though it's beautiful. Sorry. The PC poison seems to have done it's damage there. Plus the traffic in Vancouver is just ridiculous.

I live in what's called the Bible belt. And I like the influence the Bible belt brings to society here. Around here the kids are still taught to address adults with respect. I am frequently addressed by young people as 'sir'... 'yes sir'. Women are addressed frequently as 'yes Ma'am'. We have a lot of churches, and a lot of people go to church. Plenty don't, but a lot do. There are Christian bookstores nearby, and I can choose from about 4 Christian radio stations at any time that play devotional type music, along with a variety of Christian teaching series. In spite of the excessive heat in summer, this is a good place to live and raise a family.

However, I'm seeing mosques being built in this part of Texas and I don't like it. Mosques don't belong here. Islam is not compatible with our free, open and respectful society.

Along with getting to know some Brits I've also become aquainted with a few Muslims. Some are very decent people. However, in the case of devoted Muslims, Islam is a major barrier to acheiving open and honest dialog and relationship. Islam is the unspoken 'elephant' in the room. I hate to say it, but Muslims don't belong here if they intend to bring Islam in on a permanent basis, which they do.

Incognito said...

That's the dilemma...Paul, you don't like to see Mosques being built in this country, but this country's foundation was built on, among other things, the Freedom to worship as one pleases. How do you tell someone they can't build a Mosque?

TallIndian said...

I believe it is in the Old Testament that one is warned that "he that sows the wind, inherits the whirlwind"

There is some sweet justice in that the Minto-Morley reforms are coming home to roost.

After, who created Pakistan? Surely, the Crown was not an innoncent bystander?

Paul said...

Incognito said, "...but this country's foundation was built on, among other things, the Freedom to worship as one pleases. How do you tell someone they can't build a Mosque?"

You've touched the heart of the matter when it comes to Islam. You don't see Muslim societies anywhere, ever, fighting or sacrificing to give people the freedom to worship as they please, or to speak their own mind. It's quite the opposite.

Islam as a creed and political force is in a class by itself because it overtly intends to subjugate or kill everyone else. Really, I'm not making this up. Therefore Islam is disqualified for a seat at the table among free peoples. Islam doesn't make a good neighbor you see...

The problem is the oil........ Let the industrial nations struggle with this moderm dilemma.

Subvet said...

So if the Brits (and others) who can move to the USA and Canada do so what will be the eventual tilt to our PC approach to Isalm? Will we continue on in the dhimmification seen in areas such as Dearborn, Michigan or will the influx of refugees (what else do you call them?) from Islam stiffen our spine to where we become an isolated continent in a global Islamist sea?

Anyone have thoughts on that one?

Brian H said...

Issue two mosque-building permits for every one new Christian church completed and in use in a designated list of Islamic countries -- net of any closed or destroyed or abandoned because of intimidation.

That would bring the mosque-building to a screeching and permanent halt.

X said...

Well I'm 27, but I think in this instance I've turned in to one of those stubborn old coots that never leaves.

Sometimes they win. :)

Anonymous said...

I want to make my personal opinion clear: I do not credit any of the theories that assert a genetically-based racial component to intelligence.

Baron, do you also not credit any theories that assert a genetically-based racial component to physical abilities? Silly PC Baron, the evidence does not support your unfounded "non-bias".

livfreerdie said...

Islam is no more a religion than, than mormanism, branch davidism or the Jim Jones group. It is a base, vile social control mechanism, like the progressive left wing, You start giving up free speech and you start down the slope of anarchy, socialism and communism.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that a good share of the people leaving the UK are the types that have created the problem in the first place. London yuppies spend their whole lives spewing left wing rubbish but as soon as the effects begin to show they use their money to escape. Once they're in the US and realise that they're safe again they'll probably resume spewing their rubbish. So be careful!

Mostly who I see leaving are old people, which doesn't make that much of a difference anyway. There's the brain drain as well but in the long run I don't think it matters what country they're in as long as their work helps the west in general (think about the Manhattan Project and it's predecessors; Norway -> France -> UK -> Canada -> US, but it still blew up Japan)

The people being left behind are the poor, the hooligans, the chavs, etc. The type of people who will knock you out for looking at them the wrong way and possibly also the most patriotic people in the UK (except for maybe the extreme upper classes). They may be brutes but they won't roll over.

Also, when we hear things like "London won't even be 50% British in 10 years" we just assume that it's going to be immigrants from third world countries. I don't have exact figures, but there seems to be a lot of French and Scandinavians moving to London to escape socialism (and maybe Islam too) and find jobs, but not going all the way to America because it's too big and scary and capitalist. There are also, of course, the massive numbers of eastern Europeans.

We talk about a retreat to the US and a gathering of forces but it seems like Britain may already be fulfilling this role, as it has done in the past. I do hope that Britain isn't the first place to snap, though. If Britain goes first then a lot of Europe will probably just call us typical Anglo-Saxon brutes and laugh at us while ignoring their own problems. If a more culturally neutral country goes first then it'll be much easier for everyone to come together on the same side.

Baron Bodissey said...


First of all, you’re on the wrong thread.

Secondly, your sneering response jumps to conclusions.

I don’t credit those theories because I have studied them extensively. I didn’t want to lengthen my post by discussing it, but I minored in Anthropology (with a major in Math) at college, and during my senior year I wrote a term paper in Physical Anthropology on race and intelligence, concentrating on the works of Arthur Jensen.

In my paper I wrote that the question of a racial component for intelligence was not fully answered, but that the evidence did not warrant Professor Jensen’s conclusions.

Not long after I wrote my paper, honest discussion on such topics within the academy was shut down completely.

So when I said, “I do not credit any of the theories,” I was maintaining that the evidence does not support the hypothesis. I have not seen any additional evidence in the intervening 35 years to change that conclusion.

Of course, in the intervening 35 years, the reigning orthodoxy has forbidden the gathering of more evidence. That’s why the topic is still open.

And that’s part of our problem.

eatyourbeans said...

I'm with Kyle.
You out on your own country and expect to be furnished with another? Thanks but we got enough homegrown cowards.
I'd sooner take those Russian hooligans in Estonia who rioted over the war monument. At least they know what patriotism is.

Roast Beef said...

So... because the task of national renewal would take hard work, intense effort and possibly a generation or more to complete, you would rather run away. Dont you owe your country more than that?