Monday, May 21, 2007

Giving the Dhimmis Ideas

In the comments on my post “All Jihad is Local”, Shahar had some interesting things to say about the Arabs, the Jews, and the EU:

Guys, stop with the Eurocentric misconception of Israel.

Only half of the Jews in Israel are from the West. The other half are from the Arab world (myself from Iraq). When my grandparents were young, all the Arab world was not really divided into nations as it is now; in the mentality of the people, it was one Arab Ummah.

When Israel was formed then the Muslim friends of my family told them not to go there, because Jews are not supposed to have an independent country like Muslims are allowed to.

This is the essence of the whole thing. Under any other circumstances you would consider it as a population exchange. More Jews from the Arab world left it than Arabs (who later created the term “Palestinians”) left Palestine.

So what is so horrible? The thing that was horrible is that those Jews, like my family in Iraq, who were their accountants, doctors, and academics, but at the same time were controlled by them, suddenly took up independence.

The dhimmis suddenly thought they have rights. What would be next? The Assyrians and the Lebanon Christians and Druze might join? The Kurds might break out of the Arab oppression?

This is why Israel must be destroyed, so the Ummah may not be threatened.

And the Ummah is threatened.
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Turkey is secular, and look at the anti-religious demonstrations there this month. Also look at the EU, which condemns the secular groups in Turkey and supports the Islamic government — this should have been covered in this blog for the readers, as it is so crucial for the understanding of what the EU is!

The Kurds will have independence, and can become secular like the majority of Turks, but the EU is the power which would stop it and protect the Islamofascists — and no one asks why?

Wake up, guys.

All right — this topic should have been covered in this blog. The rectification of that deficiency begins here.

I’ll look for more information on the subject and report back later.


History Snark said...

What I find interesting is the idea of the Jews moving to Israel from Islamic countries. Never heard that before, though I guess it makes sense. Usually, one hears only of how many Jews there used to be in Iraq (e.g.) and how few are left. The implication, at least in my mind, was that they either converted or left for the US.

As for the EU condemning secular groups in Turkey, I'm floored. What could be their thinking? I thought secularism is the European dream.

Anonymous said...

Personally I always find it hilarious when commiefascists in my own country Denmark accuse Israel of being an apartheid state.

I have spent time in Israel and there probably is not any more ethnically diverse country in the world. Only thing most israelis have in common is judaism. Other than that they are from different planets, almost :)

I dont think there is a less racist country in the world.

And yes, only maybe half the population are askhenazis (european jews), the other half is Sefardis (northafrican jews of spanish descent), oriental jews, indian jews and ethiopian jews.

Maybe as many as 700.000 jews were forced to leave arab countries when Israel was formed and most left for Israel.

As for the Ummah. Jeeeze, I guess thats what Benedict Anderson called an imagined community, LOL.

Nope, Shahar is right, the arabs are full of shit, and the only ones who doesnt get it, is us stupid westerners who lets ourselve be fooled by the merchants of the arabian bazaars.

Ever been to one. Dont pay the prize they want. Tell them to take one tenth or go to hell!

Sorry for the swearing. The arab world pisses me off.

Athos said...

Probably I am rehashing, but for new readers, Not a Fish is important for the record (read parts one and two first).

kepiblanc said...

In defense of GoV : this statement :
....this should have been covered in this blog for the readers, as it is so crucial for the understanding of what the EU is!
is unfair.

It doesn't take more then a few clicks in the archives of GoV to collect countless examples of the opposite. The Baron himself designed several graphics and badges with yellow stars on a blue backdrop designating the EU(SSR) or EU(CCP).

And at least some commenters seldom miss a chance to dig a bit deeper than the usual Europe is doomed mantra. In particular Fjordman who - from his position outside the EU(SSR) - has a clear view of the entire monster.

If out friend from Israel would go through the pain of reading my own comments I'll bet is that he would find at least 50% of them pointing to the root of all things evil in Europe : the EU(SSR). To sum it up in extreme compilation :

The ideological base of the EU was founded in 1923 by one A. Hitler in his visionary book "Mein Kampf". Espicially the parts about Neuropa, The supremacy of the almighty state over the individual and the Endlösung des Judenproblems. His ideas about the coming Europe came to a temporary halt in 1945, but were resuscitated in 1950 with the Schuman Declaration and the 1952 European Coal and Steel Community - now culminating with the European Union and the upcoming European Constitution - in essense a re-print of Mein Kampf.

Now, some highlights of "European Common Values" :

The eradication of democracy. By no means a simple task, but by joint effort the goal is within sight: All executive power must be allocated to un-elected bureacrats (The 'Commission') and individual member-states must subordinate to 'common principles' - like the abolition of free speech (i.e. censorship on the Internet), common 'judicial code' (The European High Court) and state regulations of every human activity, including thought.

Means & Methods. The initial prospect of convincing people into subordination of the almighty state failed miserably (the Dutch and French referendums), so now the 'Constitution' is being re-furbished and implemented administratively with no further ado. Ok - the majority of European citizens may object and resist, but there are ways : those citizens have disappointed the 'government' so now the 'government' decided to replace the old population with a new and more complacent one - the Muslims. Thereby shooting two birds with one shot : erasing democracy and solving das Judenproblem. Well, three problems solved actually : the 'New Common Ideology' will be be virulently anti-American and anti-Israel thus paving the road to EUrabian World Domination.

Current progress. Effectively from 2010 ten Arabian countries will have unrestricted access to the EU (The Barcelona Agreement). That's three years down the road. Millions and millions of the 'Arabian population surplus' will enter Europe - soon to be joined by another 70 million Turks. Meanwhile national borders are erased (the Schengen Agreement thus facilitating cross-continental crime and corruption in order to break down old-fashioned morale and dignity.

Then what?. Well, the EUdiots and the E-Ummah undoubtedly think their EUrabian Union-Caliphate-like Nirvana is within sight. Let them. If this sounds a bit disturbing to our Israeli friend, allow me a word of comfort : They are mistaken. Gravely mistaken....

turn said...

"Turkey is secular, and look at the anti-religious demonstrations there this month."

And look too at the 'slammi blow back.

a citizen said...

Secularism in Turkey cannot be separated from very narrow and aggressive nationalism.