Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Submission Train

As I sit here typing on my Dell laptop, I can hear that lonesome whistle blow: the Dell Corporation’s plant in Tennessee has begun its CAIR-ification process:

Muslim contract employees at the Dell Inc. plant in Nashville reached a settlement with the company on issues related to a dispute over prayer in the workplace, a national Islamic civil rights advocacy group announced yesterday in Washington.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations said the 31 Muslim employees, who left work last month in a disagreement over Islamic prayers, will be reinstated, receive back pay, and be granted religious accommodation. Managers also will also receive additional training on existing religious accommodation policies and practices. [emphasis added — D]

Negotiations included meetings for managers, classes where they will get their minds right trained.

The settlement came following a meeting yesterday between representatives of the council, Dell [the Dhimmified], the Muslim workers, the Metro [Culturally Suppressed] Human Relations Commission and Spherion Corp., the company that provided the workers to Dell.

‘‘We are pleased with both the terms of the settlement and with the cooperative attitude of all parties in the negotiations,’’ CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad said. ‘‘We thank everyone from around the world who contacted Dell to express their support for reasonable religious accommodation in the workplace.’’

Poor Dell thinks this controversy is finished, a done deal ending the management/worker conflict. What they don’t know is that it never ends.

I wonder if they’ve dealt with the absolutely necessary Islamic plumbing for the long rituals leading up the numerous daily prayers. Have they considered what comes next? Will it be the rules for who is allowed to eat, and when? Do they have any idea what’s ahead?

See the train? That’s the CAIR Express, and it’s running on your track. Umm…have you noticed that all your freedoms are tied to the rails?

Train coming

Most of the affected employees are from Somalia. Ah, yes, peaceful Somalia, that nation with liberty and justice for all, particularly women.

Abdirizak Hassan, executive director of the Somali Community Center of Nashville, said the workers walked out of the company’s Nashville plant last month because they were not allowed time for prayers.

So what will they walk out for next time? Toilets that face Mecca? Piglet on a poster? A woman’s ankle exposed where men might — gasp — see it?

There is no end in sight.

Hat tip: CS, via email.

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History Snark said...

You're back! I was beginning to wonder where the Baron had stashed you!

I'm always amazed that employers don't see what happens when you give in to such a bizarre demand from workers. Soon, there's another demand. And another. And so on.

Did you see the post today- on either Ace or LGF- about how a 'Slammic group in Florida is "praying for rain" to stop the wildfires there? That's from an article on either AP or Reuters. They just "happened" to toss it into the article.

History Snark said...

Oh, and readers will be allowed one guess-and one guess only- as to who alerted the AP/Reuters to such an important piece of news.

Cindi said...

I just noticed the linked article was date 3/2005. Holy cow.

Dymphna said...


Shows you I'm still operating on three cylinders. A reader sent us the link and we didn't even pay any attention to the date, which was Friday, 03/18/05, to be precise.

Normally I notice stuff like that but it got by me this time. After I finish some chores I think I'll put in an up-date.

Goes to show how long this has been going on and how relentless it is...

Just finished Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book, "Infidel" and it's left me with a Muslim hangover;

ziontruth said...

Dymphna, Baron,

Up-to-date scandal up your alley, starring Jamaat ul-Fuqra:

Islamberg, New York

Be well. G-d bless.

Unknown said...

I wonder what will happen when they notice that some employees sometimes bring ham sandwiches to work for lunch.

KGS said...

Here in Finland, the lone Algerian at my plant got his prayer room, but he had to compensate the time spent using it.

I can't say whether i'll bring more demands, since this is only one man, but if it took just one guy to get a workplace to accomodate his religion, just think what a group of like minded individuals are able to accomplish.

Incognito said...

And it will never end. The demands will only get greater.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Another reason why we need tort reform. Fear of lawyers is helping lead us to dhimmitude just as fast as liberal treason

Always On Watch said...

I just linked to your posting.

Right Truth said...

This was 2005 (May 11), same day as I posted on it this year. We both got caught!

I expect by now they will be adding special foot washing basins, and whipping the Christians and Jews into shape as dhimmis.

I live in Tennessee, so it is especially sickening to me.

Right Truth

Cindi said...

I sent the link and didn't catch the 2005 date either. I'm sorry I missed it; I had no intent at deception.