Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A New Kind of Democrat?

I ran across a link to this blog at Pajamas Media’s Richard Miniter interview with a man he calls “the possible missing link between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda.” The comments are as interesting as the interview itself; among them was a link to a blog I’d not seen before: Regime of Terror. This blog has a most interesting post on Congressman Chris Carney (D-PA 10), dating from December:

What does Congressman-elect Chris Carney (D-Pennsylvania) know about Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda?

Rep. Christopher P. Carney It turns out that Carney was a Senior Terrorism and Intelligence Advisor at the Pentagon and is considered to be knowledgeable about Saddam’s links to al Qaeda. He’s also in the Navy Reserves.

The eventual outcome of his knowledge and experience? In the opinion of Regime of Terror:

His views on the subject are a stark contrast to many in his party, particularly Senator Carl Levin, who has long expressed his belief that any link between Saddam Hussein’s regime and al Qaeda was a manufacture of the Bush administration. Carney’s comments and experience on the issue may even put him in the cross-hairs of Sen. Levin’s reported investigation into the matter in the coming months. What did Congressman Carney say? What does he know?
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I suggest a good long look at Regime of Terror. Follow the links in this particular post, as it’s obvious the information Congressman Carney details for us has been out there and has been discussed every whichway, and in detail.

Here is the main index page, with a listing of previous posts. Juicy stuff.

Meanwhile, it would appear that Representative Carney is an anachronism. He seems to be a return to the old-style Democrat - you know, the ones your father voted for.


History Snark said...

Someday, I really have to do a post on "The Third Terrorist", by Jayna Davis. According to her research on the Oklahoma City bombing, there was involvement by Iraq, probably Iran, and other terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas.

Remember John Doe Number 2? She identifies him as being Hussain Hashem Al-Hussaini, a former Iraqi soldier whose tales of his pre-Gulf War life in Iraq are, to say the least, questionable. Further, his photo was picked out of a file of pictures by numerous people as someone whom they saw at close range with McVeigh- including one woman who was in clear sight of the truck just before it blew up.

Hussaini sued Ms. Davis, but the jury vindicated her. When the book was published in 2004, the FBI had STILL REFUSED to clear Hussaini's name, despite her asking them specifically if they were willing to do so.

There's much more to it. Read it. I believe she's onto something. There are a lot of valid questions about that bombing that the government (apparently) won't answer. Or even acknowledge.

Dymphna said...

Well, especially if Carl Levin has anything to say about it...

Does she mention the Pentagon Anti-terrorism unit?

History Snark said...

Bah. Levin. I'm saddened at the caliber of politicians my state employs.

Nothing about the Pentagon Unit, to the best of my recollection. Not in the index either.

But she spoke on the radio to Arlen Specter, who promised to look into the story.

A few days later, he announced that "the dots did not connect", though he apparently didn't explain why that was so. Nor did he explain how the FBI had refuted her, despite the fact that they admitted to never interviewing Hussaini.

As I say, there are a lot of questions about that bombing.

Kirk Parker said...


Ummm David cough hack cough Bonior cough hmmm....

Whiskey said...

Gun-toting: there is enough (a mountain really) evidence to suggest it was McVeigh, that Arizona couple, and the Michigan brothers (whose names I forgot) alone at OKC. I don't think we have to chase after demons and ghosts.

There is enough well-documented Saddam-Osama connections:

1. The 1998 Clinton indictment of Osama for cooperating with Saddam to use WMDs against America and Americans.

2. The payment personally of $300K to Ayman Al-Zawahari, Osama's #2, by Saddam at a personal meeting, three months before the Cole bombing.

3. The presence, allowed by Saddam, of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, head of AQ in Iraq, before the war.

4. The payment of a stipend, apartment, and protection by secret police of Abdul Rahman Yassin, the only remaining at-large 1993 WTC bomber.

5. The family connections of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the 9/11 Architect, his nephew Ramzi Yusef the 1993 WTC architect, and Abdul Rahman Yassin; and their connections to Iraqi Intelligence and the Pakistani Intelligence Service (which were cooperating before the War).

6. The sworn testimony before the 9/11 Commission that the CIA observed Saddam's intelligence Chief of Station at Kuala Lumpur escort Al-Shehhi and two other 9/11 hijackers through Malaysian Customs and met with them and other 9/11 plotters in a safe house in a 9/11 planning meeting.

These are all well-known, incontestable facts. Damning in and of itself.

However ... Carney is not long for the Democratic Party. Recall that "fire doesn't melt steel" and that 9/11 according to 35% of Dems was a Bush conspiracy.

The LAT reports that the ACLU is suing a Boeing subsidiary for helping "render" AQ terrorists. Including some at Gitmo.

Support for AQ is if not required now by Dems very close to that point. This is the Dem party as it stands. No use in prettying it up. It stinks.

History Snark said...

Well. I'm at least glad that nobody stooped to the level of calling me names.

All I'm sayin' is that there are some interesing questions raised, and not answered. Read the book, and then tell me if you think she's wrong.

History Snark said...

Oh, and Kirk: I'll see your Bonior, and raise you a Conyers.

Trust me, I can play "name the worthless Michigan politician" for days.

Though I admit I'm not sure of your point. I don't know a lot of Bonior, more than the name.

Happily, I'm satisfied with my Congressman, Mike Rogers. But that's about it.

X said...

With all this 'rendering' of terrorists I'm surprised nobody has yet made a reference to glue factories.

Gitmo Glue: Rendered from the finest foreign bones!

Dymphna said...


For *that* the libs will remove your tongue with their bare hands (they don't believe in weapons, being pacifists).

Shame on you.

BTW, isn't glue rendered from connetive tissue?