Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Hundred Thousand Nihad Awad

Ravening BeastAny member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy who keeps a blog can expect to attract the attention of some stange and frightening beasts from the farthest corners of the internet. We’ve been fortunate here at Gates of Vienna in that we receive very little in the way of hate mail.

But Vigilant Freedom has not been so fortunate. This morning a particularly nasty email message showed up in the CVF mailbox. Here’s a report from the Vigilant Freedom blog:

I find it interesting that posting the audio of Nihad Awad has generated a threatening comment and a threatening email. I take this as proof that we are being more effective. One way to expose groups like CAIR is to record what they actually say and make public their strategy to impose sharia on the U.S. That exposure obviously generates hostility from Islamist extremists who would prefer our politically correct silent submission.

We have suggested to several bloggers that any threats should be made public as soon as possible, in order to expose the danger.Therefore, here is the email I received in entirety (asterisks added for family viewers…)

i m going to f*** your mumy
how u dare to attack on islam and muslims..
write your adderess..ungratefull bitches you…
there are hundred thousand Nihad Awad..
you r swearin us ..provaketing us…and you want to go to hell..ok we will do it worry..

The sender’s email address is given as “metin kondel []”. The email address shows up here, with Metin Kondel as a commenter, also here, again a comment with the email address, and in a cached page here.

The name “Metin Kondel” shows up at other sites, although of course it could be a different Metin Kondel — the name occurs on Turkish websites.

If any readers can translate from Turkish to English, we would appreciate learning more about Mr. Kondel.

The post at Vigilant Freedom has more details, with the full header of the email posted in case any cyber-detectives among our readers are interested.

[Nothing further.]