Friday, May 04, 2007

Got Islamophobia?

Remember this? Islamophobic and proud of it!
Well, now there’s this: Islamophobic and proud of it!

The first one was a virtual button, photoshopped onto a picture of an old “Nixon for President” button from 1960. The second one is a Café Press button, ready for shipping here.

People wrote me last year wanting to buy the button, and it didn’t even exist! It has taken me more than a year, but I finally got my act together with Café Press and created one that we can actually sell.

Let’s see how long they last, before the thought police and/or the Café Press Consumer Relations Department notice them, and take our store down.

A note to customers in Finland: ownership of one of these buttons may violate Finnish law. Check with your local police department prior to purchase.

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KGS said...

Sadly, I think that your statement is all too true. Though Islam in Finland is hardly noticable at all, the Islamist after shocks emminating from Sweden have taken its toll here.

Profitsbeard said...

How about a red text button on white backround, similar in design as the "ISLAMOPHOBIC..." one, saying:


-with a central image of the "Turban Bomb" image in black-