Sunday, May 13, 2007

Keeping the Autonomer in Check

Yesterday Anti-Jihad Denmark — the new Danish political alliance — held a demonstration in the North Jutland city of Aalborg. They were protesting the out-of-control immigrant gangs, particularly the jihad groups.

On this occasion the police kept the autonomer under control. Today’s Jyllands-Posten has the story (my translation):

Police hold back counter-demonstrators

When the extreme right-wing alliance Anti-Jihad Denmark Saturday held a demonstration in Aalborg the police decided to hold back twenty counter-demonstrators.

Police and autonomerThe police officer in charge, Poul Severinsen, announced that there was a small amount of trouble in the streets in advance of the legally announced demonstration. Therefore they chose to arrest two persons and issue an order afterwards for the arrest and restraint of an additional twenty anti-racists under the political laws.

“They remained seated here until the demonstration concluded. Then they were released again,” he said.

According to the North Jutland police, approximately fifty people met there to take part in the demonstration itself, to counteract “the onslaught of immigrant gangs”, as the organizers wrote.

Anders GraversThere’s also a video, featuring Anders Gravers, the chairman of SIAD. It’s all in Danish, but I can only read a little Danish — I can’t actually hear it — so our Viking readers can tell us in the comments what the announcer, the police spokesman, and Anders are saying.

In the video, however, you can see the anarchist counter-demonstrators — the autonomer, whose rough US equivalent would be the anti-globalists who heave trash cans through the windows of Starbucks, etc. — sitting down under a tight police cordon, unable to attack the “racists”.

I talked to Anders Gravers on the phone this morning, and he said the media reports are not entirely accurate.

The media said twenty, but forty anarchists were arrested at our demonstration. As for our people, some media say there were 150, but we would say around 75. This includes the Anti-Jihad demonstrators and also some other people who stopped and watched.

The anarchists were driving newly rented vans. It makes me wonder who pays for that.

There was no violence against us, just the “normal” kind — that is, attacking the police!

In the video, the girl in the window giving us the finger is an immigrant… I just heard that.

The theme of our rally was “less control of the citizens — more control of the immigrant gangs!”

They called us extreme right wing, and we complained about it. We are not right wing, left wing or “middlewing” — we are for Denmark and for the cause of Denmark.

All in all, it was a great success, and then we had a fantastic party in the evening where I grilled one of our own pigs over a bonfire.

I wish I could have been there!

Update: Thanks to Mikael for correcting my translation of Poul Severinsen’s title, indsatsleder, to “officer in charge”.

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kepiblanc said...

Unfortunately I couldn't attend the demonstration in Aalborg, but I just watched a brief footage on local (Aalborg) TV. The 'anti-racist' demonstrators were clearly visible - OK, wearing their usual outfit (black hoods) and had an unmistakable resemblance to the Copenhagen squatters (of 'Ungdomshuset fame') - an extremely unpopular faction of scumbags. And - of course - a MP (Per Clausen) of the extreme leftist party "The Unity List" (the one with the female jihadist Asmaa something-or-other) complained about 'police brutality' and 'unjustified pre-emptive arrests'.

If not 90% of all Danes watching this will say: "Good - they got what they asked for", I'll eat my good old kepi without salt or dressing...

Yorkshireminer said...

A Quick and rough translation of what Anders said is this

We wont have it that gangs rule Denmark. We will have it so that Danes can walk the streets as before. It is the politicians that are to blame

Verbosity doesn't seem to be Anders strong point does it. The rest is basically what you have said in your article. The police were basically saying that they had rounded them up so they wouldn't cause trouble. Obviously they have learned there lesson after the Nørrebrø riots. I am sure the Danish readers will give you a more nuanced translation.

Chris Bering said...

I'm sorry to say it, but the impression I got from watching the news, was that this happening was a bit ridiculous.

I bet the reporter assigned to cover the story thought the same. By not filming the "crowd" he could comfortably lie and inflate its size.

Why does an "anti jihad" organization do an ideological and nebulous law & order demonstration ?
On the surface it even seems contradictory: "less control of the citizens — more control of the immigrant gangs".

We know what Anders Gravers & Co is trying to say, but I suspect no one else does.

I'm sorry to play the devil's advocate, but it needs to be done better.

We need to define short term goals and pursue them in the most efficient way possible.

When Anders Gravers gets 30 minutes of air time on a debate show on national TV, he can roll out all the ideology. But until then, be specific about things people can relate to.

I'm afraid this could require quite a bit of work.
Interesting statistics needs to be maintained, like the number of Danes murdered, raped, hospitalized, beaten or robbed, by immigrants since 1984 - the year of infamy, when treacherous politicians opened the floodgates in earnest (they've since been closed by our current govt).
Don't say "it's the politicians fault". Single out the politicians and political parties with blood on their hands.
Remember, journalists need our help. They're stupid and never ask the right questions unless served with a 2 by 4 between the eyes.

The massive drain on our economy can also be used. Would it be possible to translate it into human suffering ?
I'm thinking of the estimated number of people dying as a result of poorly maintained and understaffed hospitals. I've heard estimates into the thousands a year - dying from too late treatment or unnecessary complications/infections.

Every demonstration could include a banner with the current tally of Danes killed, raped, etc, as a result of imported crime.

Demonstrations could be linked to heinous crimes commited by immigrants. Or is that in poor taste ? Using a rape or murder like that ?
That strategy should probably be limited to the most outrageous incidents.

The use of specific incidents and easy to understand facts/statistics in conjunction with demonstrations is important - I think.

Finally, dealing with journalists - both honest ones and treacherous slime like Rune Eltard-Sørensen needs improving.
Danes loathe liars, and exposing Rune with, say, a secret recording of the recent interview, might have interested other media - increasing exposure.

Anti-Jihad DK needs credibility through unassailable, down to earth arguments. It needs to be a catalyst and be ready to harness spur of the moment anger.
Trying to appeal to some general ever present discontent won't work, because it currently doesn't exist in Denmark at the level needed to get people out of their chairs, let alone to spend a weekend demonstrating in Aalborg.

Matamoros said...

Peaceful, yet visible, protests are important. Not only to pressure politicians, but also to raise awareness among fellow citizens. The larger these events are, the more the politicians will sit up and take note. Muslims are very good at protesting every little perceived injustice and insult - one has only to look at the size and number of protests held throughout Europe over the past couple of years. European natives are, to a certain extent, a little more apathetic and indifferent when it comes to making their voices heard. This is due to our cultural upbringing - we have respect for the rule of law and a strong belief in democracy.

So how can we make people more aware of the predicament we are in? How can we encourage more people to "get out of their chairs"?