Monday, May 07, 2007

Mikko Ellilä Responds

The Finnish blogger Mikko Ellilä faces a police interrogation today for the “hate speech” on his blog. He left a message for us this morning in the comments on our most recent post on this topic:

I posted the information below in my blog on Friday, but in case some people reading the Gates of Vienna have not read this info yet, I will copy and paste it here:

Mikko “Big Brother” Puumalainen [the Ombudsman for minorities] has said in numerous press statements and interviews that all opinions that help maintain the current anti-immigrationist political atmosphere in Finland ought to be totally criminalised. In other words, he wants to change the political climate of the country by banning all opinions that are not in line with the multiculti teletubby utopian view of immigrants.

In Nazi Germany, the first thing that Hitler did when he was given dictatorial powers in March 1933 was to ban all newspapers critical towards Nazism. Puumalainen wants to do the exact same thing. He explicitly says that my blog should not be allowed to exist because I am saying that African immigrants commit more crimes than the Finns do. This is a fact that I have demonstrated by quoting crime statistics published by the Ministry of Justice, but in the opinion of Mikko “Big Brother” Puumalainen, even facts can be “hate speech”.

This time he did not mention Islam in connection with these allegations of racism, but I could not know this before Friday evening (the interrogation is on Monday [May 7th]) because he repeatedly refused to specify his allegations and to email me the relevant material that he had sent to the police. I was able to obtain the material from him only after I notified him that I could sue him for failing to send me the relevant material because the police had explicitly asked me to comment on his allegations in written form, which I obviously could not do as long as I had not even seen the allegations in the first place. Puumalainen undoubtedly committed a crime by acting like this.

In other words, a criminal bureaucrat is harassing me. Puumalainen is also seriously wasting taxpayer money by forcing the police to spend time reading my blog posts and discussing them with me, instead of trying to catch criminals.

Rapes are up by 64 % from last year, according to the official crime statistics that Puumalainen wants to make illegal. Puumalainen wants to stop people from knowing how many crimes are being committed, and by whom, i.e. by Finns or by immigrants.

I have mentioned in my blog that immigrants commit 20 (twenty) times more (as in 2,000% of) acts of rape per capita than the Finns do, again by quoting crime statistics published by the Ministry of Justice. If this is “hate speech”, Puumalainen will have to sue the Ministry of Justice.

[Update: Mikko Ellilä originally wrote “2,000% more” and not “2,000% of” in the above paragraph. I changed “more” to “of “ to reflect correct English usage, and also because I have a finicky dedication to mathematical precision.

For instance, if the price of something doubles, it is “100% more” (that is, an increase of 100%). It is also “200% of” the original amount. So “of” and “more” have well-defined and distinct meanings in this context.

If I had left “more” the statement, I would have had to change it to “1,900% more” in order to be accurate.

If I didn’t correct it, commenters would have had fun pointing out the error. We can always count on our commenters to do that. :) -- BB]

With the recent very large increase in the number of rapes, the police should allocate more resources to try to catch those rapists, but no, Puumalainen wants the cops to spend time chatting with me instead.
- - - - - - - - - -
Also, it is extremely important to remember that since this man has repeatedly and explicitly said in the media that all facts and opinions that “help maintain the current anti-immigrationist political atmosphere” ought to be totally criminalised, he obviously wants to make criticism of Islam illegal because the Muslims are immigrants, and if the Finns have a negative opinion of Muslims, they will not be in favour of open immigration from Africa and the Middle East.

He also systematically lies about the actual content of my blog posts in the allegations in his letter to the police. He says I am “comparing certain ethnic groups” to animals which I have certainly never done. I said people in general are biological beings, evolutionary in nature, shaped and guided by their genes, as opposed to created by a divine hand. Puumalainen is saying that this means I think black people are subhuman. This is a flat-out lie. It never ceases to amaze me how people think they can get away with such absolutely obvious lies. This is totally disgusting.

As soon as word comes in, we’ll be reporting the outcome of Mr. Ellilä’s little chat with the Gestapo police.


kepiblanc said...

"...the current anti-immigrationist political atmosphere” : well, maybe there is hope for Finland, after all?

BTW : Denmark's pro-Islam political party ("The Ridicule Left"- holding 7% seats in parliament) fractured today. Mr. Naser Khader left the moonbat party in anger and formed his own "New Alliance". More HERE.

Zerosumgame said...

Hello folks, haven't been here in awhile.

First, I noticed that Bruce Bawer linked to this controversy. For a guy who was a committed gay leftist 10 years ago, he's sounding more and more like the pre-2003 Andrew Sullivan.

Having said that, given Mr. Ellia's comments about blacks, I think we could have found a better symbol of the EU's Marxist repression. I agree with the right of Mr. Ellia to speak his controversial views, but we are fighting a media and cultural battle as well as a legal one, and standing up for Mr. Ellia may do the conservative blogosphere more harm than good. Hate the MSM as we do, they can still destroy us with their smears if we give them the ammunition to do it.

I'm sure there are other bloggers out there who have run afoul of the EU-KGB, that would be better standard bearers.

Paul Belien, perhaps? Can Fjordman resume his own blog?

And a Zero post would not be complete without an OT:

What do the Euros think of Sarkozy's victory?

turn said...


A picture's....

I think some may be uncomfortable with this:

dirty dingus said...

My thoughts on this case. I think Ellilä is guilty of sweeping generalization and an unwillingness to look at alternative hypotheses but he may have a few valid points inside all the ranting.

The problem is that if we are not allowed to examine such hypotheses we'll never know which bits are right and which wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think its great that Sarkozy won. But I also thought it was great when the new government in Sweden won, and they turned out to be morons. So ill wait and see, but it sounds good so far.

I believe its important that we support Mikko Ellilä. It shouldn't be a surprise, that they will start with those that they feel they can isolate from support.

We should ask ourselves, if we believe it should be a crime to write as he does. If we agree with him or not, is a question that should wait, until he is no longer in trouble.

In the end the left would love to make everything they don't agree with a crime. They are not going to stop with Mikko.
They are trying to control how we communicate, what words we use and how we talk about things. And with these tools they meen to close down any opposition to immigration.

Immigration is an important issue that should be talked about, the good and bad should be considered. If the people who see mostly the bad are not allowed to speak, then the issue is not seriously talked about and democracy becomes dysfunctional.

The police needs to work on stopping the absurd amount of rapes that have become a plague in all of Scandinavia, whether or not these rapists are intelligent.
Mikko is not the problem here.

A_Nonny_Mouse said...

Dirty Dingus-


for Sir Henry Morgan's analysis of rape statistics in Britain... (the gist: as the percentage of Muslims in a population increases, the numbers of rapes increase. As the percentage of any other religious affiliation increases, the number of rapes decreases.)

I would bet that Mikko Ellila has his numbers correct.

OMMAG said...

The irony is that as of this time there are no reports of any hate mongering Islamist mullahs being charged for hate crimes!

Anonymous said...

[the Ombudsman for minorities] has said in numerous press statements and interviews that all opinions that help maintain the current anti-immigrationist political atmosphere in Finland ought to be totally criminalised.

This together with the "root out" rhetoric further reinforces my view that this man has some kind of fanatical inquisitor-like mindset.

He appears to be quite detached from reality, seeing heresy and lack of true faith everywhere, and advocates draconian measures against them.

"Anti-immigrationist political atmosphere"? Where?
There are currently no major political movements that could be fairly described this way.
Not one member of Finnish Parliament advocates stopping or significantly restricting immigration.
No serious politician has ever proposed that immigrants should not be eligible for all the same benefits and rights than native-born Finns.

Instead, the tolerant and supposedly less tolerant politicians argue over the amount of special treatment needed by the immigrants.

Bloggers like Mikko Ellilä are and have been ridiculously far from any kind of public discourse, let alone from "political atmosphere".

Captain USpace said...

Scary stuff, this Finnish Tyrant Wannabe represents a most insidious form of evil...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't criticize religion

none should ever reform
just let them get worse

Anonymous said...

zerosumgame: Can Fjordman resume his own blog?

No, because there are "anti-hate speech" laws in Norway, too, so Fjordman would wind up in exactly the same position Mikko is now. (The fact that Fjordman closed down his blog just before a new, stronger anti-hate speech law took effect in Jan 2006 suggests to me that he is unwilling to go to jail for his opinions -- and I can't say that I blame him!)

I haven't read Mikko's blog at all since it's in Finnish, but from what I've seen in the translations and his English comments, I don't see that he's said anything "far out" or reprehensible at all. As he said above, he's never claimed that some people are like animals -- just that we are all like animals in the sense that we are biological creatures subject to the laws of nature, including evolution. In fact, humans are not just like animals, we ARE animals (*gasp*)! But, can't talk basic biology in Finland, I guess....

turn said...

This "ombudsman for minorities" (ridiculous, that) strikes me as another bureaucrat trying to carve out his fiefdom from whole cloth.

If Finland has an "anti-immigrationist political atmosphere" they are far more healthy than the rest of Europe.

Reality is right in front of us if we but open our eyes. The unholy alliance of the left and islam is flexing considerable muscle in the wake of Sarko's victory in France.

Mikko Ellilä said...

You have for some reason changed "2,000% more" to "2,000% of" and now this fake and grammatically erroneous quote is being spread on the internet as if it were an actual quote from what I wrote.

Baron Bodissey said...

Mikko --

Concerning 2,000%: I changed "more" to "of" in order to reflect correct English and usage and also mathematical accuracy.

For instance, if the price of something doubles, it is "100% more" (that is, an increase of 100%). It is also "200% of" the original amount.

If I had left "more" in your statement, I would have had to change it to "1,900% more" in order to be accurate.

If I didn't correct what you wrote, commenters would have had fun pointing out the error. We can always count on our commenters to do that. :)

I'll post an update to clarify what I changed.

Mikko Ellilä said...

Is English actually your mother tongue?

"2,000 % more than X" means the very same thing as "20 times more than X", i.e. 21 times X.

Anyway, this is stupid nitpicking.

I don't think it would have occured to anyone to comment on this if you had not edited my text.

Baron Bodissey said...


You really know how to win friends and influence people, don't you?

Not only is English my native language, but Mathematics is my field. As a student, I learned the difference between "percent more" and "percent of", and it's significant.

If I had not changed it, someone would have complained; you can be sure of that.

Anonymous said...

The Baron is right and it isn't that complicated.

I would have complained *grin*, well maybe not.

Besides its not even about the English language, its exactly the same in Danish and I would be surprised if Finnish was different.

But for some reason many people seem to get this mixed up. 200 % more is not uncommonly used as meaning double, when it really is triple.

The evil Baron also changed some words I wrote. That was a lot worse then this though, to sinister to mention.

Zerosumgame said...

Mr. Ellia:

Baron and this blog may save you from jail, and you are arguing with him over a minor and stupid point of mathematics?

You have just given me another reason to state that you should not be GoV's poster boy for free speech.

Anonymous said...

Considering what Mikko is going trough these days, I think his interest in being presented correctly is understandable.

I think even being borderline paranoid and obsessive with details would be understandable in a situation like this.

I vote we give him a break.

Mikko Ellilä said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mikko Ellilä said...

"Besides its not even about the English language, its exactly the same in Danish and I would be surprised if Finnish was different."

So would I. I agree with you on this point.

"But for some reason many people seem to get this mixed up. 200 % more is not uncommonly used as meaning double, when it really is triple."

Of course. That's my point. But Baron Bodissey seems to think that 2,000% MORE is somehow different from 20 times MORE, although 20 times MORE than X obviously means

X + 20 X = 21 X,

i.e. 2,000 % MORE than X.

If something costs 200% more than 100 dollars, it obviously costs 300 dollars, i.e. two times MORE, i.e. 100 dollars plus 200 dollars. Two times MORE than X means three times X.

Anyway, I wouldn't be nitpicking if my post hadn't been edited. It's generally a good idea to refrain from editing other people's texts.

Flanders Fields said...

Zero Sum is an absolutely apt name. Anyone who considers free speech to be subject to the whims of social pressure, not to mention the impositions by the state, is a complete zero.

One thing is certain - YOU will never be a poster boy for free speech.