Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It’s All Denmark’s Fault

Back during the Motoon crisis Vera, who blogs in both English and Finnish at Vera’s Log, created the pastiche below. It’s apparently based on an old song from a South Park episode — you South Park regulars will probably recognize the original source, and can supply the tune for yourselves:


Times have changed.
Crusaders are getting worse!
They won’t respect our culture
Even when we scream and curse!
Should we blame the Jews, or the Western society?
Or should we blame infidel democracy?

NO! blame Denmark now, blame Denmark now
With all their beady little eyes
An’ flapping heads so full of lies
Blame Denmark now, blame Norway too,
We need to form a full assault, it’s Denmark’s fault

Don’t blame me for my Ahmad
He saw that darn cartoon and now he’s off to join Jihad!
And my Muhammed once used to read the hadith all day
But now he became a Shiite and ran away!

Well, blame Denmark now, blame Denmark now,
It seems that everything’s gone wrong
Since Denmark came along
Blame Denmark now, blame Norway too,
And let’s blame also Sweden, just in case.

My son could’ve been a doctor or a mullah, it is true,
Instead he become a terrorist and burned up like barbecue

Should we blame Osama, should we blame Zarqawi?
Or the people who sent him to bomb Israel?


Blame Denmark now, blame Denmark now
With their obscene freedom of speech.
And their infidel Arla foods.
Blame Denmark now, blame Denmark now,
And Jyllands-Posten, and especially Rasmussen.

Hat tip: Christine of Vigilant Freedom.

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Jonathan Robertsson said...

Hah! Those south park-makers' humor is brilliant.. Which episode is it from?

Vasarahammer said...

Sorry to disturb a perfectly appropriate thread.

I have a message, a freedom of speech alert, to be specific.

One of the foremost Finnish immigration and islam critical bloggers Mikko Ellilä is facing a police investigation concerning his blog posts.

Mikko posts in Finnish in his blog


Mikko is due to a hearing in the local Police department and I believe he is about to face an investigation for incitement against a group of people (hets mot folkgrupp). So far, no charges have been pressed.

So if Baron or Dymphna would be so kind to contact me, so I could provide you with the details of the case if you are interested.

Baron Bodissey said...

Vasarahammer -- I can't find your email on your profile or your blog. Or do I already have it...?

Vasarahammer said...

Baron, you can contact me at dzeiemkei at luukku.com

X said...

The original song is from the South Park Film and was about canada invading the US after a pair of american comedians made a few ripe jokes about the canadians. Or something like that.

Anyoen who's actually see the film will probably understand the irony in this 'satire'.

X said...
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X said...

I believe I slightly misunderstood the intention. :) Still doesn't scan...

turn said...

The song is called "Blame Canada" from the one and only South Park Movie.

Courtesy of a mispent middle age.