Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Tarheel Jihad

In response to my post about Israel’s situation asking for more local analogies to the attacks on Sderot, Foghorn, who blogs from central North Carolina at Turner Mountain Broadcaster, has taken up the call.

His scenario — The Rockets Red Glare: Distance and Context — comes from where he lives in the Piedmont to our south:

Living in central NC, I chose Greensboro, used the scenario from the Gates of Vienna post, and created this map to show what might happen if similar rocket attacks were launched from a militant site (a shopping center) just “over the border” (just south of I-40 on the map) in our part of the world. Qassam One Rockets would be able to reach Greensboro Coliseum, which seats over 21,000 for big events. Qassam Two Rockets would be able to reach…

Go over to Foghorn’s place to find out what the mujahideen with a Qassam 2 would do to Greensboro.

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