Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mikko Ellilä Speaks Out

Update: There’s another message from Mikko Ellilä now — see Word From Down Under.

Mikko Ellilä has left a comment on the Vigilant Freedom blog about his situation:

Mikko ElliläI found your blog via the Gates of Vienna, which I found by googling my name. Information concerning the case is spreading fast and will no doubt find its way in mainstream media very soon. I decided to discuss the issue in the blogosphere first and talk to the mainstream media only after they ask for an interview. The blogosphere is better than Big Media because bloggers are generally more intelligent and more honest. Mainstream media systematically lies about all issues regarding Islam. For example, the Muslims who burned ten thousand cars and dozens of buildings in France during the Ramadan riots of 2005 were described as “youth” in the media, and the slogan Sarkozy, sale juif! [Sarkozy, dirty Jew!] that the Muslims shouted repeatedly was not mentioned in mainstream media at all, or was quoted in the newspapers as “Sarkozy, fasciste!” as if the Muslims somehow opposed fascism.

The main point that I have been trying to make in my blog is that the Muslims ARE fascists who want to kill Jews, atheists, homosexuals, etc.

Trying to prosecute me for saying that Islam is a totalitarian ideology is like trying to sue someone for saying Hitler was a Nazi.

Also, Christine of Vigilant Freedom reports:

I called the Finnish embassy — here is the person to contact who is available today and this week
In Washington DC, contact:

Mrs. Anne Lammila
Deputy Chief of Mission

She’s in a meeting right now but available all week at the Finnish Embassy in DC.

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bottehond said...

Mikko is right and the truth should not be spoken softly if circumstances press for facts. Speaking softly of islam will create more and more influence of this cult of death. Mikko: I the Netherlands and I am sure all over Europe people agree with you, in fact, their numbers are growing fast. People like you and the moderators of this excellent blog deserve credits for that. Thank you very much.

Turgonian said...

I am a conservative and not a fan of Islam (in fact, I am Christian). However, saying that Islam is 'fascist' is plain silly. 'Jihadist' is a better word. There are just too many differences with fascism. Fascism was atheist; jihadis are devout. Fascism was nationalist; jihadis want the whole world under one rule. Fascism was blood-and-soil racist; Islam is (in theory, at least) oblivious to distinctions of race.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Aha, "fascist" is a poor descriptor of Islam. (Turgonian! Dude! Only the nazis were neo-pagans (and they are very loosly to be termed fascist), while Fascist Italy, Franco's Spain and Pinochet's Chile were all staunchly catholic). How about "Totalitarian"?

Profitsbeard said...

Hang in there brother!


"Islamofacism" is a good term of art.

Meaning: "fascism" was a violent collectivist ideology, as militant, jihadist Islam is.

Most people in the West know what "fascism" signifies, 'instinctively': AN OPPRESSIVE 'EVIL'.

The word gets the point across quickly and succinctly.

"Totalitarian" has too many syllables, and doesn't roll-off-the-tongue with an ominous hiss as "fascism" does. (Don't overlook the usefulness of unconscious SONIC influences.)

"Jihadist" is not an instantly threatening sound or clear concept in the West. It is too new, too obscure, and doesn't have a primal 'ring' to its lingustics.

("Gee, I had a cookie" is hardly a dark aural mnemonic.)

ISLAMOFASCIST* is about as apt a name for this despotic, intolerant, expansionistic, terroristic, misogynistic enemy as we are likely to scare up.

Don't over think the invective.

That kind of exercise dilutes the needed mortal anxiety we should be feeling. And goes off on intellectualistic "angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin" distractions.

Find a hard, harsh term for these maniacal s.o.b.'s, and press it home.



Ontario Emperor said...

Glad to see that other commenters realize that the term "fascist" should not be indiscriminately applied to anyone that you don't like. While I've noted that "submission" naturally involves cooperation of business and government, in the Muslim case we're not talking about the government controlling business - we're talking about both government and business being controlled by (in their view) a higher power.

Anonymous said...


Well I am a conservative also, and I think Fascism is a correct term to describe Islam.

Your arguments indicates that you don't know Islam or Fascism very well, sorry.

Islam looks at history and its passed glory exactly like a fascist would.

Islam is also Nationalistic like a fascist, but the nation is seen as the Islamic world, the ummah.

Fascism is not racist by default and nor is Islam non racist be default, that's just a silly argument.

Islam is collectivist exactly like Fascism

And most importantly Islam is tyrannic exactly like fascism.

Also agree with Profitsbeard that it sounds good to say. So even if it didn't fit so well, we might use it anyway. But it fits just perfect.