Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Look at that Big Nose! That Huge Bag of Money!

It’s been obvious for a number of years that anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe, and indeed throughout the entire Western world. The MSM would have you believe that Jew-hatred is confined to the neo-Nazis, the palaeocons, and of course the slack-jawed gap-toothed mouth-breathing cracker bumpkin KKK members that populate the bucolic and benighted heartland of America between Burbank and Passaic.

But the ugly secret is that the engine of anti-Semitism in the 21st century is being driven by the anti-globalist, anarchist, politically correct Left. Consider this headline in today’s Tundra Tabloids:

Finland’s Leading Paper Compares Jewish Parliamentarian to Shylock The Jew

That won’t surprise anyone who has been reading blogs for the last few years. But here are the details:

Matti RossiAnother Finnish newspaper publishes an article that degrades a Jewish parliamentarian.

The Helsingin Sanomat’s [the New York Times of Finland] cultural editor, Hannu Mattila published Matti Rossi’s oily/smarmy “tongue in cheek” response to Finnish parliamentarian Ben Zyskowicz outrage over Rossi being awarded a cash prize by the Finnish government for his lifetime work in translating Shakespeare’s classics into Finnish…

The reason for Zyskowicz’s outrage over the Finnish state’s awarding of Matti Rossi with the prize was for Rossi’s role as a snitch for the Hungarian communist government back in 75’. Matti Rossi had informed on a Hungarian writer for speaking against communism during a visit to Finland, in which he compared communism to fascism.

Communism and Fascism? How could he? Day and night! Oil and water! Coke and Pepsi! No resemblance whatsoever. None.

But how does that get us to Shylock?
- - - - - - - - - -
It doesn’t end there. The editor for the Helsingin Sanomat’s culture section, Hannu Mattila, wrote a short screed in the comment section included with the article over Zyskowicz’s initial outrage, in which he down-played the whole affair.

“Zyskowicz’s fussing was for no other reason than to squeal, with the sole purpose to orchestrate a state curse for Finland’s best Shakespearian translator who has been quietly raked over the coals for 32 years. Red fascism’s demise is almost two decades old, now he dares to show his teeth. Really brave.”

The guy knows how to sneer, doesn’t he?

It doesn’t end there. Not only is the culture editor unsatisfied with that small pot shot at Ben Zyskowicz, he lends his culture section to the Finnish snitch/translator to let off another salvo at the justifiably upset parliamentarian. This time I won’t bother translating the full text, but in a tongue in cheek op-ed, he likens Zyskowicz to the Shakespearean character Shylock the Jew. Ben Zyskowicz happens to be Jewish himself, making the comparison undeniable.

“In the short op-ed, Matti Rossi was clearly making fun of Ben Zyskowicz, and characterized him in a way that mirrored the story of the merchant of Venice, a Shakespearean play.”

So Mikko Ellilä isn’t the only racist in Finland, eh? Do you think the Finnish police are going to want to have a little chat with Matti Rossi? Do you want to lay a sawbuck on that?

Totally irresponsible for the paper to print it, and as I said before about other examples of anti-Semitism in the Finnish media, it’s becoming a kind of trend here in Finland.

It’s not just in Finland. It’s everywhere. The nasty business is out in the open in Istanbul and Cairo, where Mein Kampf and the Protocols are best-sellers. But a somewhat more covert Jew-hatred is on the march wherever the élite meet to sneer.

It’s a smelly little orthodoxy for our time.


xlbrl said...

Ironically, if bizarrely, the Jews have led the intellectual malfunction of the left for a century, and now they turn back to wittness those they led toward utopia using their own playbook against them. Some of these twisted freaks are even Jews still. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

Baron Bodissey said...

xlbrl --

No kidding. I call them "suicide Jews". There seem to be a lot of them in Israel.

Profitsbeard said...

Shouldn't this anti-Semitism also apply to all of the Middle Eastern Muslims, too?

Why do they get a free ride?

Somehow, I think this goes back to the old theme that a 19th poet quipped:

"How odd of God
To choose the Jews.

People still resent that the Hebrews got "monotheism" first.

(Plus all the great comics, actors, musicians, scientists, singers, inventors, doctors, etc.)

xlbrl said...

Well, profitsbeard, one simply cannot compare European Anti-semitism to Arab-Muslim anti-semitism.
Marib anti-semitism is caused by a well-developed and well-deserved sense of inadequacy through their entire culture, rubbing up against something that isn't. Very unfair.
European anti-semitism is merely the cowardly desire to retain their better self-conceits by giving up the Jews a second time. Fortunate that they didn't manage to give them all away the first time. You never know when you might need a Jew in reserve for survival training. I've got one myself.

PapaBear said...

A good part of it is jealosy and a reluctance to have to compete in the open. It's long been established that the average IQ of the Jewish population is above average. As "The Bell Curve" demonstrated, even a minor difference of median IQ translates into major differences at the tails of the bell curve.

The elites do not like having to compete on merit with 'interlopers', rather than coasting on their inherited status

Chana @ Lemon Lime Moon said...

xlbrl is right, you can't compare muslim anti semitism to European.
European caused the murder of 6 million Jews.
Muslims have yet to go that far.

Unknown said...

Communism and Fascism? yes they are peas from the same pod. The rift occurred when Stalin banned all opposition to his brand of International Socialism, this included National Socialism (Nazis). He labelled ALL opposing groups including the Socialist Nazis as Right wing in order to draw clear water between his party and all others.. Hence the true Right wingers, Conservatives have been mistakenly misaligned with Nazism ever since.