Thursday, November 03, 2005

Vanity of Vanities

Thanks to James Wolcott and Vanity Fair, Gates of Vienna has enjoyed a little extra burst of traffic.

So, for our liberally inclined New York and Toronto visitors: Welcome! You have wandered into the lair of Satan Himself!

Please allow me to introduce myself; I’m a man of wealth and taste.

This is the realm of perdition, and we are all neocon tools of Bushitler, disciples of the Chimp Himself, ready to usher in the new Amerikkka and put all free-thinking souls into concentation camps!

Seriously, though, the Wolcott hotlink for our site escaped into yet another progressive blog, that of the Toronto Star and Antonia Zerbisias:
     Two of my favourite American progressive/liberal/lefty/sane writer/bloggers, The Nation's David Corn (scroll down) and Vanity Fair's James Wolcott (here and here), are at war over the former's joining the board of Pajamas Media. It's a blogger agglomeration site that aspires to
coalesc(e) the internet's brightest minds and most compelling content into a single source that will, in turn, complement and re-define journalism in the 21st century.
Wolcott's problem is that Corn is the token non-fascist on this chorus line of White House talking points.
She goes on to quote the eloquent post of Mr. Wolcott. My favorite part, though, is this:
     Bad enough those two blogs [one of these wicked sites is us: the vile Gates of Vienna] are all about fanning the flames of anti-Muslim hatred [yup]. But other participants in the PJ game include this shrew, who makes this shrew seem reasonable and intelligent.
Since I’m not including the links, readers should note that that the first shrew is Michelle Malkin, and the second is Ann Coulter.

Michelle, you’ve come up in the world: Antonia Zerbisias thinks you’re more shrewish than Ann Coulter.

I’ll bet she thought that was an insult.


Bobby Coggins said...

While our progressive friends are visiting, maybe they can follow this link and see what the fuss is about from the horses' mouth.

bordergal said...

On another topic:

B&D, isn't your congressional representative Virgil Goode?
If so, be proud, be VERY proud. He and Duncan Hunter from California are introducing the "True Enforcement" immigration reform bill. After a quick read, it actually lives up to its name.
More information is available at

Unknown said...

Take it from me - an insult from an airhead like Antonia Zerbisias and the Toronto Star is the best compliment Gates of Vienna and other mentioned bloggers could ask for. The combined firepower of LGF, Gates, Barcepundit, Wretchard, Fjordman, etc. blows away the timid mainstream media of which the Toronto Star is a prime example.

Yes, I am from Toronto and I am a regular here.

Jason Pappas said...

Unbelievable, they have to use the old tired insinuations of bigotry and racism. If they want bigotry and racism the might actually look at Islam. If this was 70 years ago, they’d most likely call you a bigot for sounding the alarm about Nazism or Militaristic Japan. How absurd can they get?

al fin said...

I am sad to say that Toronto is probably going the way of Paris eventually. A large part of that will be due to brain abscessed nonentities like Zerbisias.

But really, old chap. How dare you be so politically incorrect? Were you not instructed properly as a child? My dear Baron, you owe it to the common folk to hold up the standards of the better classes. Political correctness will never lead you astray.

Ja, ja. The decadent fools are like French nobility just before the revolution.

anniebird said...

I had meant to comment on this before, but if you'd like to read a howlingly funny take down of the lugubrious James Wolcott, check out this link:

Jim Lileks definitely won that round. The phrase "incessant pissy hauteur" certainly found it's mark.