Monday, November 14, 2005

Royal Public Enemy No. 1

Al Qaeda’s EnemyLook at those shifty eyes. Is that a criminal face or what?

Al Qaeda thinks so. According to The Globe and Mail the Big, Bad Guys have designated Queen Elizabeth II as “one of the severest enemies of Islam.” There is a video circulating in which al-Zawahiri, Osama’s boy, claims the Queen is responsible for Britain's “crusader laws” — whatever those are supposed to be.

What a bunch of wusses. Picking on an old lady who does nothing worse than keep yappy Corgis. Maybe they think she ought to be feeding and caring for the misunderstood Muslim youth in her midst, the ones who like to set bombs off in Her Majesty’s trains.

Don’t you wonder if she lies awake at night and asks the ghost of King George VI, “Daddy, why was I born? Is this some kind of karmic payback?”

Let’s hope she gets an AK-47 and takes out a few of the more offensive of her sworn enemies. It can’t be any worse than cleaning up after those Corgris, now can it?

One thing for sure: a terrorist group that singles out an old lady is in deep trouble, public relations-wise. Islamofascists don’t like to laugh much themselves, and they sure as heck don’t like being the butt of the world’s joke…what idiot told them this was a good idea?

Maybe some good will come of this farce. Perhaps Prince Charles will get a clue and stop his mealy-mouthed “why-can’t–we-all-just-get-along” song and dance.

We can hope.

Meanwhile, keep an eye peeled for that picture on your post office wall.

Hat tip: LGF.


Nilk said...

Actually, I think they might be onto something. If they can get the Queen out of the way, then they get Charlie ensconced on the throne.

Britain is in a bad way, but it will be exponentially worse if Queen Elizabeth goes.

She is the head of the Church of England as well as the titular ruler of the Commonwealth.

She has always taken her duties seriously, and never faltered, regardless of her age, her own problems with her family, and what is going on in her kingdom.

Do you really believe that she would wish her son to succeed her? Surely if she did, she would have abdicated by now; she's got to be very tired of it all.

I like to think that she's waiting for Prince William to get a bit older. Of course, rumour has it that he doesn't want the job, but that is what would make a good king.

The last thing we need is an ageing fruitcake with delusions of grandeur on the throne of the United Kingdom.

Gryffilion said...

Maybe they got really bored and skipped down a few hundred entries on their "Infidels to Issue Fatwas About" list. Or maybe they're trying to appeal to that hard-to-please old-lady-hating constituency.

Or maybe it's the fact that she's a *woman* who, although she does not wield a great deal of power, represents the head of a historically powerful and still powerful nation. And we all know how most Muslim men feel about the place of women in society...

dirty dingus said...

I wrote a bit about this yesterday chez moi

I think she'd prefer a shotgun to an AK47 though when she goes hunting for Muslims though....

Still I keep a picture of her Maj in my wallet most of the time - actually I keep a number of pictures of her depending on when I last visited a British ATM :)

Dymphna said...

This "public enemy" business is silly and that's how I played it. But these people are serious, dead serious, and their point is to undermine respect for infidel government in all its forms...including her majesty. Their audience is not the average bloke but the enclaves of bellicose, seditious Muslims that infest Britain now.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

I wish she WERE an enemy of Islam!

Dymphna said...


Unfortunately with these ensconced dynastic families, the cream doesn't always ride to the top. Charles would've made a great architect and it's a subject he's devoted to...

...I read recently that Ted Kennedy told one of his much younger relatives that left to his own devices he'd have been an opera singer...don't have much respect for the man but he might have been more of a man could he have ever gotten out from under the thumb of his criminal father...sure would've done our country less damage.

The whole point of this video is undermining respect for legitimate government. Those who would be affected no doubt take it seriously enough while the rest of us are laughing...

Robert Pearson said...

I did get a good laugh when I first heard of this foolishness.

Islamofascists don’t like to laugh much themselves, and they sure as heck don’t like being the butt of the world’s joke…what idiot told them this was a good idea?

You hit the nail squarely here, Dymphna. Maybe in the end this is our real triumph over these grim-faced a------s...we live a life with plenty of troubles but a lot of laughter; they live a life of resentment, anger and feelings of inferiority, with hardly any laughter as far as I can tell.

Y'know that :) thing is banned by Islam--it's an idol or whatever ;)