Thursday, November 10, 2005

Musings, Original or Not

After reading a number of intelligent comments by one of our regulars, I wandered over to his profile and discovered Archonix’s blog. I’m glad I did; I recommend a visit to The Unoriginal Muse.

For example, there’s this one, The reason I got a blog:
     I spend a fair bit of time (perhaps too much time) browsing around blogs. I make comments. Sometimes these comments turn in to essays, and it’s not really fair to post them on other people’s blogs.
Anyway, I posted this one here, on a Silent Running post about PC idiocy, and I think I may have got the thread closed. Just in case Murray gets an attack of the common sense and deletes it, I’m archiving it here for posterity.
You’ll have to go over there to read the rant itself. Just a hint: it’s about neo-paganism.