Saturday, November 19, 2005


Our old pal USMC_Vet is closing up shop at The Word Unheard, but he’s not getting out of the blogosphere. Along with Marvin Hutchens and Bill Roggio, he has set up a site called ThreatsWatch. The new site is a sophisticated operation, with headlines, news briefs, multimedia, and commentary in an easy-to-navigate tabbed format. This is a place you’ll want to visit frequently.

I can recommend Bill Roggio’s commentary, For Our Servicemen, We Blog:
     Concerned Americans will continue to seek alternative sources of reporting. And more political leaders will recognize that polls don’t show the state of the war, only the state of our misgivings. As such, more will follow the lead of the Senate, which this past week began reading the accounts of servicemen and women in Iraq. This act is one of recognition and respect and highlights the need for all of us to remember, no matter our general awareness of the war or its status, that these Americans are our friends and neighbors, our husbands, wives, children, and parents.
Also, the multimedia section looks wonderful. Unfortunately for us, our slow dialup is going to prevent us from utilizing it effectively.

I’ll be changing our blogroll shortly. In the meantime, drop by ThreatsWatch.


al fin said...

Bill Roggio is going to Iraq to do the job that the media is too lazy and biased to do. He illustrates the best of blogging. ThreatsWatch looks like a good site. It should be getting a lot of traffic very soon. I hope they are prepared for volume.