Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Pastorius is taking on the worldwide jihad at Cuanas:
     In other words, little Indonesian schoolchildren who know nothing about Israel, who do not know Arabic, or even an Arab, and who have never met a Jew, are “campaigning” for the destruction of Israel. No, sorry, I don’t believe they came up with this on their own over there in Indonesia. Instead, I believe that this is being coordinated from above.
See The Jihad Is Worldwide And Coordinated.


RonL said...

If you think that is bad, look at what is going on in Europe.
Areas in Paris and Arhus are overun with Muslim rioters.


Mussolini said...

Muslims attacking everywhere... killing toddlers in Russia, murdering girls in Indonesia, blowing up Israeli kids in Jerusalem, murdering artists - kids - innocents in Europe, murdering teenagers in Britain, murdering women and children church-goers in Pakistan, murdering children and women in India...

But we're still wringing our hands over their "rights" and "respect" for Islam, and how we can spread "information" to stop them - as if this wasn't a life or death issue.

As if these were just "misguided" muslims and a few intellectual platitudes will suddenly stop all the murder.

While we're worried about politics, they're killing children, everywhere.

"Let us have a dagger between our teeth, a bomb in our hands, and an infinite scorn in our hearts." Benito Mussolini - a quote from my site, but appropriate. I have nothing but scorn for all these "sit back and bleat platitudes" people.

Andrew Scotia said...

For an facile, but compelling explanation for Islamofascism and the seemingly inexplicable support of the "Left" for Islamic radicalism you need look no further than the phrase, "Triumph of the Id". If you need a little brushing up on Freud's typology look here.

Note that it is a middle school book assignment. Would that I was as challenged in the 9th grade.

Pastorius said...

Hey Baron,
There are riots in Denmark now. If you look closely at the article, the Jihadis are called "youths, and these "youths" tell us three things;

1) They planned them three weeks ago

2) They were waiting for reporters to show up

3) They had "spokesmen" ready to talk with the reporters.

What did they have to say? They said, these are our streets. This is our town.

These riots are planned by someone sophisticated. They are not spontaneous youth riots. They are not about poverty, or ghetto conditions, or racism. They are about Jihad.


Baron Bodissey said...

Darn it, Pastorius, hot-link your stuff! This is the template:

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That said, I've been following the events on Fjordman and Viking Observer. I asked people on other threads if the news of this had escaped to the cable networks yet. VDHanson seems to indicate it's been on Fox.

The rest of the MSM will only mention the "M" word if they absolutely have to.

Sissy Willis said...

How 'bout that Jimmy Carter, talk about "coordinated from above"?

bordergal said...

I am actually pleased that the infiltrators lack the capacity for the long, slow demographic takeover. If they were more patient, they could win that war.

Please keep up the good work, gentleman. Make your intentions clear and underscore them with threats and violence.

It won't be pretty, but it will still be to our advantage from a tactical standpoint.

donkatsu said...


Would that you were right about the long slow takeover. But societies have a funny way of shifting suddenly. There may come a point soon when families in the Netherlands, Denmark and elsewhere seeing no future for their children, decide to emigrate (US, Canada, Australia). Their countries will then shift in composition very rapidly as the increasingly powerful Muslims repudiate the social welfare obligations of the state, driving the oldies out as well, to live with their foreign families.

One other thing, Indonesia was converted almost entirely when only 25% of the population had voluntarily accepted Islam, but based on that percentage the Leaders of the Muslim community issued the "convert or die" threat.

Always On Watch said...

Bill is right: Muslims attacking everywhere
Only Fox gives any coverage, as far as I can see.

Didn't the Philippines recently surrender an island to the jihadists?

Have you seen The Twenty Year Plan? This was posted nearly two years ago. Dr. Shorrosh speaks specifically of the United States, but what he had to say applies to much of the world right now.

eugene said...

well, now I am completely shaken from my complacency ..It seems to me that our yoke is made up of political correctness; we are sacrificing our Western way of life on the altar of "religious freedom"..ironic that so many Christian innocents world-wide have been slaughtered by the same extremists we welcome. The failure of our leaders to call a spade a spade, will be our undoing.........and the war against terror is no war at all; it amounts to bitch-slapping....

Unknown said...

This should be a stern warning to all of us in the United States!

Aren't we seeing a preview of what we can expect as a result of the globalists' policies of unlimited (legal or illegal) immigration while simultaneously discouraging assimilation of the immigrants?

For years the globalist "intellectual elites" and United Nations apologists, who have been preaching "a world without borders", have been pompously deriding the rest of us for our lack of sophistication in not embracing a more "cosmopolitan" European worldview. In Paris today we're seeing the prize at the end of that rainbow.

We must continue to fight to protect U.S. sovereignty, gain control of immigration, and get back to encouraging the assimilation of those immigrants into our society. The "melting pot" that was the United States has always been one of the keys to our greatness. That is what built our great nation, not a collection of "tribes" all jealously guarding their own separate identities in the name of "ethnic diversity".