Monday, November 07, 2005

Bill Gates and The Zionist Entity

Bill Gates Visits IsraelOkay, this time we have the pictures to prove it. Bill Gates is not a muslim. Or if he is, he sure is one sly guy.

Gates of Vienna’s sitemeter is often cluttered with searches for two things: “how make simple bomb at home” (or a variation thereof) and “Bill Gates muslim” (the latter mostly originating in the Middle East during the night). Once and for all, everyone, Bill Gates is still the same geeky agnostic he ever was. If money is heaven, then he resides there, halo on head.

Here’s our proof of Gates’ infidel-ity (sorry. Pun Attack). He was in Israel for a day, lavishing praise and shaking Zionist hands:

     Israel's status as a high tech super power was confirmed last week by none other than Bill Gates.
During a whirlwind 24-hour tour to the country, the Microsoft founder and chairman praised the country's universities for its high level of education, the local high tech community for its achievements in fields such as information security, and cited the high rate of computer literacy among Israelis as a prime factor in the country's success.
"Israel is a major player in the high tech world, which explains the considerable contribution of the country not only in the field of high tech startups but also through the R&D centers for companies like Microsoft, Intel and Motorola. We're super-satisfied with the contributions of our R&D center in Haifa," Gates said, referring to Microsoft Israel, which employs 400 people and focuses on marketing, sales and R&D. "The quality of the people here is quite fantastic."
Well, there goes his chances for the seventy two raisins.

Meanwhile, we still do have your bomb recipe on file in the archives. Only it’s a bombe; no shrapnel but the sugar content could do you some haram.

Hat Yarmulke tip: Gindy Blogspot


Dymphna said...

This post is my way of climbing out of a no-good, dirty, rotten day.

Our kitty was killed by a dog and the Baron had to drive over and let the Boy know -- it was his favorite pet.

So this post is for whenever Baron B sees it, to cheer him up.

Fortunately, *all* of his puns are P U...except maybe there was this triple one once, but I forget what it was...

Anyway, Baron -- with love and for laughs when you see this tomorrow.

Of course, I realize it will do nothing but draw even more Bill Gates and bomb searches, but as Mehitabel said to Archy, what the h***.