Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The MSM is Creepy

X Marks The SpotWho can resist this Drudge story in all its naked truth? The MSM has tilted so far left they've fallen overboard.

This screen capture provided by Matt Drudge ought to be spread far and wide across the blogosphere. While Miz Mapes blathers on about those "forgeries" from President Bush's National Guard days, let's all take a good hard look at CNN's bizarre silent message.

Eason Jordan's Icarus-like fall from the sky taught these people nothing. Nothing at all.What's next, CNN? Bulls'eye targets on the face of the Secretary of State? Or are you saving those for bigger game?

The MSM is not only biased, it's so far out there as to have lost its already tenuous grasp on reality.

Let's tiptoe away...this is too creepy for words.


airforcewife said...

Hm, I know they are calling it a technical glitch... But technical glitches can occur when people accidentaly air something they didn't mean to air also.

As for not being an example of media bias, well, I'm sure it wasn't meant to be a PUBLIC example. Like the staffers on the Hill never meant that "Special Olympics" picture of W to be made public.

Maybe we should count ourselves lucky for the reminder that they didn't mean to give.

Sensei Mitch said...

Well said airforcewife! The fact that it exists speaks volumes.

Dymphna said...


I'm not the paranoid type except when it comes to the MSM. Too many decades of "true technical goofs" that somehow never happen to the politicians the MSM favors...

...sorry, but I simply don't believe them. Someone with better equipment than I --the political teen, I believe -- had the video on just as I went to bed last night. So "the x marks the spot" went on for a while.

...and Michelle Malkin is welcome to diverge from my belief; that's okay. It doesn't change my mind that some idjit was having a bit o' fun...

...who are you going to believe, CNN or your lying eyes?