Friday, November 11, 2005

The Canaries and the Miners

Archonix is musing this morning about the state of modern Christianity.
     I’ve heard it said that the Jews are society’s canary, inasmuch as they’re usually the first to get a whack on the head when people go bad. But if they’re the canary, then Christians are the miners. When you see the Jews being assaulted openly in the press you should realise that we’re next and, after we go, our ethic goes with it.
And when the canary keels over, when the canary is pushing up daisies, what happens then? What do we do when the canary has rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible?

Why, we strive to understand the motivations of the coal gas, to discover the true reasons for its desire to kill canaries. We ask, “Why does coal gas hate us so?” We work to provide better opportunites for coal gas, to improve its living conditions in the mine. We realize that we have accidentally killed a bird or two ourselves, so who are we to… Ack… Cough… Choke… Thud!

I’ll leave you with his final thought:
    “One swift kick,” Hitler said of the Soviet union, “and the entire rotten thing will collapse.” There are those amongst the violent sects of Islam saying the same thing of the west, and of western christianity. Unless something changes soon, they may well be proven right.

Archonix, I hope you don’t mind that I fixed up the spelling a little bit.


X said...

Ahh, I should check my spelling before I post. I'll go back and edit it when I've got through all these accounts...

Michael said...

A powerful and well written blog.

Feel free to check my blog out sometime, its focus is more on the danger posed by leftism, but I do touch on article on Jihad/Dhimmification, especially in the archives section.



Pastorius said...

Ok, I know that this is a very serious post, and comments thread, but I've got to ask;

Were there 6491 philosophy majors ahead of him, that he had to take that name?


Anyway, I don't believe the United States can be taken out with one swift kick. If we are kicked hard, then we will get very, very angry. If we are not kicked hard, then we are too big and strong to topple.

The way things look like they are going currently, the best thing the dumb Islamists can do, is just leave us the hell alone, while we eat each other alive.

MrSpkr said...

And when the canary keels over, when the canary is pushing up daisies, what happens then? What do we do when the canary has rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible?

We claim that the canary is merely sleeping; or that he's not really dead, he's just pining for the fjords or somesuch.

This continues until we receive another major blow. And another. And another.

At some point, hopefully, we get a combination of a sufficiently irritated population combined with a sufficiently assertive President who will pursue and eliminate the threat.

The question is, how many will die before we come upon that particular combination?

Baron Bodissey said...

philosophy major 6492 — I had to delete your comment because the link messed up our page width. Here’s the text:

“Its funny that you happen to mention "coal gas," as that was the name of a bong me and my friends engineered out of a weber grill, a 5-gallon hinckley & schmitt water jug, 5' of plastic tubing and a sink drain. While not as lethal as islamic terrorism, it got you nice and baked for whatever midterms etc you had that day.

Oh, and if you haven't seen the hip new Protocols of Christian Fundamentalists, please check out this dull screed from a two-bit college newspaper rag (funded by tax payers!):”

and the link.

Y’all need to learn to make link tags! They’re like this:
<a href="">My website</a>

Baron Bodissey said...

And, using the same technique, here’s Michael’s blog: Western World Politics.

Everybody go over there and give him a traffic boost.

Baron Bodissey said...

Michael, I notice you're in Lancashire. Thirty-five years ago I lived in the West Riding of Yorkshire. My friends used to say, "Wogs begin in Settle." I'm sure you understand that one.

They were all Leeds United supporters, too. I hope that doesn't drive you away from Gates of Vienna...

Always On Watch said...

In her book The Rage and the Pride, Oriana Fallaci, who is not a Christian, points out that in many ways Christianity and Western civilization are inextricably tied. Fallaci is an atheist, but she loves the beautiful art of the Renaissance. The sons of allah desire to destroy even the art.

Will Western civilization collapse in the face of Islamofascis? Maybe, but I believe that Western civilization will "go underground" and will return. This is not to say that times would be easy. Also, in my opionion, any collapse won't be easy for the Islamofascists to accomplish.

Good post here--and serious to consider.

X said...

Bill, you're right. You only have to look across the pond at us folks trapped in the EU to see where socialism will ultimately lead your country. Or look to Africa, where communism has turned what was once called Africa's breadbasket - Simbabwe - in to a country that can't even supply itself with enough food. And further north, where Islam is slowly spreading and enforcing its law on previously christian and afro-pagan countries, causing probably millions of deaths.

What a world...