Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Objective MSM

It’s not just American contractors who are at risk of kidnapping in Iraq. al-Qaida’s many-pronged strategy to keep the country in turmoil has as one of its elements the execution of Arab embassy employees. This time AQ decided to pick on Morrocco:
     The al-Qaida in Iraq militant group said today it has sentenced two Moroccan embassy employees kidnapped last month to death.
The group said in a statement posted on an Islamist web forum that its “Islamic court” had judged the two men as “apostates” who were waging a “war on Islam".
“Based on this, the court decided to issue God’s verdict upon the apostates and sentenced them to death,” it said. The statement, whose authenticity could not be confirmed, did not say whether the two men had been killed yet.
As a strategy, their plan is working.
     Al-Qaida in Iraq, one of the most feared insurgent groups in Iraq, has claimed responsibility for executing numerous hostages, including diplomats from Egypt and Algeria. It has warned Arab nations not to step up their diplomatic missions in Baghdad or send ambassadors, which would be a sign of support for Iraq’s Shiite-dominated government.
Wait! Notice that the “militants” in the first part of this story have now become “insurgents.” Nice little euphemistic slide there. One does wonder what Ireland Online, the source of this news, calls the IRA…The IRA Insurgents has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? But there’s more:
     In July, al-Qaida in Iraq – led by Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - kidnapped and killed the head of the Egyptian mission in Iraq after that country said it would send an ambassador to Baghdad. Days later, the group also killed the head of the Algerian mission and another Algerian employee.
So now we have it. “Al-Qaida in Iraq” is not an Iraqi deal at all. Not when led by that Jordanian militant killer Zarqawi, it’s not. Somehow it’s doubtful whether the MSM has done a poll on the members of this “militant insurgency” to ascertain their country of origin. How many real Iraqis do you suppose they'd find? Besides a few disgruntled Sunni water-fetchers, anyway.

So much for vaunted objective reporting. But maybe Ireland Online never claimed to be objective — or rather, perhaps its objective is to see the Iraq democracy fail. At least that would allow Europe to focus on something besides its own fetid and wrong-headed mess.

Meanwhile, two low-level and innocent Morrocans are going to be slaughtered by power-hungry Islamicists.

Go, Mohammed.


Dymphna said...

American Crusader left a long URL that messed up the page; Here's the link.

He said:

"Baron, to be honest, I know longer think democracy will work in Iraq. The Arab mindset just isn't ready for democracy. After we leave I'm fairly certain that after a Civil War, Iraq will turn into a theocracy aligned with Iran. Maybe the Kurds will hold onto northern Iraq and establish a small democracy but that's about it. I found a really interesting story/article and I wanted to give you the web site."

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