Tuesday, November 08, 2005

National Palestinian Radio

National Palestinian RadioWell, we all know about NPR. Or at least most of us do. I long ago stopped listening to its feature programs — the persistent drumbeat of liberal claptrap on Morning Sedition and Weakened Condition was just more than I could take. Not to mention All Things We Care To Consider.

But, since NPR is the only source of top-of-the-hour radio news without commercials during my drive home, it is my habit to listen to the evening headlines in the car. And tonight I was well-rewarded for my efforts.

As far as I can tell, NPR does not have online transcripts of its news broadcasts. When you look at their site, the “News” section seems to be clips from “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered.” And, by the way, I dare you to contemplate the “Opinion” tab on their sidebar without experiencing a whole-body shudder.

Since my personal stenographer was unable to accompany me in the car, you’ll just have to take my word for what follows.

During the 6:00 PM news, NPR’s Pentagon correspondent — it might have been Korva Coleman, but I’ll call her Radio Chick — reported that the Pentagon was revising its rules about the treatment of detainees in “the so-called ‘war against terrorism’.”

Mind you, this isn’t al-Reuters; this is a non-profit tax-exempt public service brought to you in part by Your Tax Dollars at Work. This is National-friggin’-Public-Radio, the media service that has yet to find a Palestinian it doesn’t love.

Well, Ms. Radio Chick, tell me this: how many so-called “family members” did you lose when the so-called “terrorists” allegedly flew jets into the so-called “World Trade Center” on that oh-so-tragic day that some people call “September 11th”?

Welcome to National So-Called Radio.


linearthinker said...

Your tax dollars at work. Are we to assume you don't donate during pledge week?

Mike H. said...

Pledge week? Is that where the freshmen show up? Baron, this "so-called 'war against terrorism'." Is that the one where the enemy gets to use unconventional weapons like...say, airplanes? She is talking about the same war, isn't she? The one where the passengers in the aircraft and all those above the entrance level of the weapons, died? I'm glad that she and we are on the same page, I think? (Stray thought, Depleted Uranium, there has to be some kind of use for that stuff.)

Das said...

I heard that too and it sickened me. Urge your readers to write to NPR ombudsman Jefferey Dvorkin (I can post his email later if you like). This was disgusting and we pay for it!

p.s. I thnk this is a manifestation - a testing of the waters - of NPR leftoids feeling their oats now that conservative overseer Thompson is out.

Wally Ballou said...

Tear off your FM antenna and get XM radio - you can listen to Foxnews at the top of the hour or anytime - coast to coast. And 100+ other channels (many useless just like cable TV, but a lot of good ones).

This sounds like an ad, but I'm just a big XM fan. It's kept me from listening to NPR just to check on the news in my car for a couple of years now. They actually have their own version of NPR (XPR) and hired the tired Bob Edwards to anchor it, but it's just one of many, many stations. They carry Bill Bennett and Tony Snow, as well.

All the music channels are commercial-free.


Baron Bodissey said...

linearthinker --

We used to pledge, but had to give it up, probably right after the election in 2000 when Linda Wertheimer (I think), after a report from Florida that Bush was winning, said something like: "It looks like Bush is going to take Florida, but there's hope yet..." Dymphna wrote an angry note to NPR after that one.

So, yeah, if we withdraw our tax money from them (and other people who feel like me quit contributing) & they have to close up shop, I'll have to grit my teeth through the commercials on AM radio news. Or take Wally's advice and get XM.

Or maybe, if they smell the smoke on the wind and want to keep their jobs, they'll change their organizational model and get out of the agitprop business.

Dream on...

Baron Bodissey said...

Das, by all means give us the email. I'll post an update and let the good-hearted readers of Gates of Vienna offer their opinions to NPR, if so moved.

goesh said...

das - post that addy for the omsbudsman if you would please. I've been meaning to contact them for some time to remind them why I lobby my Congressman to cut their funding and why I will never donate to them. This only adds fuel to the fire. I recall when the palestinians were homicide bombing in Israel every week and the bast***s at NPR wouldn't even comment on Israeli victims. It turned my stomach and still does.

Grantman said...

CAMERA has a long history of NPR and their skewing of issues.


It's worse than what the Baron posted...

(sorry for the long link, first time on blogger and don't know how to embed the hyperlink)

linearthinker said...

Just happened to come across this last night while following French riots links. Scroll down to the Post a Comment section and find concise instructions on linking.

Heard on Rush: Yesterday Senator Harkins, D-IA, tried to "balance" AM feeds to Armed Forces Radio by mandating more inclusion of liberal stations. It was pointed out that NPR gets most of their news broadcast, vs only 1 hour per day for Rush, and that the schedule decision, by long standing policy, is to let local AFN stations select their own programming from qualifying content provideres. Harkins lost.

linearthinker said...

It's dangerous to drive and listen to NPR. Instead, switch off, and sing this (apologies to Janice Joplin):
Oh Lord, wontcha buy me XM Radio,
So I have Rush Limbaugh wherever I go,
I'm tard of the lefties.
Just want Tony Snow.
Oh Lord, wontcha buy me XM Radio.

Thomas von der Trave said...

From the ad hominem department: I used to hang out with a lot of Eastern European women (I dig the accents, among other things), and they were always using the word "kurva" or "korva" as a curse word. I believe it means "slut" or "whore" in Czech, Polish, etc.

So who on earth names their daughter "Korva"?

That aside, two jokes from the jihad front in France:

What does the opposition chant about the government these days?

"Chirac Lied, Paris Fried."

What's the official nomenclature for one of those poor, disaffected "youths" busily staging Car-B-Q's and hurling stones at ambulance drivers?

He's a Paristinian!

gumshoe said...

two days ago
NPR had a lede-in (and story)
about chemical warfare
between autumn trees on Skyline Drive.

i kid you not.