Tuesday, November 01, 2005


This is my first and my last word on the Scotus Bloatus currently clogging the blogosphere.

I avoided Harriet Miers like the plague. Seriously, did anyone believe she was the real deal?

I will continue to avoid this next person — an Italian, I believe? A more ethnic version of John Roberts perhaps, but with more mileage in terms of his paper trail.

Meanwhile, at The Neighborhood of God, I reveal what was really going on and who was behind it. And I'd even provide a link to the relevant post but Blogger has removed all the tags from the posting template. Perhaps I am on their "watch" list and may not have sharp objects while blogging.

Just follow the link on the left you'll eventually arrive on my street. Look for the place entitled Basta. That's the one. Watch out for the deer, though -- they walk around over there like they own the place.

That aside, what I want to know is how come no one else saw through the strategy on the Miers nomination?

Am I the only one who thinks like Rove?

Update from Baron Bodissey: Here's the link: Basta!


Mussolini said...

I haven't seen your post, but I had been sayig from the beginning that Bush knew, just like everyone else, that both the dems and right had to feel they could claim victory to their bases.

Everyone knew that the dems were going to say no to whoever the next pick was.

So Miers was the fall-gal. Remember all the quotes about her being loyal? Take a bullet for the cause, you know. Then his REAL choice comes forward.

I started saying that as soon as everyone was asking why Bush had picked her. If that's what you meant, there are certainly more of us that saw through the charade.

Dymphna said...

Umm, Bill -- so how come you're commenting over here on my post *over there*???

It's The Neighborhood of God --he lets everyone in, even il Duce.

So instead of guessing at what I said, here's an invitation to come over and actually read my pearls of wisdom.


And a lot of you may have been saying it but 'tweren't none of y'all writing it out loud where I could see it. So I have dibs. So there.

goesh said...

-oh that Karl is a clever lad indeed

Mussolini said...

I said it over on LGF, Vodkapundit, Decision '08,

I dug up my Vodka post here. The others are too far back. =(

Doesn't matter to me who said it first - I'm sure I wasn't the first. Sometimes I'm slow on things like this.