Sunday, November 20, 2005

Freedom Folks at the Immigrant Justice Convention

This note was in our email this morning. It’s from The Bald Chick, who runs the blog Freedom Folks along with her husband. This tonsorially deprived young woman changed out of her pajamas to blog yesterday’s Immigrant Justice Convention:
     I am trying to get the word out about a convention I attended yesterday in Chicago. As of almost 4 a.m. on Sunday, I am the only blog that comes up in both Technorati & Google blog searches when you type in “Immigrant Justice Convention. ”
In short, local leaders, activists, and politicians (including Illinois state representatives, house representatives, and Governor Blagojevich) gathered with thousands of immigrants to promote legalization, funding, and “justice” for illegal immigrants.
I will continue to post on the convention today, but hope you will read any or all of the three posts I made yesterday. Any blogs/mentions/links would be greatly appreciated. I think people need and will want to know about this, but I need help!
Immigration Justice Convention Held in Chicago (overview)
Justice for Immigrants vs. Justice for Citizens (mis- and over-use of the word justice in reference to illegal immigrants)
Making Heroes of Rosa and Jorge (illegal immigrants used to smear Republican Jim Oberweis portrayed as heroes rather than criminals)
She must understand Spanish, because it seems that a lot of the speeches at the convention were in Spanish. That surprises you, right?

Go to The Bald Chick for the bald truth!


al fin said...

Unrestricted immigration is another form of nihilism, fueled by guilt. The bald chick personifies innocence, in the sense of naivete. A newborn child is helpless and screams "take care of me!!" The bald chick is screaming similarly, saying, "take care of all of these people!"

Will she take care of them? Why, no. She is bald, like a newborn. She can take care of no one at all. But you--you must take care of them.

Papa Ray said...

America's bleeding hearts and open pocketbooks are going to be the downfall of this country.

Papa Ray