Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Elbows Up!

Cultural Enrichment News

News alert! Stop the presses! Muslims are insulted!

As we all know, Muslims claim the proprietary rights over all mentions, descriptions, discussions, analyses, depictions, and interpretations of Islam. Nothing an infidel says or does pertaining to Islam is acceptable unless it is pre-approved by relevant committees of Muslim authorities.

The big news today is that a business in Scotland has most assuredly failed to follow the proper procedures with respect to the Religion of Peace. What were they thinking of when they named a pub after — gasp! — Medina?

According to The Scottish Sun:

Muslims’ Fury at ‘Holy City’ Boozer

Medina Bar & GrillA MUSLIM leader has blasted a pub for using the name of holy city Medina — branding it an insult to his religion.

The boozer in Dundee changed its name from Bar Rio to Medina Bar and Grill after a renovation.

But this has sparked outrage — as Saudi Arabian city Medina is the second-holiest site in Islam behind Mecca.
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Medina is also a term used for a market or trading centre in north African cities.

But Mohammed Bashir Chohan, chairman of the Dundee Islamic Society, last night said: “People are upset about it because Medina is a holy city. It does hurt when somebody misuses the name, especially if they are going to sell liquor.”

The issue has been raised with local MP Jim McGovern.

His spokesman said he was working with councillors including Labour’s Mohammed Asif to “try to bring the parties together to reach a solution”.

Yesterday a spokesman for Medina said there was no offence intended — but added they were unlikely to change the bar’s new name.

He said: “The bar has a Moroccan theme and, as far as we were told, medina is the hustle-bustle of an old quarter of a north African city. There was no intended link to the second-holiest city of Islam.”

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Cudoine said...

I hope they don't find out I have an outhouse named the kaaba

ROPMA said...

Change the name to BEER MECCA

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Or to Allah's Snackbar. :)

spackle said...

What idiocy. I had a friend years ago (a Lutheran) whose last name was Medina. And he had a short lived cafe called Wait....wait....wait..... Medina's!!

Luddite said...

Hope they're going to serve Funky Cold Medina:

1 oz Absolut® vodka
1 oz Southern Comfort® peach liqueur
1 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
top with cranberry juice

Pour over ice and top off with cranberry juice.

Ilíon said...

He said: “The bar has a Moroccan theme and, as far as we were told, medina is the hustle-bustle of an old quarter of a north African city. There was no intended link to the second-holiest city of Islam.”

If we are to remain free, it's imperitive that non-Moslems intentionally, and with no apology or shame for doing so, "insult" Islam in just these ways.

ANY backing-down is treason against our own liberty. Any pre-emptive self-censorship is treason against our own liberty.

WAKE UP said...

The hypocrisy behind this is at once both profound and pig-ignorant. If Mohammed Bashir Chohan, chairman of the "Dundee Islamic Society" (spare me - there should be NO SUCH THING) is so fond of Medina, why isn't he living there?

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Mohammed Asif interesting character allegedly.

thll said...

What about the UK bingo chain Mecca?


Maybe chohan could tell us exactly where it hurts,i mean physical location,then the hospital could advise a course of treatment,on the rate-payer of course, to minimimise the creatures discomfort,if however he can not show or otherwise prove that he is indeed injured,then i suggest that the east is the place for such sensitive and delicate feelings,where they will be ballanced by muslims inate brutality,ignorance,and total inferiority.

Anonymous said...

If I'll ever have a grill house, I will name it Mecca and serve only pork and booze and I will have topless waitresses that wear the hijab and the bill will be printed on Kurt's bomb-skull Muhammed and the toilet paper will have Quran verses on it.

Maybe I will get an ice sculpture of a crusader sticking his sword through Muhammed's skull too.