Monday, March 29, 2010

German Teachers’ Association: Turks Must Assimilate

This is a refreshing change from the usual tales of Western dhimmitude and appeasement. In a response to recent inflammatory remarks by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the German Teachers’ Association spoke out with notable political incorrectness.

JLH, who translated the article below, has this to say:

Erdogan is again pushing the envelope. If he keeps revealing the grand strategy and simultaneously irritating segments of German society, he may turn out to be the best weapon the anti-jihadists have.

From last Friday’s Hanover Zeitung, as reported in Europe News:

German Teachers’ Association Attacks Turkish Premier Erdogan

The president of the Teachers’ Association, Josef Kraus, has expressed strong disapproval of Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s push for Turkish high schools in Germany. “That is unacceptable and anti-integration, to the disadvantage of young Turks living here,” said Kraus to the Rheinische Post.
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The head of the Teachers’ Association accused Erdogan of Islamic expansionism and called on Chancellor Angela Merkel, during her visit to Ankara in the coming week, to decisively reject Turkish interference in German affairs.

The Teachers’ Association, he said, is not against requiring Turkish as a second or third language, to strengthen the language capabilities of young Turks. But it is clear that, with all due deference to ethnic origin, Germany must require not only integration, but assimilation, of all Turks living here.


Jedilson Bonfim said...

We all remember how Erdoclown once referred to assimilation of immigrants as a "crime against humanity" (apparently, anything that that clown doesn't like is a crime against humanity if one reads about his rants.) I hope those teachers, and everyone else who cares about the survival of Europe as a Western continent, continue insisting on that, and that Erdogan's rants in response get ever funnier to watch, as they bear no fruit and are taken less and less seriously by people realizing that it is no use treating such barbarians as human beings. William Eaton once provided us with a model that ought to be used when referring to such beasts:

…we took off our shoes and entering the cave (for so it seemed), with small apertures of light with iron gates, we were shown to a huge, shaggy beast, sitting on his rump upon a low bench covered with a cushion of embroidered velvet, with his hind legs gathered up like a tailor, or a bear. On our approach to him, he reached out his forepaw as if to receive something to eat.

As the Baron observed in his introduction to the article, the Teacher's Association's statement is a more than welcome change to the usual MC PC nonsense that forces locals in Western countries to adapt to the barbaric and primitive customs of mahoundianism.

Anonymous said...

Why should they? I mean, really, considering that it's illegal to discriminate, they don't have an incentive to immigrate.

Also, what do these simpletons expect when they allow tons of immigrants in a country? Germany must require the Turks to go home if she still wants to be Germany and not Western Turkey.

linbetwin said...

Here are some nice Erdotoons in which the Erdogoon is showing his true colours. Maybe they can be used to illustrate posts about Erdottoman.

Apuleius Platonicus said...

Everyone should familiarize themselves with Turkish policies with respect to minorities such as the Kurds, Armenians, Bedouin Arabs, Roma, etc. Not that such policies should be emulated -- only that they make clear how seriously Turkey can be taken on this issue.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I don't want turks to assimilate. I want them out of Europe.

Anonymous said...

It is good news that the German teachers are showing some backbone. Can anyone imagine the teachers' unions here in America saying anything similar to this? I can't.

At the same time, I admit I'm not sure how this is exactly a sign that the Germans are saved or even beginning to save themselves. If Germany is just supposed to mean the central area between the Alps and the North Sea where a dialect of West Germanic is spoken, and if the Turks actually give up their ancient mother tongue and pledge fealty to the aging German bureaucrats in Berlin, then maybe yes.

But what if Germany means more than that? If it means even one attribute more than language and geographic residence, then I don't see how this proposal is going to be enough.

But at least some group of Germans is attempting to set the rules in their own house. That is a sign of confidence and assertiveness, which the Germans certainly must demonstrate if they are going to survive.

Also, Apuleius Platonicus: I understand your point regarding Turkish hypocrisy. Certainly it is legendary. But I think we are more concerned with how seriously the Germans, rather than the Turks, are being taken on this issue.

EscapeVelocity said...

Id be really pissed off, if a foreign country like Turkey started lording over my country because it had Turkish immigrants.

For example if the Chinese government started lording over Canada with its large Chinese immigrant population on the West Coast. Inserting itself into policy and cultural matters.

That is colonization, not immigration. Prima facae.

Mad Dog Gazza said...

EV, of course its colonisation. Gadhaffi Duck himself said so.

laine said...

There is absolutely no advantage to the host country to waste money "strengthening" the home country language skills of immigrants through their school system already short of money. If these kids are not taught their mother language at home by their parents, then ipso facto there's not enough interest by the family itself. Why on earth should the state be more interested in conserving their language than they are themselves?

So called "Heritage language" programs are insane in multicultural societies where equal rights means when you open that door you have to cater to hundreds of languages! On the one hand, the state declares it wishes immigrants to assimilate. On the other (left) hand, the state does everything it can to keep the old ways alive for its immigrants, working harder at it than the families themselves! This is insane. Just imagine moving to any foreign country and being offered English classes there by its government so you don't "lose it! necessarily leaving fewer hours and dollars to get you to speak the local language of the country you chose!

Anonymous said...

The GEW, Gewerkschaft fuer Erziehung und Wissenschaften, is one of the most culturally suicidal and socialist unions in Germany.

What they are afraid of is losing jobs to immigrant turk teachers. They have no qualms about destroying German culture and society. They do it every day. To them, muslim and negro immigrants are a welcome "dilution of German blood", as Joschka Fischer (the former German minister of foreign affairs and nowadays prof at Harvard) already proclaimed in the 1980s.

Follow the money! Like in most cases.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that Fischer quote is very telling.

I'm sure that most mainstream conservatives have no trouble with mass immigration into Germany so long as the immigrants speak German and down beer with the best of them (never mind that they don't).

But I wonder how many of the MSM cons are actually excited about mass immigration? Maybe they don't care that the German nation is being diluted away to nothingness, but how many of them are giddy with excitement because of it?

I think that even the civic nationalists must admit that these immigrationistas' exuberance has a certain perverse quality to it.