Monday, March 15, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/15/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/15/2010The regional elections in France have produced a left-right split similar to what happened in Norway a few months ago. Nicolas Sarkozy’s center-right party (UMP) suffering a setback at the expense of the Socialists (PS) and Le Pen’s Front National (FN). Is French politics losing its center and being hollowed out?

In other news, more and more Turkish parents are arranging to have their children born in the USA to give them all the benefits that come with American citizenship. Companies are taking advantage of this trend by creating “birth tourism” packages for expectant parents to travel to the USA.

Thanks to Barry Rubin, CSP, Diana West, Insubria, JD, LN, Paul Green, TB, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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Avraham said...

Remember that fellow at the academy awards that received about $60,000) to produce a film and used his opportunity to damm Israel?
Citizenship should stop being based on birth place but a different model which includes loyalty to the ideals of freedom and democracy. I believe in ancient Rome citizenship was not so easily gained as just being born there and it should be the same today.
It should be based on service to democracy.
Lieberman had this idea in Israel and became very unpopular because of this but it seems to me to be true that people that are committed to destroy a state should not be considered citizens of the state with all the benefits that involves.

hadley said...

Citizenship should not be proposition-based: "let me in because I believe in Democracy and open borders!"

we should all emulate the Jews: you do not get in no matter how nice you are unless you are a member of our race and tribe!

Not only that, but we must throw out all our illegals no matter how much they pretend to love our democracy. Ship 'em back home like the Jews do! Raus! If you are a member of our tribe, fine. If you worship our God, fine. But otherwise stay the h*ll out!

Look to the Jews, friends, look to the Jews! Israel is what you should emulate. God says they are supposed to be a light unto us heathen, so look at what they do in Israel and copy it!

Anonymous said...


I believe he received far more than 60,000, but don't feel like checking it right now.

In the Israeli parliament you can find a former advisor of Yasser Arafat, members of the Islamic Movement (the Islamic Movement has an extremist branch that wishes to destroy Israel and a moderate branch that just wishes to "transform" it), a nationalist Palestinian/Pan-Arabist party whose Christian founder spied for Hizballah, and Arab "communists" (I think they're rather fake communists), all voted in by Israel's Arabs, yet some of these MPs have the gall to travel around the world and tell adoring western audiences that Israel is an apartheid state.

laine said...

This idiotic loophole of conferring citizenship on a baby merely because he's born on US soil has to be closed. Long before the Turks hit on this, Chinese were doing it. They have also been sending one kid each to Canada and the USA so they have a toehold and the entire family can follow at will under lax reunification rules. (There's no reason an adult's parents should be allowed to immigrate to a country where they have paid no taxes and will be a net drain).