Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Islam Rising

A new documentary about Geert Wilders and his stance against Islamization is about to be released. Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated an article from Algemeen Dagblad about the upcoming movie:

Wilders honored with leading role in American documentary

On May 1 in Los Angeles Geert Wilders will attend the premiere of a film made about him. This is what the PVV leader made public on Monday. The documentary, about one hour long, is on the advance of Islam, which is at the expense of our freedom, according to him.

The film, entitled “Islam Rising: Geert Wilders’ Warning to the West”, was created by the American production company PRB Films, in collaboration with the Christian Action Network. Wilders finds it “quite an honor “that a film has been made about him. He has already has seen some parts of it. There was nothing wrong with those parts, the politician said: “It is my message.’’

The documentary makers have interviewed Wilders, but also make use of many images of speeches he has given, as well as TV interviews.

The trailer includes references to Fitna, the anti-Koran film made by Wilders and published on the Internet in March 2008. Fitna, according to him, was meant to highlight the dangers of the Koran and Islamic ideology. Wilders announced earlier that he would make a sequel, but he will not be able to finish it before the national elections in June. In Fitna 2 he wants to show the consequences of mass immigration from Muslim countries.

This is the trailer for Islam Rising:

See also Geert Wilders’ website.

Commenter TR points out that the Dutch MSM is taking the opportunity to play “gotcha!” with Geert Wilders for associating himself with homophobic Christians. As TR says, “When Wilders works with Christians, he is ‘anti-gay’. When leftists cuddle up to Islamic militants who want to kill or expel gays, they are ‘tolerant’.”

From Dutch News:
- - - - - - - - -
Anti gay rights group makes pro-Wilders film

Anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders is to travel to the US to attend the premier of a film about him, even though the film was made together with a conservative anti-gay American Christian group.

Wilders, who has made support for gay rights a central part of his anti-Islam message, says on his website it is a ‘real honour’ that a film has been made about him.

The film is titled Islam Rising: Geert Wilders Warning to the West, and was made by small-time production company PRB Films, together with Christian Action Network.

CAN, which claims to operate along Biblical principles, mainly campaigns against Islam. But it also takes action against same sex marriage and abortion and what it calls anti-Christian art.

‘I totally disagree with them about this [gay marriage],’ Wilders was quoted as saying by the Pers. ‘But they can make a film about me.’

Wilders claimed last year that several professional US film makers had offered their help in making a follow up to his 2008 anti-Islam video compilation Fitna.


Jedilson Bonfim said...

Well, it was my support of gay rights and women's rights that first got me interested in learning about how mahoundianism threatened those rights... But would I first pick a fight with CAN or Pat Robertson over their opposition to gay marriage, weakening those fighting against jihad, and then move on to trying to stop the islamization/opensewerization forces working to destroy the West? No way, no how.

One thing that a lot of people need to get straight is that if the mahoundian side wins, the debate on gay rights and women's rights, not to mention freedom of speech, religious freedom and human rights according to what they mean in Western epistemology, is over. As Bruce Bauer once wrote, while people like Pat Robertson only wanted to deny him the right to marry his partner, the imams he came across in Europe wanted to drop a wall on him. That's really what's at stake here. And, while I obviously wouldn't side with CAN on gay rights, I wouldn't pick a fight with them. Fighting jihad has to come first and foremost.

costin said...


"Anti gay rights group makes pro-Wilders film"

This makes sense.. something has to be teribly wrong about these guys if they support Wilders.. ah, yes! we got it, they are conservatives, Christian and "anti-gay rights"! (the "right" of two men to mary in a church) they hold the absurdity that a marriage is between a man and a woman. i'm sure they don't opose some form of legal communion, but who cares? the are right wing islamophopes, homophopes, primitive christians, extremists. they support Wilders, so they must be crazy..

Anonymous said...

This headline is a typical journalistic manipulation of information - a way to give the readers false information without actually lying (though "reporters" these days are not above straight lies either to aggressively promote their political agenda). It's not like CAN is dedicated exclusively to opposition to gay marriage, but they seem like a typical conservative Christian group, if I got it right. Honest reporting would be "Conservative Christian group makes pro-Wilders film", or if you really want to bash them (and Wilders by extension), "Fundamentalist Christian group makes pro-Wilders film". But in this headline not only do they pick just one of CAN's issues and make it appear like it's their sole agenda, but worse than that - they omit the central fact that it's a Christian group, a religious group. They make it look like a bunch of random homophobes (most likely far-right types, the reader is likely to assume) is supporting Wilders. If you're anti gay rights than you're likely to support a far-right anti-Islam politician, being homophobe and Islamophobe fit together. If what they wanted to do with this headline is emphasize the paradox that a group that, among other things, opposes gay marriage, is supporting Wilders who made defending gays one of his lines, still they should have at least called them a "Christian anti gay rights group". I think it would even strengthen the sense of "irony" (since Wilders opposes Islam for being anti-gay, among other things, and these are Christians who are "just like the Muslims").

Many people just read the headlines, but even if they read on still the headline is the first impression where most people already make their mind up, or rather have their mind made up by the journalists.

Jedilson Bonfim,

"But would I first pick a fight with CAN or Pat Robertson over their opposition to gay marriage, weakening those fighting against jihad... ?"

First priority is definitely the physical survival and well being of gays. If gays are dead, regularly beaten up or forced back in the closet they're not very likely to get married anyway.

Anonymous said...

Why Jews convert to Islam?




So can we truth this politician?

Mad Dog Gazza said...

I see that the Usenet spammer arah has found his way here.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry

Islam have been in Europe even before the Renaissance, now they are returning back.

Enjoy the shows

History of Islam in Europe



costin said...

cool, there you have it, your postmodern-meets-islamc revision of history, lettting us know that it wont be so bad when Islam will rule in Europe once again, because, isn't so?.. "it was so progresive and intelectual", until the primitive Catholics did "an astonishing act of ethnic clensing on Granada muslims"

ChrisLA said...

Sadly, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller have backed out of the showing of Islam Rising because the event has become a debate over gay rights rather than Islam.

See http://www.jihadwatch.org/2010/03/a-statement-from-pamela-geller-and-robert-spencer-of-the-freedom-defense-initiative.html

It is sad that Christian intolerance has prevented a frank discussion of Islamic intolerance.

Anonymous said...

Since my female intuition is telling me that the myth of Al Andalus is in those videos! I suppose the videos say something similar to what the guy I replied to on my blog there said."

Anonymous said...

My dear Costin

Thank you for your positive comment.

The miracle of Al Quran that all mankind should benefit


Anonymous said...

Now let us study what "peaceful christian" have done to europe


ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Arah, none of us enjoys islam in Europe. You can sugar-coat it all you want. It won't change anything. Islam is an abhomination. Europe will never become part of your despicable ummah. Savages like you don't belong here. Vade retro, satanas!!

EscapeVelocity said...

Its a shame that anti Christian bigotry and twisted Leftwing Political Correctness has so befuddled Western Civilization....that it cant unite and present a unified front against Islam.

EscapeVelocity said...

I found this on Pam Geller's site...

Pam says...

"Just because you consider something immoral doesn't mean you should go around heaping abuse on those who have a different view of those whom you consider immoral."

That is rich, coming from a women who heaps abuse on those Islamics who have a different moral view of many issues.

But it just goes to show you the deep divide in the West, which has made it ripe for the picking. The Left has done its job well.

I would say that Pam Geller may be the liberal that Lawrence Auster thinks that Krauthammer is. Then again, they are both Jews. shrugs ;)

Anonymous said...

EV, it's hilarious considering that I thought of the same thing when I read that. But again, considering that she is more or less a liberal, her actions are congruent with her creed. To use Lawrence Auster's terms, she makes an unprincipled exception for Islam. Her position is fairly normal, if you ask me considering what I wrote earlier.

Funny enough, we agree on something. :P