Friday, March 26, 2010

Who Are the Anti-Semites in Norway?

Recent media reports about attacks by Muslims on Norwegian Jews have brought the issue of Muslim Jew-hatred to the surface. Up until now, public officials have been loath to acknowledge that such a problem exists in Norway, but that attitude seems to be changing.

The following article was adapted from Islam in Europe (based on originals from VG and NRK) by our Swedish correspondent Freedom Fighter:

Jewish leader demands investigation of Muslim anti-Semitism

The Holocaust Center in Oslo will investigate Jew-hatred in Norway, but the center doesn’t plan to investigate the attitudes of Norwegian Muslims as a group when it comes to Jew-hatred.

This has become a topical issue with the recent news reports of Jew-hatred among students of Muslim background.

“Anti-Semitism among Norwegian Muslims should be part of the study,” says the head of the Mosaic Faith Society in Norway, Anne Sender.

“I can see no other solution when the world looks as it does, and we have the facts and the experiences in any case, essentially from the European reality, with last week’s revelations,” she says.

The Holocaust Center will now consider whether they’ll investigate what Norwegian Muslims think about Jews.

Education minister Kristin Halvorsen (SV) already took the initiative to set up a work-group to attempt to fight racism and anti-Semitism in Norwegian schools.

“I’ve spoken with many teachers who think it’s important to tackle the problems that turn up with harassment, racism and anti-Semitism in Norwegian schools. Therefore we’re inviting representatives from the schools, police, and various faith communities to participate in the work-group,” said the education minister, who also added that they’ll focus on attitude-creating work.

Following NRK’s report on Jew-hatred in Norwegian schools, the minister put the issue on her agenda. On Wednesday she met with representatives from the Mosaic Faith Society.

Chairman Anne Sender is positive about the work-group.
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“I think something concrete can come out of it,” Sender told Norwegian news agency NTB.

She thinks it’s all about what type of society one wants, and that everything regarding racism and anti-Semitism should be taken seriously. She says that now that it’s dealt with at a national level, the chances for success are better.

Sender has on several occasions linked anti-Semitic attitudes to Muslim communities, and said that this is exactly where the problem lies.

Kristin Halvorsen doesn’t agree with that conclusion.

“It’s not a Muslim problem, but a Norwegian problem,” she says.

The minister also emphasized the importance of differentiating between anti-Semitism and Israel’s politics.


Jedilson Bonfim said...

Kristin Halvorsen doesn’t agree with that conclusion.

“It’s not a Muslim problem, but a Norwegian problem,” she says.

Such PC MC deceivers will do and say whatever it takes to try to keep everyone's heads buried in the sand, or stuck in that place where the sun don't shine, rather than face reality. Of course she doesn't agree with that... After all, that would require that she reject all of the leftist and anti-Semitic dogmas upon which she has based her political opinions for most of her life, kind of like a mahoundian rejecting Mein Qurampf.

The minister also emphasized the importance of differentiating between anti-Semitism and Israel’s politics.

As though what is at stake here weren't what Geert WIlders and Hugh Fitzgerald have brought up a million times... That the focus of the forces of jihad mostly against Israel is what still keeps all other places which were at some point in time under mahoundian control, and the rest of the world after them, from facing the same open hostility and attacks which Israel has had to face from the cesspools of inbred bedouin savagery which surround it.

Svartwulf said...

Kristin Halvorsen doesn’t agree with that conclusion.

“It’s not a Muslim problem, but a Norwegian problem,” she says.

Alright, speaking as a Norseman with Norwegian ancestry, here is a Norwegian answer.

Armor up, grab your weapons, and stomp major @$$ of those responsible for this crap til they behave or leave. That will solve Muslim antisemitism.

Camelot said...

Mrs. Halvorsen is not the only one that tries to write this off as "not being a Muslim problem", i.e. a problem that doesn't have anything to do with Islam. The leader of the Norwegian Center against Racism blames the "frustration" that the young Muslims feel, as they allegedly are being mistreated and discriminated against by the rest of the society.

Once again, we see that the responsibility for hateful actions commited by Muslims are put on "us".

A more thorough comment is posted in my newly erected blog.

Baron Bodissey said...

Camelot --

Don't be shy; leave a link.

We encourage it.

EscapeVelocity said...

I agree with Kritin Halvorsen who said:

“It’s not a Muslim problem, but a Norwegian problem."

The Norweigan Left is also filled with anti Semites.

Tanstaafl said...

What about the muslim Norwegian-hate?

The jews in Norway can always relocate to Israel where there is a pro-jewish government that will do its best to protect them.

The Norwegian natives are not so fortunate. From the recent vote in Switzerland we can see that merely banning minarets brings the condemnation of the media and political classes across the West, as well as local and international jewish organizations. If the Swiss, Norwegians, or any other European nation were to overthrow their anti-White governments and eject the muslims they'd likely be bombed and invaded by NATO.

Camelot said...

Baron B.

I guess my humbleness got in the way. But thanks for leaving my link there.

And thank you for administrating this blog. As a newly "awaken" realist, I highly value the news, information and debates you post here.


EscapeVelocity said...

What about the muslim Norwegian-hate? - Tanstaafl

That would include the same 2 groups internally. The Norweigan Left and the Muslims.