Friday, March 26, 2010

Red Alert in the Yellow Sea

This is breaking news, so by the time I finish formatting and posting it, the story may have changed completely.

But… as of right now, it appears that North Korea has fired a torpedo at a South Korean naval vessel and sunk it. The ship was patrolling in the Yellow Sea with 104 crew members on board, and some of them were probably killed.

The earliest reports emphasized the likelihood of hostile fire as the cause of the sinking. According to Digital Journal:

South Korean Navy ship believed attacked by North Korea

A South Korean naval vessel is sinking off the Korean Peninsula’s North-South divide and could have been attacked by a North Korean ship. South Korea is investigating the sinking of the ship, with more than 100 sailors aboard.

Seoul, Korea, Republic of — Reuters says many of the sailors aboard are feared dead. The agency quoted South Korean YTN TV network, which said the sinking could be due to a torpedo attack by the North and Korea’s national news agency, Yonhap, said an emergency meeting of cabinet ministers had been called.

The agency also reported that a South Korean navy ship had fired toward an unidentified vessel to the north.

Besides making threatening noises with its rocket armoury, North Korea in recent weeks said it would strengthen its defences to balance US-South Korean military drills earlier in the month.

The BBC says more than 50 sailors have been rescued from the sea near Baengnyeong island by South Korean naval and coast guard ships. The island is in a disputed zone.

Since then the storyline has shifted slightly. According to Breitbart:
- - - - - - - - -
Korean Naval Vessel Sinks in Yellow Sea

Notice: no mention of a North Korean attack in the headline, nor in the next two paragraphs:

A South Korean naval ship with a reported 104 crew members aboard sank off a South Korean island in the Yellow Sea near the maritime border with North Korea on Friday evening, prompting an emergency meeting of security-related Cabinet ministers, Yonhap News Agency reported.

There were few details of the mishap, but Yonhap, quoting the navy, said the vessel went down about 9:45 p.m. Friday and that a rescue operation was underway.

Other South Korean media said there were believed to be multiple casualties in the sinking and some suggested the ship may have come under fire from a North Korean vessel.

OK, so they finally mentioned it. But why this new reticence? Maybe it has something to do with this:

But the presidential office was quoted later as saying the chances the North was directly involved was “small.”

President Lee Myung Bak ordered the South Korean military to focus efforts on rescuing sailors from the ship, aides said early Saturday morning, adding it is unclear if North Korea was involved in the incident, Yonhap said.

He convened the emergency meeting of ministers at the underground bunker at the presidential office Cheong Wa Dae immediately after reports arrived that the 1,200-ton naval ship was sinking near the western sea border with North Korea, Yonhap said.

“For now, it is not certain whether North Korea is related” to the incident, presidential office spokeswoman Kim Eun Hye was quoted as saying. “President Lee ordered the military to do its best to rescue the (sailors).”

However, it seems that not all of the South Korean naval commanders have received the word from on high:

Yonhap said South Korean naval officials refused to give details about the incident, but they did say a South Korean vessel fired at what was believed be an unidentified ship toward North Korea later in the evening, “indicating possibilities” of a torpedo attack from the North.

Local residents in the area were quoted by the South Korean news agency as having heard gunfire for about 10 minutes from about 11 p.m.

And birds may be the culprits:

But YTN television said analysis by the South Korean military of radar images in the area indicated the firing may have been toward a flock of birds rather than at a suspicious ship.

So what’s going on? Here’s my inexpert and ill-informed analysis:

The North Koreans habitually do nasty threatening things just before returning to the negotiating table, in order to leverage more concessions out of Uncle Sucker with their scary belligerence. Sensing a weak reed in the White House, they have upped the ante this time, saying, in effect, “OK, Mr. Big Man Hussein — whaddaya gonna do about this one, hey?”

For South Korea, everything hinges on the reaction of the United States. In a conventional attack, according to war game results, North Korea could overrun Seoul before the South could fully mobilize. This is due to the proximity of the capital to the DMZ, and is true even with the participation of some or all of the 40,000 American troops in South Korea.

If the United States does not react to a provocation by threatening an overwhelming air response, nuclear or otherwise, South Korea faces a major military disaster.

Presumably Seoul knows the same thing that Pyongyang knows: Obama is a weakling and a coward, and is likely to equivocate and waffle and grope for dialogue rather than act decisively. His most forceful response would probably be to take it to the UN Security Council and demand a strongly-worded resolution.

If the South Koreans were to acknowledge that the North was behind the sinking, then they would be obliged to retaliate. After that they would probably find themselves in, shall we say, a spot of bother.

So they’re lying low and waiting to see which way the O-wind blows.

All of the information included above was dredged from my memory and has not been verified by any googling. People who really know what they’re talking about are welcome to correct my mistakes in the comments.

Hat tip for the Breitbart article: KGS.


Cobra said...

The world is on fire and our prime minister is imposing his commie agenda upon us.
Party like it is 1938...

Anonymous said...

Just when we thought we had our hands full with the financial crisis, world djihad, Iran nukes and cultural marxism in the West.

Baron Bodissey said...

Cobra --

Actually, we left 1938 behind quite a while ago. This is more like August 31, 1939.

linbetwin said...

Don't get your eyes off the Middle East! Israeli tanks enter Gaza

Michael Carr - Veritas Literary said...

What is the evidence that Obama is a weakling? He has stepped up military attacks in Yemen and Pakistan and escalated the war in Afghanistan.

He has been a disaster for fiscal solvency and has carried on the predictable nonsense with immigration, but the foreign policy has been at least as aggressive as Bush's post 2003.

Takuan Seiyo said...

“Obama is a weakling and a coward, and is likely to equivocate and waffle and grope for dialogue rather than act decisively.”
The entire West, and U.S. most saliently since the images of fainting females and teary-eyed males at BHO rallies were beamed around the world, has put itself in the position of an enfeebled, senile elephant. First, a small pack of hyenas, maybe two or three, launch the attack. That would be Al Qaeda and Iran-funded Shiite terrorism. As the attack progresses, and the elephant keeps exhibiting signs of confusion, indecision and general flabbiness of thought and action, more hyenas join from different directions. Hence the NorKors shooting rockets over Japan or sinking Korean vessels, the Russians under Canadian Arctic or in British or Scandinavian airspace etc. Expect more of the same.
BTW the more females who look, act and talk like the clueless Madeleine Albright (obligatory video’s link beyond my ability for embedding, google Youtube, Madeleine Albright, David Zucker) or Dubya’s brain, Condie Rice, or Dubya’s envoy to the Islamic world, Karen Hughes, or Mrs. Clinton, or Eurabia’s Catherine Ashton are the public face of the West in its dealings with the rest of the world that’s mostly macho patriarchal, the more the West is broadcasting worldwide that it is terminally stupid, gelded, and disinterested in its own survival and the survival of its allies.

Fjordman said...

I agree with TS: It's because they perceive weakness from the Top Dog, the USA, and its Marxist-in-Chief. That's my take. The West is widely considered a decadent civilization on its last legs around the world. This image will only be changed with the emergence of a new warrior creed among white men, the defeat of Multicultural Globalism, the restoration of our borders and the defeat of anti-white propaganda.

Cobra said...

I think we are still in 1938 right before Neville Chamberlain sold Czechoslovakia.
The worst is coming fast.
I wonder how will the new Molotov-Ribbentrop pact be played and by whom...

Anonymous said...

KingM, did you miss Hoebama's take on North Korea and Iran of last year? Him backing out of the Eastern European missile shield? What about his speech in Cairo and kissing the hand of the Saudi royals? I can go on. All these are signs of weakness - it's the blood in the water that sharks feel. Also, it's not even just that, the fact that we are willing to listen to outrageous claims from stupid little countries that my country's army alone could take is a frigging joke. I don't remember who the United States' envoy to Brazil was, but the Brazilians said that the US and white people should pay for the mess they do in cutting their forests or something like that. If I was that envoy, I would have got up and been on the first plane back to Washington. I'm not some idiot's fool to be humiliated with stupid demands like that and I'm just some random girl in a more or less third world country, not a diplomat who should have balls in negotiating for his country. Obama's election to begin with showed that the US stopped being what it was - a group that is willing to elect a man from outside the group, isn't going to stick up for it's interests. And yes, I'm referring to white Americans who basically created everything in the US and defined the country.

I agree with Fjordman - his points are dead on. This is why Muslims aren't as much of a problem in Russia where it's the Russian way or the highway. There's a reason why non-Europeans disrespect Europeans and have outrageous demands and this is because the European man ceased to be a man - just like the European woman isn't a woman anymore. Sure, I'm exaggerating, but this is what comes across. I feel ashamed by the weakness of Europeans and by how weak the greatest civilization on Earth got.

I watched this documentary earlier about the men who sacrificed everything in WW1 and there was one of the few veterns who are still alive and he cried while talking about it, but he said that he would do it again if his country needed it. This is how men were then. Hell, in my country a woman volunteered after her brother died and she was taken prisoner, escaped by killing her guards, got wounded, hospitalized, returned to the battlefield and died, her last words being something along the line "forward, men, I'm still with you". I doubt the present average European man would show the valour of neither of these two people. When you ask the people of a country if they are willing to die for it and they aren't, then you are facing a dying culture and society. For Christ sake, we had 14 years olds volunteer in WW1. Those men(I hate the men and women thing since it's a farce) died for a reason - they believed in something and that something is their own people and nation. We don't do that anymore. Now we have people dissing their own countries, let alone pick up arms for them. So yes, everything shows that we are on our dying steps, I don't see why all these people wouldn't push now.

Cobra, Chamberlain sold more than Czechoslovakia...

mace said...


Why wouldn't most people be willing to fight for their countries, if threatened? Modern generations are,fortunately,more skeptical about the need to invade foreign countries and bomb the beejeezus out of the poulation in the hope of 'winning their hearts and minds'. Surely the Vietnam debacle would be lesson enough-it doesn't (expletive deleted) work.

Any comparison of the comtemporary international situation with 1938/9 is really drawing a longbow,who's the modern Hitler? With the benefit of hindsight Chamberlain was wrong for the right reasons,like most of his generation,he remembered the horrors of WW1,no sane person would want that to re-occur.Churchill was correct about Hitler's intentions because he was basically, a war-monger and recognized as such by the British who dumped him when the war was won.

I'd invite all armchair generals of military age to volunteer and 'defend' Western Civilization in whatever theatre of war happens to be the guerre de jour.

Anonymous said...

mace, you are missing the point of what I said(completely, actually). By the way, I'm against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, I think the Yugoslavia debacle was plain idiotic and so on. I mean really defend their nation, not do the bidding of the state. And yes, if my nation was really under threat, I would volunteer for the armed forces, even if I am a 115lbs 19 years old girl.

mace said...


Well,perhaps the reason I missed the point is that you really didn't present it clearly.
I was commenting only on what I saw in your post in regard to the 'decadence'of Western civilization and the examples you used.To me, WW1 is an inappropriate example to use as it's the result of mindless militarism and definitely not a model of a sane foreign policy. People were naive then,we know better now.

Now I understand,we agree, actually.

linbetwin said...

Spot on, mace !

Vanilla, why do you think Afghanistan is a stupid war? Victory for the West would be a big blow for the jihadist cause. I suggest you volunteer with the Red Scorpions and kick some Muslim behind.

Again, you don't understand what WWI and WWII did to the European psyche. You don't understand how nuclear weapons and television changed people's attitude's towards war.

And you should remember that those feeble, effeminate, liberal democracies defeated Hitler, that manly, patriotic Aryan who fought against the decadent West. And then the West got even more decadent and still managed to fend off and outlast the Soviet Union. You're too young to remember how Commies used to teach us about the decadent West drowning in drugs, prostitution, pornography and crime. Now it's the Muslims' turn to pour scorn on our decadence and to threaten us. Sure, we'll appease them for now, like we did with Hitler and Stalin, but guess who's going to win in the end!

Western culture is decadent compared to what? Certainly not compared to the Muslim "culture". Western men aren't manly compared to whom? The kamikaze? The Aryan Nazi? The New Soviet Man? The Taliban?

Anonymous said...

mace, obviously I don't see WW1 as a good thing or a path to conduct foreign policy. I'm just referring to the fact that people then were willing to die for their people, while now they participate at it's destruction. I find both world wars as abhorrent and I wish they didn't happen. What do people know better now though? To appease and bend over?

linbetwin, victory for the west wouldn't be a big blow for the jihadist cause and nation building is an idiotic concept. And victory for the west is irrelevant too since my nation isn't under threat from the jihadist. I find it farcical that our country is even there - and especially in Iraq, to which the US didn't even bother to declare war legitimately. I could care the less what Muslims do in their countries, the problem is that they're here. They can blow each other up there and I don't care, they're not a threat to me.

And I understand what WW1 and WW2 did, I'm not saying that they were great things. I'm saying that people then had a healthy attitude towards their nations. The fact that horrible foreign policy led to the wars, is the second part. I'm not advocating neither the wars - this is a logical fallacy called straw man argument.

Another thing. I don't see why you praise the victory of those liberal democracies considering what came on led to more death than the war itself, in the sense of communist ideology. Oh, and it was obvious that Hitler will lose the war since the US joined the war. And you don't know why the West is decadent? First of all, it's share of world GDP is collapsing. 20 years ago, the EU accounted for 36% of world's GDP. Now, it accounts for 25% and in ten years for 15% or so. Economically, the West is emloding under the socialist measures they undertook. Demographically, people of European descent were 25-30% of the world's population and now we are becoming single digits. Culturally, we can't even impose our own way inside our own borders, let alone do what the British empire did. The European man doesn't care about her woman being raped by immigrants or for the extinction of his people in the name of 'social justice' and her woman cares more about her feminist priviledges and how to spit on her men, rather than support them. Half of the children born in the UK are born out of wedlock and I will let you find the stats for educational performance and crime rates for these children. The family system is collapsing, half of the marriages ending in divorce. Do you really want me to go on because I can do it forever?

It's funny that you don't have a problem with appeasing them, but you dislike the world wars. Appeasing lead to them. And today's men aren't manly compared to their grandfathers and great grandfathers. You can pick British men, for example. Also, if you think these generations are the greatness of the West, you are misguided. What Westerners are doing now is spend the inheritance of their forefathers into oblivion(both the real capital and social capital). Since you like parallels to the Romanian Comunists. They're doing what the Comunists did - spend the money of the bourgeoisie, then go into debt and then starve. Right now we are going into debt.

linbetwin said...

Twitter News alert: "Arab League chief says 'it's time to face Israel' and 'we have to have alternative plans'"

Vanilla, my woman - since you put it like that - hasn't been raped and she hasn't spat on me either. We are a civilized society, we've police and judges to deal with rape, we don't mob in the streets like barbarians.

People are patriotic enough today, but they're also educated and reliant on sophisticated drones and other military equipment. We don't have to beat our breasts with a brick to show we are patriotic. We may not be the greatest generation in history - I never said we were - but we'll hold our own when/if time comes. Better smart and well-equipped like an Israeli than fanatically "patriotic" like a Palestinian.

Anonymous said...

linbetwin, it's obvious that you are clueless and you do the cutesy stupid thing of taking an individual case and since that case doesn't conform to the norm, then it's not true. And I find it farcical that a Romanian can say that people today are patriotic(I wonder in what kind of bubble you're living).

The Israeli's aren't smart. If they were smart, they would have cleansed the whole region they were given by the British of Palestinians and live in peace now. And I don't get how stupid Arabs can be - why do they become terrorists instead of just applying for Israeli citizenship and having a lot of kids is beyond me. How civilized we are is a relative thing - I don't see today's people being that cultured or mannered, nor the European society dealing with crime effectively.

Oh, and you can save your irony for someone who cares about it.

Anonymous said...

I'll make my last comment on this one to explain what I tried to convey through the WW1 thing. Unlike the belief that most people have, civilizations are fragile. The Roman empire was fragile, however complex and solid it seemed compared to the barbarians.

A civilization's biggest weakness is fear and it's biggest strength it's confidence. The confidence in the superiority of it's system of laws, of it's people, philosophy and art. Europeans had that in WW1, we don't now. And by fear, I mean fear of war, of disease, of being called racist or sexist or whatever leads to not fighting for your civilization. Tolerance is driven by fear and Aristotle was right that tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society(equality is probably the other, not apathy). Islam wins because of the lack of confidence in ourselves and our lack of believe in our superiority.

Another threat is boredom. And oh my, we show this one to the core. We are basically that Greek city described in a play that waited for the barbarians to loot it and when the barbarians moved on without doing so, they sighed and said that it would have been better than nothing to be looted.

By the way, this state of exhaustion isn't anything new. The civilizations of Greece and Rome collapsed for the same reasons. I have a friend who studied classics and he said that I would be surprised by how common these collapses that we are suffering are throughout history. I guess history is bound to repeat itself over and over again. It's funny because you can extrapolate Rome's collapse to our immigration issue too. At first the 'barbarians' were partially Romanized and helped to carry on the administration of the empire, but eventually the system broke down, which led to a great wave of other barbarians who were hostile to the Romans. This is where we are now. Oddly enough, the final nail in the coffin of the Roman way of life was Islam, which gave it's followers the confidence that once directed the legions of Rome. What I was referring to about the first world war wasn't the awesomeness of men dying, which is a horrible thing, but to the confidence of each nation and their belief in their own superiority. In merely fifty years the classical world was destroyed... And this is where we find ourselves today. With the current system and lack of confidence, in fifty years we will be overrun.

linbetwin said...

If you're going to talk about cleansing, I think I'll end the discussion here and let you go about your business of saving the West.

Zenster said...

In a conventional attack, according to war game results, North Korea could overrun Seoul before the South could fully mobilize. This is due to the proximity of the capital to the DMZ, and is true even with the participation of some or all of the 40,000 American troops in South Korea.

If the United States does not react to a provocation by threatening an overwhelming air response, nuclear or otherwise, South Korea faces a major military disaster.

The supposition that North Korea is capable of launching such a devastating attack against the South relies upon some major assumptions that may not hold even a drop of water.

Consider: The North's threat centers upon tens of thousands of artillery emplacements that edge upon the DMZ and Seoul's proximity to it.

Has anyone done the math regarding how old and stale the artillery rounds for those cannon must be? The cost of rotating and resupplying that ammunition would be staggering just by itself. How about the unaffordable expense to North Korea of performing live fire excercises in order that those troops are at maximum competence?

Even more daunting is Napoleon's old surmise that: "An army marches on its stomach."

Where is the massive supply of food that North Korea would require to fuel such an assault? This, while its own citizens are making soup from tree bark and practicing cannibalism. There is simply no way that sufficient food stores have been, or can be, diverted towards feeding enough troops to successfully overrun the DMZ. Even if it is only to get them into enough South Korean supermarkets to keep feeding them.

North Korea is what it always has been for many years now: A paper tiger whose might is entirely dependent upon Communist China for its ferocity. Any actual conclusion to this argument must entertain whether Communist China is prepared to sacrifice all pretense of being a cooperative actor on the global stage in order to prop up a withering little totalitarian dynastic regime that is on its last legs.

While this conclusion also depends upon larger issues of China countenancing a reunion of North and South Korea and the establishment of even a marginally functional democracy on its flank, there still remains the primary insanity of believing that North Korea could prevail against any foe with its ill-trained and starving troops.

Takuan Seiyo said...

It’s not often that I take a side that’s not the esteemed Zenster’s, but here I will, at least partially. Also, I don't normally write about what I see in the Orient, because there are other topics I consider more important, and there is only that much time.
What I have seen leads me to the conclusion that there is a psychic fungus-like effect of prosperity coupled with forgetting the ways and wisdom of the ancestors. This decay is hugely evident in Japan and in South Korea, though the latter trails 15 years behind Japan in most things bad and good, so the damage is lesser. Both these countries, particularly Japan, have a warrior tradition that would make any post-Sparta country proud. There are smidgens of this that exist to this day.
For instance, as I write this, there are several 80+ grandmas from samurai families practicing their traditional weapon – a 7-ft. plus halberd – outside my window. It would astonish you what a 5’ shriveled crone can do with a 7’-plus halberd, if she has the required “heart” (as the Japanese refer to it) and has practiced daily rain or shine for 65 years. These women, as young ingénues, were prepared to take on the landing U.S. Marines with those halberds in 1945. But that spirit has largely vanished, while Louis Vuitton products may be found in nearly every Japanese (and Korean) closet.
The municipal council in a town in Northwest Japan has passed and publicized a declaration that in case the NorKors land, the local people will not defend themselves and will accept their conquerors in a spirit of acceptance and resignation. I have seen similar chicken-heartedness in S, Korea, if on a smaller scale. At least the urban population does not seem to like the idea of fighting the NorKors, and for those in Seoul the very idea is a nightmare.
To fight NorKors effectively, the Korean must be able to accept the idea of sacrificing Seoul, and the country’s prosperity with it. And don’t kid yourself, the NorKor soldiers are tough, and though they may only get their privileged two bowls of rice a day (with pickles), they are able to march 45 kms on those two bowls, fully loaded. There are documentaries of low-tech NorKor warfare capabilities shown on television here that are quite impressive. Think trained German Shepherds against tanks, and (select) soldiers able to take on and take over bare-handed a rolling truck with its cabin occupants in 20 secs.
There is no substitute for spirit. A people has to seek that spirit proactively, because materialism seems to erase it, universally. But it has to be contained too, or else it leads to what Japan did in WW2. It’s a question of balance, and we have lost that balance in the opposite direction.

Zenster said...

Takuan Seiyo: The municipal council in a town in Northwest Japan has passed and publicized a declaration that in case the NorKors land, the local people will not defend themselves and will accept their conquerors in a spirit of acceptance and resignation. I have seen similar chicken-heartedness in S, Korea, if on a smaller scale. At least the urban population does not seem to like the idea of fighting the NorKors, and for those in Seoul the very idea is a nightmare.

I was unaware of such a declaration and it is, indeed, problematic. Especially with respect to the vital role of individual will or self-determination within such post-samurai or Bushido affected cultures, remnants of which exist in South Korea as well.

To fight NorKors effectively, the Korean must be able to accept the idea of sacrificing Seoul, and the country’s prosperity with it.

Your additional point reinforces one of my own paramount concerns with respect to Korean reunification. From all indications, unlike Germany, there is no way that Korea's chaebol (loosely akin to Japan's zaibatsu of wealthy oligarchic families), is likely to accept the enormous financial burden of reunification with the North.

Thus, an attack by North Korea and its subsequent defeat would be one of the few ways of precipitating this scenario. What remains in dispute is whether America, under Obama, would idly sit by and allow South Korea to be overrun.

Much like any lack of responsiveness by the Oval Office to a nuclear terrorist attack, I am also tempted to think that any inability or unwillingness to assist an embattled South Korea might result in some sort of palace coup in America.

Why much less likely to produce such a result as any lack of response in the terrorist nuclear attack scenario, non-performance with respect to assisting South Korea would create many similar instabilities.

Consider that South Korean shipyards now construct a huge percentage of the West's maritime cargo hauling capacity and what impact it might have upon Western economies to have that large scale chandlery lapse into Communist China's possession. Just that one factor alone could serve as a prime mover in reacting to any attack upon South Korea.

Again, there is no doubt that the psychological profiles involved are a huge component of this equation. However, just as important are momentous impacts upon the global economy and any attempt at absorption of such a "mini-dragon" as South Korea into the Communist netherworld would seemingly pose far too many complications to be ignored by the West.

Takuan Seiyo said...

I agree with your observations and will add some. You mentioned that an army marches on its stomachs. I will mention that an army marches on the strength of its nation’s finances and the gold content of its ducat. Not a day goes by that BHO doesn’t do something to wreck both. I will shun speculation as to the motives, but I will point out the likely outcome. Pacific Fleet, Far East bases etc., gone, eventually. “Evil Empire” trimmed down commensurately with the purposefully trimmed dollar, at a net gain to “social justice.”
By then, whether we have the will relative to Taiwan and Korea will be immaterial, because the ducats won’t be there and we will have also completely exhausted the goodwill of our creditors. Without the U.S., militarily the West is an empty concept, hence whatever the consequences of a NorKor move on Korea, or China on Taiwan, or Iran on Iraq, I don’t see what the West will be able to do.

Zenster said...

Takuan Seiyo: ... at a net gain to “social justice.”

Gah! Rhetorical though the question may be; Is there anything that "social justice" will achieve aside from incurring one of the greatest injustices known to humanity? As noted in the "Kidneys" thread, the triumph of "social justice" will be much akin to handing a starship over to gorillas. There can be no good of it and the losses are simply incalculable.

It would seem that Cultural Marxism's obsession with bringing White European culture to account for the colonial era has no larger objective than simple spite. There will be no ascendancy of the proletariat nor grasping the levers of production by any working class. What there will be is mass starvation along with a global descent into barbarity and deprivation that will make the USSR look like the paradise it never, ever was.

Takuan Seiyo said...

The USSR is an apt comparison. Social Justice is a euphemism for what the Russian Revolution tried to accomplish. The only difference is that now there is a larger if unspoken emphasis on "justice" between the races than on "justice" between the classes.The other difference is that then, they just threw the frog into boiling water. Now they are cleverer, so the dunked the frog into lukewarm water and have been raising the temperature 1 degree per year. Except since Obama it's been 10 degrees a year.

Zenster said...

Takuan Seiyo: The only difference is that now there is a larger if unspoken emphasis on "justice" between the races than on "justice" between the classes.

In other words, "social justice" has now become "racial justice"?

Without wishing to seem like some sort of White supremacist, it would appear that if there were any racial justice, the entire Third World should be quarreling over who was first in line to kiss White civilization's arse.

It's difficult to count the number of other cultures and even entire nations that might have perished decades ago were it not for the efforts and sacrifices made by post WWII White civilization. A lack of intercession with respect to mass starvations, epidemics, natural disasters and military intervention on the part of so many of those who are currently seeking White culture's demise would see much of them shuffled off of this mortal coil some time ago.

While not demanding any gratitude, would be too much to hope for an absence of malice from those who have been rescued at such cost to the West? If anything, all too often these selfsame people are refugees from their own towering stupidity.

Harsh as it may sound, it just goes to show how futile it is attempting to save people from themselves. Stupidity has been rewarded so often by the West that it no longer carries the same penalty as it traditionally has throughout history.

Takuan Seiyo said...

Of course it’s all about “racial justice.” Everything BHO is doing, has been doing since Day 1, is “racial justice”-mongering or, in plain words, furthering his tribe at the expense of society -- the world, really -- while spouting rhetoric asserting that he is acting in the interest of society. Reducing “divisiveness,” you know what I mean?
I don’t blame him. I blame us. The GOP has been doing the same thing for a long time, if at a slower pace. Stupidity is a key word here. One of my favorite quotes that I included in one of my essays at GoV comes from Robert Heinlein: “Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and the execution is carried out automatically and without pity."

Rocha said...

Takuan Seiyo,

I'm really astonished! What was the japanese (goverment/popular) reaction to that town statement?

Takuan Seiyo said...

I don’t think there was much of a noise about it. There are many symptoms of extreme pacifism in Japan. For instance, the largest Buddhist organization, Sokka Gakkai – a rather weird outfit with an international presence – is utopian pacifist in a way that has nothing to do with traditional Buddhism. Firearms are demonized in a way I’ve not seen anywhere else in the world. Or think how many high positions in orgs like UN and various “progressive” NGO’s are occupied by utopian Koreans and Japanese.

Rocha said...

Takuan Seiyo,

I have noted that the japanese like the germans had become somewhat weaklings (in the martial sense) but to that point! And Koreans, since they hace the enemy next door, koreans should know better...

Thanks for the info, and if some repercutiopn happens please let me know, i'm very curious about it.