Thursday, March 18, 2010

Violent Humiliation in Veenendaal

Cultural Enrichment News

In many ways this is the archetypal cultural enrichment news story, not just for the Netherlands, but for any Western country (with the possible exceptions of Denmark and Australia).

First of all, notice how the authorities dance around frantically, trying to avoid having to identify the culturally enriched background of the hoodlums who engage in larceny, violence, and mayhem against “persons of Dutch background”. They’d rather do anything than say, “The scum who did this are Moroccans.”

Secondly, notice their pathetic response to the problem:

(1) Persuade the imams to mention the issue at Friday prayers and ask anybody who knows anything to come forward. Ha! How much help will that be?
(2) Tell the indigenes to stay out of the afflicted area when alone, and especially at night. Not only at night — in other words, the bike path is not safe even in the daytime. So all good law-abiding Netherlanders must forget their time-hallowed tradition of bicycling, and take the bus instead! No, wait — people get knifed by “youths” on the buses. So just stay home and watch the Cargo Bike Imam on TV.

Above all, there is no discussion at all about the criminal stupidity of mass Muslim immigration, which is what brought all these unassimilable thugs into the Low Countries in the first place. Nor is there a whisper of the treason committed by the Dutch leadership against their own people.

According to NIS News:

Mayor Warns of No-Go Areas

VEENENDAAL, 19/03/10 — Mayor Ties Elzenga of Veenendaal has advised his residents to avoid certain areas in the town due to a series of violent muggings. Although he says the ethnic background of the perpetrators is not yet clear, he has already made contact with the Moroccan community.

At least three violent robberies took place last weekend along a bicycle route from the centre to the south of Veenendaal, a small town near Utrecht. The victims were stripped and assaulted. Police are speaking of a new form of violence. “A combination of robbery and brutal humiliation,” said a spokesman.

Mayor Elzenga has advised all residents to avoid the cycle route along which the offences occurred. “Do not go there if you are alone, and especially not in the dark.”
- - - - - - - - -
The Christian democrat (CDA) mayor and social workers held talks Wednesday evening with the Moroccan community. “It was agreed that the Imam will pay attention to it in Friday’s prayers,” said the mayor’s spokesman. The local Muslim leader “will call for any information about the muggings to be reported”.

At the same time, Elzenga said it has not yet been established that the perpetrators are Moroccans. “We do not yet know which population group the perpetrators come from, but I do fear the worst.” Veenendaal has for some time had problems with youngsters of Moroccan origin.

A residents’ group says there have been violent muggings for months along the same route. They have written Elzinga a letter: “The negative spiral of theft, violence against fellow-citizens and threats by this group, including Moroccan street youths, evokes seriously unsafe feelings among the indigenous population. We call on the local authority to take forceful and appropriate measures.”

Elzinga says he has personally visited the victims. “I can tell you that it has made a gigantic impression on these people,” the mayor reported. “One man was stripped of his clothing, dragged to the train rails and robbed of his bankcard. Another has a knife-wound which hit a lung, and will have to stay in hospital for some days.”

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Anonymous said...

Geert Wilders is a bit too extreme for me, but if he had his way (banning the Quran etc., reforming social security) I guess many Muslims would voluntarily leave the Netherlands, except those Muslims or people of Muslim background that would actually be happy to be freed from the coercion and threat of their zealous coreligionists. However they will not leave Europe, but move to another European country that doesn't have a Wilders. And the Netherlands will pay dearly - EU sanctions, financial sanctions, condemnations, ostracism.

Homophobic Horse said...

All in Islam's great tradition of orgiastic violence.

If the PVV does have a paramilitary formation, I'm not so opposed to it now. And that's just sad. said...

When decent people begin to think even secretly that vigilante groups are the lesser of the evils in a place like Holland, something has gone seriously seriously wrong.

As to Wilders being too extreme, I would like to know in what way. In the 1960s, WIlders would have been called a hippie. Maybe even a commie for his defence of homosexuality, Jewish people and other minority groups. Wilders represents the ideal of individualism, classical liberalism and reason. There can be no extreme in this. There is also not always a 'middle path' even though people often like to display moral superiority with that approach.

The Muslims preach and desire for example that all Jews should be killed as well as all gay people and so on. The new political elite in Europe seem to feel that the reasonable solution is just to make them all really really sick.

PatriotUSA said...

“We do not yet know which population group the perpetrators come from, but I do fear the worst.”

The worst is yet to come for
these dhimmi stooges.
The more crimes like this
happen, the more
support for Wilder's party
there will be. Who else would
be committing these crimes
except for the mussies?
Silly me, it must
be the Jews again.

Zenster said...

Mayor Warns of No-Go Areas

To me, this one line says it all. Notice how it does not read:

Mayor Decries Violence in No-Go Areas


Mayor Outraged Over Attacks in No-Go Areas


Mayor Wants Action Taken About No-Go Areas


Mayor Warns Demands Crackdown in No-Go Areas


Mayor Warns of Police Sweep in No-Go Areas


Mayor Warns of Armed Patrols in No-Go Areas


Mayor Warns of Mosque Closures in No-Go Areas


Mayor Warns of 24 Hour Curfew in No-Go Areas

Notice how any of the foregoing alternatives would send a constructive message to the criminal elements or Muslim population in the afflicted areas? Notice how the mayor's actual message only exacerbated the problem by stalling any real countermeasures to the violence?

Eventually, this sort of lily-livered hand wringing over obvious symptoms of micro-jihad will serve as a call to arms for those intent on surviving. When city officials throw up their hands at the ongoing jihad situation in Europe, the population may not have any other choice but to take the law into their own hands.

Finnish Dissident Seppo Lehto suomalainen toisinajattelija oikeinajattelija demla-, mokutus- ja suvakkiohorojen pappien ja papittarien mustamaalauksen = uhri ilmaisu-, sanan- ja vapaudenriistojen uhri said...

Seppo Lehto finnish dissident has fought against this kind of integration. What was a result?

2 years 4 months prisonery about critising islam, paedofile prophet muhammed, xenofile mafia in authorities ( = demlamafia = stasibackround people in Finland)

So where is support to my actions?

Nowhere and harlekinos are dancing?

Hava a nice day

Early Light said...

D&G: I wasn't aware Wilders wanted to ban the Koran. Has he advocated this? It most emphatically should not be banned. It should be read and studied, so we will recognize these guys when we see them. (Trouble is, it is almost as boring a Mein Kampf.)

Zenster: Great point.

Vlad: When government refuses to do its job of protecting the people, when the laws become oppressive of decent people and permissive of the criminal element, then peace becomes war, and decent people become outlaws. Let's welcome ourselves to a world turned upside-down.

And the left does not understand the desire to be a firearm owner, or the attraction of a Dirty Harry movie. Can a society that has happily traded John Wayne for Gangsta Rap and decent work ethic for an entitlement to a free ride be far behind?

Anonymous said...,

Wilders definitely comes from a liberal background and opposes Islam on the ground of liberal values. I don't consider most of his policies too extreme. They can be summed up in: 1. Stop Muslim immigration, 2. Get tough on radicals and criminals. That's just common sense to me. Only decades of brainwashing could get Westerners to a point where they believe that when faced with such phenomena as terrorism, crime, the creation of no-go zones and the will to replace Western democracy and values with sharia law, the reasonable thing to do is to continue bringing in unlimited number of these people and accommodate them to avoid causing offense (and to avoid all kinds of violent death and mayhem), and that to think otherwise is racist. This is utter madness, even if "only" 40% (for now) of Moroccan youth in the Netherlands dream of sharia law. Anyone who can shake off the indoctrination will see the shocking idiocy and delusion in the current immigration policies.

Besides, the Muslims control vast lands, much bigger than Europe, and the fact they manage it like hell on earth is not a sufficient reason to bring tens of millions of them into Europe so they can manage Europe exactly the same way. That won't solve their poverty or misery, but just extend that misery to Europe as well and inflict it on millions of Europeans, as if Islam doesn't have enough victims as it is. Europe is more successful not because it has more oil, and not because the Euros are more aggressive or less respectful of others than the Muslims, and not because it was or is more imperialistic. If the Muslims want to be richer and happier maybe they should learn something about managing their societies, politics, education, resources and economies from the West. Criticism could actually benefit them more than Islamizing Europe and than the West taking the blame for everything that ills the Ummah. The West can try to help, but if they still want to stick to their own oppressive ways and their own failed management then it's their choice. No reason why the West should be punished for that.

However, some things go too far. What's too extreme for me is, for example, banning the Quran. I also don't like some of Wilders' rhetoric, like calling Muslim immigrants in general "colonizers". I believe most immigrants came for financial reasons. They or their children can be later mobilized by the Imams and strongmen for the Islamic causes, but I don't believe most of them immigrated in the first place with the intention of conquering the West. This kind of rhetoric is inflammatory and I wouldn't like to see pogroms or random violence committed against the Muslims by enraged natives. I'd just like to see an end to mass immigration and a serious treatment of the problems that already exist by responsible and levelheaded authorities.

Anonymous said...

Early Light,

Yes, I still haven't finished the Quran... It's not exactly my type of literature, I wouldn't be interested in it at all if it weren't that "interested" in me (as a kaffir). It's one of the difficulties in getting people to read it. Maybe banning it would actually encourage people to read it since we like what's forbidden, it might make people curioius. Wilders said the Quran should be banned like Mein Kampf is banned in the Netherlands for incitement to violence, or alternatively that all the violent passages should be torn out of it, which wouldn't leave much.

And I also thought Zenster had a very good point. said...

Doom and Gloom:
First thank you for your considered response.
1. Geert has said clearly, although not often enough and not in enough circumstances, but he has said very clearly and emphatically that he feels that if Mein Kampf should be banned, then so should Koran on exactly the same criteria and he is of course 100% correct. He is not arbitrarily calling for it to be banned but pointing out the hypocrisy of those who would ban the Nazi book which is not a threat to Dutch society or Jewish people at this time, but not ban Quoran which is, and for identical reasons.

As to the issue of colonizers, while it may be true that some or even most Muslims who move to the west do so for personal reasons, it is well worth knowing why Muslims do not celebrate the birth or death of Mohamed, but his migration from Mecca to Yathrib. This in fact is the central date and event of importance in Islam. In Koran, which I am also reading as painful as it is, Mohamed is quoted as saying that the Muslim who does not undertake the Hijra in order to spread Islam, is to be treated like the infidel.
So perhaps it is simply a function of Geert Wilders knowing something you do not about Islam that makes him refer to Muslims as colonizers.

This reminds me of when I first became aware of this issue, and used to scorn and chide people who called Mohamed a paedophile, and would say "There are enough reasons to dislike Islam without making things up". More the fool me, I simply did not know, nor at that time was I able to handle the full gravity and depravity of Islam, it's ideology and ambitions.

It is a lot to take in at once.

In any case, Wilders is no extremist. He is, as I stated earlier, essentially a 60s hippie. The fact that the world media calls him a 'Far Right Politician' shows you how disgustingly dishonest, far left, and dhimmified the media now is. Two or three simple questions undermines their entire chain of logic like a house of cards in a windstorm.

Early Light said...


Duh! Ban it so people will read it. I like that. Kind of like Washington does -- to ensure maximum coverage, they leak it.

Maybe I've been behind the power curve all this time. Maybe the Muslims are telling people to read it so no one will, and then no one will see what Islam really intends to do to us.

Baron & Dymphna, would you mind if I started a movement to have Gates of Vienna banned?

We should have Atlas Shrugs banned, too. And the Constitution, to be sure. And we should also ban Obama's campaign finance reports.

You know, this could be fun. :)

IrishNationalUnity said...

The most disheartening part of this tale is the location of the crimes. One of the many images that come into my mind upon regarding the Dutch is their affinity with the bicycle. Seems the powers that be in this particular town are not going to address the problem. Luckily the people will have their say on these cowards in upcoming elections!

Unknown said...

What exactly does it take to get the Dutch to wake up and stop this insanity. You have "no go" areas in your own country because of people that you were kind enough to allow to come in? You have to accept brutality from the very people you support with subsidies?

I recall an incident a few years ago in which a native Dutch boy was told that he should not wear in school clothing that depicted the Dutch flag, as it incited the Muslim students. If the Dutch flag is an incitement, any rational person would conclude that those who are so incited should not be in the Netherlands.

laine said...

Any devout Muslim goes to a foreign land as a colonizer. He certainly doesn't go there intending to assimilate, does he? Obviously, his prime motivation for emigration may be for personal economic gain, but once there, his belief system compels him to start adjusting his little corner of the world in sharia-compliant ways. He may lobby for public footbaths. She may refuse to handle cellophane wrapped ham as a cashier. He may refuse to let dogs or alcohol into his taxi. She mummifies herself. He insists on an alcohol free cafeteria at university. He and four shes apply for family welfare etc. etc. It's the death of western civilization by a thousand Muslim paper cuts.

Every mosque built (and they sprout like mushrooms on every corner) is considered on land that now belongs to Allah whether that land is in a non-Muslim nation or not and is the reason mosques are too numerous and too large for the number of Muslims around.

Try emigrating yourself and setting up a no go area where the authorities of the host country aren't allowed to enter or investigate crimes without your say so. Ridiculous notion? Yet Muslims have been given that right in too many western countries.