Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Turkish Spooks Burgle Berlin Passport Office

JLH has translated an article about Turkish espionage against German government offices in Berlin for the purpose of stealing official travel documents and related materials that can be used to bring foreigners into the country illegally. The translator includes this note:

The article makes an interesting companion to the earlier piece “Opening the Floodgates” about Turkey demanding visa-free passage to the EU and at the same time opening its own borders to visa-free passage from Arabic countries like Syria and Lebanon.

It becomes even more significant when we recall the speech Erdogan made a while ago to a group of Turks in Germany. Paraphrased, he said: “Do not integrate. Form your own country; just don’t call it that.” And it becomes positively ominous when you consider that high-ranking members of the Turkish military — long seen as the stabilizing, secular force in the country — have recently been picked off in one way or another.

It seems to me that this Islamist government is hell-bent on finally interring Ataturk and the principles that have made Turkey a staunch Western ally. This Islamist regime is a stake pointed at the heart of Europe and in particular at the heart of Germany’s ethnic identity. It is time for the “Gutmenschen” to put aside their guilt for the long delay in allowing Turks to attain citizenship, and examine the present situation through clear eyes.

Translated from FOCUS, March 3, 2010:

Turkish Secret Service Involved in Series of Break-Ins At Berlin Agencies

Munich — The Turkish secret service, MTI, was apparently involved in three spectacular break-ins of Berlin public agencies in July, 2009. Newsmagazine FOCUS reports on the basis of revelations by the public prosecutor’s office. At the end of February, according to FOCUS, authorities brought charges against a suspected perpetrator under file number 68 JS 57/10. At the beginning of July, burglars had stolen over 5,000 travel documents from the foreign nationals authority and two civil registration offices. Among them were blank specimens of temporary passports, visas, residence and settlement permits as well as official seals and stamps.
- - - - - - - - -
According to FOCUS, investigators are proceeding on the assumption that the documents are intended, among other purposes, for so-called “sleepers” residing in the Kurdish regions of northern Iraq. According to FOCUS, state criminal investigative authorities had already received corresponding information from an anonymous informant who revealed that he was an accomplice. He also reported that the Turkish-Kurdish group had been infiltrated by the Turkish Secret Service. Consequently the prosecutor called in the federal criminal investigation service.

According to FOCUS, the 30 year-old Turkish-born Berliner, Ferdi K. is charged with handing over a portion of the stolen documents to a middleman for about €1.25 million. Approximately eighty of the stolen documents have been identified in international tourism in ten European countries since January. In a quarter of the cases, the travelers came from Istanbul.


Fjordman said...

Turkey under Erdogan is an enemy, period. Can we expel them from NATO now? Please?

BTW: I have often seen "secular" Turkey referred to as an example that Islam can be reformed. On the contrary, I see it as the final proof that Islam cannot be reformed. Atatürk was pretty brutal in his secularization efforts, yet even this didn't work out in the long run. Almost a century later, his system of secularism enforced from above is failing. Bottom line is: Islam cannot be reformed.

Anonymous said...

Fjordman, I think we should do away with NATO completely. I mean, NATO didn't do anything great in Yugoslavia did it? Also, Europeans need to have real armies and bring up some martial pride in their countries and NATO disappearing would force them to do so. Right now we just expect the US to do our bidding. I was shocked that the Romanian MPs voted for Turkey's EU bid - I mean, really, we declared our independence from them less than 150 years ago! I don't want to have a son that will have to expell their asses from my country again! I mean, I understand why they did it since Turkey is our biggest trade partner and all the stupid EU regulations for out of EU trade hurts that, but still...

Fjordman said...

rebelliousvanilla: Well, Conservative Swede has been wanting to get rid of NATO for years, and maybe he's right.

By the way: If you really are 19 then you are unusually perceptive for your age. I was your average, clueless Scandinavian Leftist when I was 19.

Takuan Seiyo said...

Not only that, for a Romanian, presumably living in Romania, her English is unusually good. I'd suggest, if Baron & Dymphna consider it a good idea, that anyone under-24 who posts here identify his/her age. Maybe one day there will be an opportunity for someone older among us to mentor or do something good for such a person. We have to find a way to move from building a virtual community to building some real communities, in all the countries where viable.

Baron Bodissey said...

Takuan --

LAW Wells is a relatively new Australian commenter who is also very intelligent and well-informed. According to his profile, he's 22 years old.

I'm continually amazed by the intelligence and education of some of our younger commenters. Others that I can think of besides Rebellious Vanilla (Romania) are Natalie (USA) and Afonso Henriques (Portugal, a.k.a. "Super Turma do"). Several years ago we had Carpenter as a Swedish translator, and he was only 17 back then.

It's especially impressive that these young Counterjihadis have managed to educate themselves and think independently, despite the pervasive PC indoctrination they were subjected to from the moment they set foot in a public school.

They give me hope for the future.

Anonymous said...

Baron, here we are not brainwashed. This is why I would put my child into a Romanian school, even with how horrid the education is here. Here we are taught our real history, that we are a different group of people than other groups of people and that this is our country and we are sovereign here. We do have some brainwashing in other departments like economics in uni, but besides that, it's not that bad. We also have Christian objects in our schools and if parents don't like it too bad for them. They can take their kids out of religion class though. And my parents are brilliant human beings and I owe a large part of how I think to them.

Takuan, yes, I live in Romania still. And I'm great with languages. Always has been. English is my 3rd. Here we start doing English in 1st grade though, along with Romanian. We just don't study English literature, besides that not much difference. And I went to a bilingual school so I had subjects in Italian. Most Romanian young people can use English. I want to start learning Chinese for a while now.

Fjordman, yes, I did think before reading ConSwede's blog that NATO is a big part of the pussyfication of Europe. I read all his op-eds. I'm like that, a huge sponge of information. Most my views come from other people and are filtered through and I keep what I see as good logical ideas. And I was clueless two years ago too and one of my friends had a huge influence on how I think and his ideas just made sense and were logical. Everything I learned was within this timeframe and since I had to find myself to get addicted to and since I had no job, I had the time to actually study things. In my country it's about the kind of family you were brought in too. My parents are people who helped me be who I am and taught me a lot of useful things. I was always intelligent(like my parents) and ahead of the learning curve in a way or another(even though I didn't have the highest grades). And the problem of Scandinavians is that you trust people too easily, which also has an effect on brainwashing. Due to communism, here trust is on the other side and people used to mistrust everything and everyone, which is unhealthy too. And it's ok, at 17 I was an entitlement princess with a lot of bad habits who would have found most of this stuff boring and uninteresting since it didn't affect my perfect little bubble(funny that just like the leftists, I was getting deeper and deeper into my stupidity as the thing was getting worse). I just had one of those moments when you reach rock bottom in your life and you need to change - which is something that Europe will experience, probably, at a collective level.

EscapeVelocity said...

Im of 2 minds on NATO. The Russians still pine for Empire in Eastern Europe. However it is true that NATO keeps the Euros domicile and emasculated huddling in their sheltered welfare states under a US defense umbrella.

TS, yes, I suggest that the Leftist/New Leftist model be emulated, a network of institutions which give employment and good pay to people pursuing related political agendas, goals, and ends. To give awards and prestige to each other and to launch into the the institutions, where those who go before, then can hire and promote on ideological grounds. The universities should be targeted, and special programs that are similar to the Middle East, Womens, African American, Latino/Chicano studies departments, where the intellectual firepower and the backbone of the movement can be funded by the state.

This is how the Left did it. Its a good model.

Yorkshireminer said...

The Problem with Ataturk, is that he only had 20 years, he died in 1938 in his early fifties from liver disease. He liked his drink too much. If he had been able to rule for another 20 years the secularisation of Turkey would have been almost complete. He did by any measure do exceptionally well in trying to wean Turkey away from Islam, it was just not enough. His adopted Daughter by the way became the worlds first female fighter pilot by the way.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

NATO was designed to keep communist aggressors out of Western Europe and beyond. Conceivably, Islamist aggressors could be added to the list. However, in view of the sympathy for communism and Islamism that one or more major Western leaders seem to have, the chances of NATO continuing to protect anyone are low.