Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leaving Malmö

Earlier this evening I posted a brief report from Norway about the growing incidence of Muslim attacks against Jews in Norway and Sweden. Below is one of the videos mentioned in the report; many thanks to Kitman for the translation and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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EscapeVelocity said...

Great coverage. These translations are very valuable.

Anonymous said...

I'm not aware that anyone in the MSM has highlighted this extraordinary fact : all over Europe, Jews are leaving the countries where they were born with no hope of return, and are voluntarily emigrating to Israel, a country at war, surrounded by enemies who have pledged to wipe it off the map.

On the face of it, this is a totally irrational decision.

Unless, of course, one draws the obvious conclusion : war is already being waged against Europe, and Jews think they have a better chance of survival -- or of living a satisfying existence, even if it comes to a violent and premature end -- in Israel.

Which is a pretty damning indictment against Muslims, and against European governments, if you think of it.

Homophobic Horse said...

It's easier to fight Ahmadinejad and Hamas in Israel than it is to oppose immigration in the west.

Anonymous said...

@Robert Marchenoir

"Unless, of course, one draws the obvious conclusion..."

They don't necessarily believe war is being waged against Europe. I think the explanation is much simpler. In Israel if you live in certain places in the south you or your house might get hit by a rocket, a mortar or a bullet from across the border, but it decreased 90% since operation Cast Lead and the rest of the country is out of Gaza's range for now (as long as they don't get long-rage missiles from Iran, and Israel is working hard to prevent it). Suicide bombings have decreased to virtually none since the construction of the security fence. So, of course, things might erupt any minute and this or that force or country might try to "wipe you off the map", but for the time being you are not harassed and attacked in the streets of your city by your fellow citizens just for being a Jew, if you're religious you can dress any way you like and not bother hiding your Jewish identity for fear of being attacked, your kids' kindergarten doesn't need unusual security measures to protect your toddlers from the potential violence of your enraged Islamic neighbors, in school your kids are not harassed and attacked by Muslim pupils while the teachers look the other way, the media isn't inciting and inflaming the emotions of both your Muslim and native European neighbors, and the authorities are not telling you it's your fault and that they aren't going to protect you.

The more realistic Jews feel the atmosphere and recognize it from past experience, and figure Jews don't have much of a future in Europe and they'd better leave before the pogroms start. It's becoming more dangerous to be a Jew in certain places in Europe than to live in Israel, in spite of the war. At least the war is coming from across the border and not from the streets of your hometown.

BTW, in Israel the academia is just as insane as in the west, but most of the ordinary common-sensic people have been hit by reality way too often and too hard to pretend it doesn't exist and let the intellectual red brigades lead us over the cliff. The Palestinians don't want any two states solution unless both states are Arab states. And I won't even start with the kind of "solutions" some of our "intellectuals" and far left politicians have in mind, except they will all inevitably lead to turning Israel into a Muslim multicultural paradise.

You should really be out in the streets handing leaflets to your countrymen and women if you don't want a little Middle East in your midst. Organize campaigns just to spread information, simple facts, no need for fear mongering, the bare truth is scary enough.

Anonymous said...

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